the appropriate role for a masculine man



the appropriate role for a masculine man


I came upon your site by accident. I'm very impressed. I've had many of the same thoughts you expressed for years, but never thought other men who love men were on the same wavelink. Cool.

I esp relate to the truth that anal sex degrades at least one sexual partner and demasculates him. I'm immediately turned off when a man offers me his anus. Anal sex does seem to be prevelant for the sake of behaving in a heterosexual style, "top" and "bottom"; it essentially desensitizes men to their natural sexual responses to one another. I think back to my first same-sex experiences as a teen, without a gay-community/porno programmed mind, my expressions and responses were natural and fulfilling without including anal. I agree with you, of course, about the disease risks, I've already made my mistakes in that regard. I'm very pleased to read that you encourage abstinence, esp for teens. I believe that social responsibility is the appropriate role for a masculine male.

I'm 46. About 10 years ago I lost interest in dating and courting men. I'd been so dissapointed in the petty role plays, the effeminacy, the persistent lack of sustained monogomy. I've been happy to be single, no longer enticed by the 'gay community', though clearly I am still a man who is attracted to other men and masculinity. Your Internet site gives me new hope that I may find meaningful intimacy and that my lack of desire of anal is healthy, gay-positive and shared by others.

I'll continue reading your site and look forward to future publications.

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