posted 3/20/01

Hello Guys !!

Well this is a recount of the first time I ever experienced the frottage wrestling combo.

It was back in high school. One of the first few gym classes, I was a niner(freshman) and he was a senior. It was one of those days where I forget my gym clothes and thank God I did. The t-shirt and tight gym shorts would have given me away lol

This gym class was one of first where the gym instructor was introducing us to the variety of varsity sports available for us to try out. Well this gym class was about wrestling. This senior guy named Terry was classic wrestler build. 5 10 @180lbs, blue eyed ,feathered black hair down to his shoulders (it was 1979) and a nicely muscled physique sculpted without having that supercut look . Sweatshirt tight around the chest and shoulders and arms... sweatpants that were tight around the hips and upper thighs. Simply sweet !!! I was completely hard at the thought of watching him wrestle someone thank God for tight thick cotton Y fronts to keep my hard cock close to my body and absorb the pre cum starting.

I was almost 14 and raging with hormones.

Well getting back to the first time; this gym class I had forgetton my gear but I was the only student near Terry's height and weight. For this demo they wanted a sparring partner for Terry to showcase wrestling. So I was told to remove my jacket tie and shoes (uniform school). I couldn't believe it -- I was to be the sparring partner for this guy in my white shirt and grey pants -- I was totally excited and terrified.

So there this hunk was leading me through all the positions starting with the referee's position where I am on all fours and I can feel him pressed hard against me. I could feel his chest and legs against mine as he put me through the fireman's carry, half nelsons etc. Every time I felt his body pressing and him whispering don't worry this move isn't going to hurt just move through it as I tell you . Well when he demo-ed the grapevine I thought I was going to lose it and then came the Saturday night special. His chest and pelvis pressing down against mine and then spinning on top so that his chest pressed so hard against mine. My face buried in his abs and my back on the mat; so that I could look down to see his hips and belly button and just the tip of hair above the sweatpant drawstring. I can still smell his sweat scent and I can remember another scent which I recognized later in my teens as precum.

The demo ended and the class moved on to other sports. I went to the washroom and splashed water on my face and went to the stall to cleanup. I replayed that first experience in my mind over and over the control, the body contact, the scent of a man. MMMM I'd seen Terry throughout that year in the halls and at the dances and bus stop but never had to guts to ask if he needed a good sparring partner for the team lol

Caused me to make wrestling and frottage the ultimate in male foreplay and sex two bodies locked against each other chest to chest cock to cock!!!!

Love it cause this type of male to male expression is both masculine and intimate whether you consider it sex wrestling, frottage emission match etc. It doesn't matter about size, cut or uncut ,thickness etc (I say this from experience).

And Terry if you're part of this community and read this MMMMMMM please contact me lol

Keep the faith Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reply from bill

From: bill Sent: 3/24/2001 9:34 PM

Great story warrior wrestljc, sweet and hot, and reminds me a bit of warrrior scott's findin manhood on the mat in Wrestlin Warriors Speak.

And once again a warrior is tellin us that the wrestlin frot combo started for him early in adolescence -- that's a common bond among us warriors, we discover the easy, natural, masculine intimacy of chest to chest cock to cock as teens and it just stays with us.

So way to go warrior wrestljc and thank you for a terrific post and a beautiful, HOT memory.

findin fun on the mat

reply from Warrior HOTDICKHEAD

Hey, great story. When I had a paper route, the same thing happened to me. I was sixteen. He was twenty. I came in my jockey shorts four times.


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