In "Muscle to Muscle and Cock to Cock: Wrestling Warriors Speak," five  Cockrub Warriors talk about  the masculinity and intimacy of wrestling and frot.
These are strong, compelling statements. I hope you'll read all of them. You'll be stronger for it, and I know you'll be proud, just as I am, to be a Cockrub Warrior.
And these are not the only true life accounts in Warriors Speak from Wrestlers. I hope you'll check out as well Warrior Andrew64's The Wrestling Way to Cockrubbing and these others: My First Time, Soldier Cockfight, Cockrubbing Before It Was Cockrubbing, First Frottage/Wrestling Awakening, Rubbing ahd TV Wrestling as a Kid, Erotic Wrestling is Best, Cockfuckin Man to Man, True Stories of an Anonymous Foreign Wrestler, and First Combat.

They're all terrific.

And I encourage you to tell your own story, and either send it to me for posting, or post it yourself in Personal Stories. What you have to say constitutes a unique oral history. Don't let it be lost. Write it down and put it out there for your brother warriors to hear.




Boyhood Memories


You and I meet on a similar level when we were young. Even though I was brought up completely open and knew all there was about sex before puberty I still had my own mind and my sexuality took form with all of the wrestling that I did with my buddies at a very young age. I can still remember the first time a friend of mine jumped on top of me and we started rolling around in the back yard. I remember the feeling of legs wrapped around mine, being chest to chest. My pecker got hard as a rock and I could feel his through his pants. We were both about 6-7 years old. We both liked the feeling and spent a lot of time rolling around on top of each other shoving our groins together. Neither of us could cum but the sensations were extreme.

We spent a lot of time in shed after that, every chance we had we jumped each other. Nothing like country boys!

The older I got, the more intense the feeling became and wrestling around was always in my fantasies. I would watch the westerns on television as a teenager and get glued to screen when the fights started because I wanted to see these men lay on top of each other. I knew the pleasure it gave me and was sure that they got together after the show to "practice" on each other.

I never got into the fighting aspect, punching or blood letting because of my home life. I grew up with alcoholics and fighting for real. I saw enough blood shed for real and I have absolutely no interest. Oddly enough, I like the conflict in wrestling. I think it's because of the fact that my partner is aggressive and getting into it the same way I am. The feeling of anther man's body getting off against mine, rubbing back as hard as I am rubbing, is incredible. I never liked a passive sex partner. Always made my dick go soft.

As I passed puberty at 11-12 (I came into early) my body seemed to demand a release. Wet dreams became a nightly thing. It all started a few days before school started for the spring session. I noticed I had hair and asked my grandmother if that was normal. We had a very long talk! More information then I needed. My best buddy had evidently done the same thing. I went to swim class dreading exposing myself. He was there. Both of us had grown a head above everyone else. We were both getting big. He was trying to hide himself from me when we got naked for swim class. Classes were not co-ed in those days and we swam naked. I asked him what was wrong and he got all red in the face. I saw the hair on his legs and knew what was up. I told him not to be ashamed. We were just ahead of everyone else that we were both normal. We both got proud and strutted ourselves for our fellow classmates.

They were all in awe of us. That was so great! There were 3 of us with hair.

He was one of the first of my buddies that I had ever rassled naked with.

He would come over to my place and we would start wrestling almost immediately. In Michigan, the summers are super humid. I always used that as an excuse. When we would get to rolling around and shoving our groins at each other and both hard as a rock I told him we should take our shirts and pants off so we wouldn't ruin our clothes. We were both poor, so it made sense. We would take our clothes off and go at it naked. We would roll around and hump each other for hours on end. Well, that day, after school we got the bus back home and talked and rough housed on the bus. We got off at the lane that got us to his house and then mine and headed through the woods. Before long we were both sweating and high from day and I could see his cock was hard in his pants, right along with mine. We shoved each other around and headed into our own private area and started to wrestle.

We could both hardly wait to get our crotches together. In about 2 minutes we were tangled on the ground humping the Hell out of each other and I told him to strip. We were out of clothes in flash and rasslin all over the ground.

We both had our first cum that day (with someone besides ourselves). It was incredible. We were both moaning and grappling and locked together like two animals in heat. We both shot at about the same time. Talk about sheepish afterward. But, it never stopped us from doing it again and again and again!!
Anyway, gotta go - more later, that is if you want more?

Readers who want more can catch cumbat1's Awesome Adventures of Matt and Judd on this site. They're awesome dudes. Wanna tell cumbat what a manly cool warrior dude he is? Email him at


The Feel of a Buddy

Muscle to Muscle
Cock on Cock
Hey Bill,

Thanks for the welcome, bud. I appreciate the honesty and passion that you are displaying in the cockrub warrior club.

For a long time I felt like a minority within a minority because I got off on muscle to muscle and cock on cock rubbing. Don't care much for oral, and I won't engage in anal sex, (feels too much like heterosex), just the feel of a buddy's muscles against mine drives me nuts. I read your welcome letter, and I'll work on a story to post in the club. I'm not a good writer, as you have guessed from this email, but I'll try. Thanks again, for the welcome.


The honest, brave warrior who wrote this perfect precis of what cock to cock means to him signs his emails to me Bull. From Sumeria to Crete to Sparta (as you can read in my story Antagony), where the chief of the young warriors was called "Leader of the Bull Calves," the Bull has been a sacred animal. If you want to find out what sort of an animal warrior MuscleMass230 is, or maybe just thank him for his beautifully concise statement of what cockrub means to him, write him at



Rather Wrestle Him

than sleep with her


Thanks for all your hard work. You are making it easier for those of us who feel different from the prevailing view. Let me tell you a strange story...but one that's true.

When I was in law school, I met the most "macho" guy I'd ever seen. He'd fuck any girl he could. A Viet Nam vet, he'd been a championship boxer in the Navy. I was unsure of my sexuality at this time, but I had to get to know him. Fridays, after classes, we'd go out drinking, and he'd tell me about the war and the prostitutes he'd been with. One night, after had way too many, I went back to his place and we started wrestling. (Yeah, I know, it sounds like a porno movie, but it really happened.) Suddenly, I pinned him. And as I pinned him, I realized that something was wrong. He should have been pinning me.

Suddenly, he broke free, grabbed the back of my neck, pulled my head towards him, and started kissing me. (I had never kissed a man at this point in my life.) He started crying and told me he was a woman trapped in a man's body, and asked me to fuck him. I couldn't.

Years later, after he completed his sex change, she invited me to dinner. she made everything from scratch...down to home-made noodles in the soup. After dinner, she led me to her bed room, and we had sex. afterwards, I realized that I'd rather wrestle with him, than have intercourse with her. Yes, an amazing story.  But it taught me that sexuality is mostly in my head. I enjoy masculine play with a man. If I don't enjoy anal, that doesn't make me less gay -- i think it makes me more gay. I like men. Surely that makes me gay...even if I'm not into anal.

Just wanted to share my story with you.


Mark, like Don F and so many others, understands that gay and anal don't necessarily equate. An amazing, and beautiful, story. If you wanna tell Mark what you thought of his story, email him at


Man to Man

Pecs on Pecs

Abs on Abs

Two Swords Together

Cock to Cock

Hey Warrior Dudes

Brad  R. posted in Personal Stories, and when I wrote to him about his wonderful post, he sent back these two terrific emails, which he's generously allowed me to share with you. As always, nothing is as powerful as these words from a warrior's heart.

Email 1


I know that you've gotten the good word from a lot of other guys, but lemme just add a big word of gratitude to you for what you've done with this thing. I must've jerked off three times in a row the night I first got into your website, you touched a nerve that's goin right up the side of my frot piston!

It's gotta be third on my list of "big revelations": the first when I realized I wasn't the only dude in the world who was hot for other guys, the second when I realized I wasn't the only guy with a particular thing for man-to-man wrestling.

As my story indicates, I was rubbing for years while fantasying about hot wrestling encounters, and to this day, the thoughts that get me off right at the point of coming are not some kind of anal shit (pardon the pun), but definitely the first contact of pecs on pecs, abs on abs, of a guy standing right in front of me with some speedos, ready to get the two swords together. I don't care what kinky ideas come along, it's what you think about at that moment that shows what really does it for you, and for me, it's always a rubbing, cock to cock wrestling scene.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with all this, but for God's sake, don't give up. There's got to be even more of us out there, stud!

All the best.

Wrestling and Frot

Real Masculinity and Real Intimacy

Email 2

Wrestling and frot, you got your priorities exactly right, and one last thing, and I know that this is as controversial as anything else in your crusade, and I don't even know how I'd defend it, but for my money, there's something about wrestling and frot that combines real masculinity and real intimacy that anal can't compare to in a million years. In fact, I think we'd expand the circle of masculine guys willing to try something new by about a million if we could just let em know that it wouldn't require them to try the anal sex, hell, just look at all the dudes that sincerely, not falsely, say, I love the wrestling scene, but I'm totally not gay. They're lookin for a category that fits their actual desires, and, Bill, you've fuckin delivered it to them.

Anyway, that's it for now, keep it goin', my man.

All the best.

Brad is a warrior who deserves all the best. If his words have meaning for you, let him know




Finding Manhood on the Mat

In this true life account, warrior scott has written a powerful statement about overcoming fear and finding masculinity.

At the end I've added to it some of his super hot emails about wrestlin and cockrubbin. Clearly, both are expressions of his manhood.

Every Man Has 'EM

my heart dropped into my belly, and both arms went numb. coach simms had just announced my opponent's name for my wrestling match, and damn, it had to be ron. of all the guys that i could have ended up takin' on, it was our class president and all around mr. perfect, the class jock stud.

growin up in nebraska, the winters were 5 months long, and gym classes seemed even longer. my dad moved around so much when i was young, that we never seemed to stay in one place long enough for me to even know him. he would move, we would follow. that was the norm, and it left little time for him to teach me the ways of boyhood, much less what to expect when i entered manhood. by the time i had reached high school, most guys lived and breathed sports, all sports, knew all the rules, and had enough talent to do any one of them and, to do them well.

every year, my least favorite part of gym class was wrestling. it was a 6 week period that seemed to last a lifetime. pairing off in two's and sparring during 4th period class, basically just goin at each other, like two boys trying to be superior to the other. and, as i've come to realize later in life, mostly just faking it all the while. who knew back then, that we all were pretty much scared of wrestling another guy. scared that another guy in class would find out our secret of being afraid, and exploit it to the entire gym class either in the locker room, or in the school hallways.

coach simms would spend each class period showing us a few moves to put on our opponents, and how to gain leverage and control over our classmates. for me, since i didnt have the courage to give it my all, i would just simply go through the motions. i'd take my turn, trying to get a grip on the other guy, not knowing what in the name of god it was that i was doing. i learned quickly to hide my worry and confusion, to keep up appearances that i was a tough guy and not afraid in the least. if they gave out academy awards for faking the part of having balls, i would have won all three years of high school. and won, going away.

the class weeks were set up so that by the end of the instructional part of wrestling, the final week entailed actual mat competition. the monday of the last week began by putting 18 rubber mats in a perfect square in the middle of the school gym, and all the guys in our class would gather around. sitting on their knees, or crossed legs, they would sit and watch as each guy's name was called, and his opponent was announced to the rest of the group. it was setup fairly well, for me that is, in that if you lost your first match, you were eliminated from any final competition and could sit out the rest of the week. but that was the paradox of it all. lose that one and only match was fine, but due to fear, that match might as well have been 3 hours long. the humility and terror that i felt during that one match, seemed to last almost a lifetime. but, if i could just get thru that 3 round match of 2 minutes each, i could survive. the teasing from the other guys would subside by the 2nd or 3rd day, and i could go back to being just another gym class wimp. a nobody, a wuss, a gymclass freak.

well, here i was. standing up, and walking out to the center of the mat, in front of 47 other teenage guys, all of them knowing that i was about to get my ass kicked clean into next week. as i approached my competition in the center "ring", i looked around at the faces of the other guys. they were smiling, and pointing, and saying "scott doesnt stand a chance, he's lost already" and "man, this will be a quick one..." or "why does he even bother to get in there?... ". i haven't been humiliated too much in my lifetime, but it's a memory that i wont ever forget. feeling bad about yourself is agony enough, but knowing what others, much less a group of guys feels about you, was pure hell.

at that point, i had a revelation. and it has changed my life forever. it hit me... "i can do one of two things here. im gonna lose, that's almost a gimme. but, i have a choice, a real choice and one that only i can make. i can either walk out, shake hands, go thru the motions and lose quickly. pry my heart, my ego, and my manhood off the mat and go sit down, as every guy in that gym class expects me to do, or i can take him on. fight him, get him, sic him, take him down, give him 20 pounds of my sweat, and 500 pounds of "i dont give a shit" attitude and shock the hell out of him, and, 47 other guys.. "

i chose the latter, and i havent regretted it ..ever.. i re-live that match in my mind, over and over and over again. and each time, i grin ear-to-ear with the same encouragement that i felt at that moment.

ron and i stood there, his blond good looks, his 172 pound frame and good-guy smile greeted me as we shook hands. i liked ron, everybody liked ron. that was probably the worst part about it. how could i fight and hate this guy enough to try to beat him, much less embarrass him. but i had the one thing this guy DIDNT have... nothin to lose. if he won, it was no big deal. it was expected, i wasnt a challenge, and he would move on to the next match, as though he had never known me, much less ever even met me on the mats, in a man to man combat wrestling match. but, if he LOST, who would believe it, much less  understand how it could happen?

after we shook hands, mentally as if i was my own guardian angel, i told myself.... "ok man, take him.. give him every ounce of strength and determination you've got. make him fight you, make him work for his win, make him know that he had a piece of you and that you didnt back down or run. make him smell your sweat on his chest and arms and hands and belly when he hits the showers afterward. earn his respect, make him remember who you are... ".

i can guarantee you this. ron remembers me to this day. we went right into battle the second the coach's whistle blew. i didnt give a shit, i was goin' after him, and i wanted him bad. i threw my forearm around his neck, and put him in a headlock, face pointed down and his back arched in a V at his waist, with his forehead parallel to the mat. my other fist locked on his right bicep and slid down to his forearm, as i pulled it back behind his body, and forced him to the mat, face hitting the mat with quick determination from the warrior he took for granted. i couldn't believe the reaction from the rest of the guys around the mat. even in battle, i could sense an unsettling quiet hush, come over the group as if they were in complete disbelief and amazement. who was this loser that ron was wrestlin'? he's supposed to give up, roll over and play dead, no competition, right?...

at that point i thought, " hell, let's give these boys a show then shitface. let's give em somethin to talk about for a long, long time. let's let em know that maybe, just maybe, i was their equal, not their patsy, not their class nut-less clown that they'd all come to know, and let's just see if YOU'RE man enough to take ME on??.."

ron and i exchanged holds over and over again. one of my favorites that i didnt even realize that i knew how to apply, was the "armpit smeller". i always thought that coach loved to demonstrate it the most. figure it out.. in front of a group of sweaty high school guys in jockstraps, he picked out the beefiest guy, and get him down on all fours. he'd bury his entire face in the guys left armpit, and grab his forearm and try to wishbone him apart into submission, all the while his nose got a full whiff of manstench outta the kids armpit. i bet you any amount of money, he boned up half-hard during the demonstration, and, ended up jacking his cock off in the shower after the end of the day. if i would have had the balls, i would have snuck back after last period, crept into the locker room, stripped down to my jockstrap and beat my penis as i watched him beat his in the shower stall.

ron and i gave our all to each other. he'd get me in a head lock and try a takedown, i'd resist, counter with a full nelson and demand that he try to release himself out of it, just sliding down from my sweaty pecs as i held him in my body lock. i could smell him, feel his body on mine, and although my penis was round tight into the butt crack of his singlet, i didnt bone up. pretty strange, seeing as i'd jackoff time and time again at home, just watchin the late night wrestling on tv.

after each of the 2 minute matches, we'd separate from one another, and go to our respective "corners" of the mat, take a few breaths and get back into the center of the ring. it's funny, each time we'd approach each other for the next round, i could sense that ron was becoming more and more impressed with my guts to take him on, and was in complete surprise that i hadn't given up. each time, i'd attack him more and more aggressively, and strangely enough, i think he got off on that. he liked competition, rough manly competition, and was gettin into the fact that, I was gettin' into it!!

i will never ever forget the end to our match. the coach's final whistle blew and the entire crowd of guys were on their feet!! there i was, standing on the center of the mat, hands on my waist, the salt of my own sweat pouring down off of my forehead down into each eye with intensity and sting. i looked over at ron, and he was pacing around the mat, hands on his waist as well, with his blond sweat-soaked hair crumpled over his ears and strewn over to one side. and, he was SMILING! every tooth in his mouth, was big and white and you could see clear into his throat. i looked over at him as if to say ".. you asshole, i got a piece of you today, and it's a piece i'm never ever gonna let you get back... !"

ron came out to meet me in the center of the mat, as the sound of the other guys cheers and applause reverberated off the 2 story walls that encompassed the gym, and i could see 'em all high-fivin' each other, lookin at us both like we had just showed all the other guys, what it means to have a set of balls under a guy's penis.

i stuck out my hand to shake ron's, but i refused to smile. i kept my fighter stance, one hand on my waist, the other outstreched to meet his fist, to show an end to our match. but, we didn't shake hands that day. ron knocked my fist out of the way and lunged forward, and wrapped his arms around my chest and gave me a bear hug!! a tight one, a manly hug of congratulations to a fellow warrior, battle over, manhood proven. i could feel his pecs and nipples on mine, his sweaty tense muscled neck grinding into mine, and the stench from his armpits on my biceps, as i gave him his bearhug back to him, in return. the coach came onto the mat and held up the arm of the winner. then, more applause came from the crowd. but it was a roar of congratulations for BOTH men, not just the victor.

Ron was the winner that day, but me, I was the victor!! as i left the mat to go back and take my place on the edge of the mat with the other guys, i was slapped on the back and given my own high-fives! over and over again, i would hear ".. damn, great job man!"... or, "you sure impressed the fuck outta me, pal.. ". i had arrived... finally i had arrived as a man, among other men, and i was one with them. i was an equal, not a subordinate.
i was a fighter, no longer a runner full of fear and weakness.

Ron won the match that day, by a score of 3-2. he didnt pin me, in fact he COULNDT pin me. that day, NOBODY could have pinned me. i found my heart, deep inside my belly that day. but it was surrounded by real guts... guts that i didnt even know that i had. but i learned a valuable lesson that day. i learned that having heart and having guts, are one and the same. you can't have one, without having the other. every man has 'em, it just may take longer for one guy to find em. i found my guts that day, and i've never lost 'em since. and you'll find yours too buddy, just pry em up off the floor!

teen warriors scott and ron

(hope you liked it some, bill? kinda wordy, sorry i wrote so much.. im in shock myself.. once i get started, i cant stop.. this match really happened man. and im still grinning ear to ear when i look back on it just now.. what a memory.. thanks for your time pal!! )

hey bill-
thanks for writin back buddy. i went to your site and read the story you had written [THE FIGHT]. man, i could sure relate. Ever since junior high gym class, i've been turned on by locker room type man sex. watchin guys walkin around in jockstraps and boners floppin around. all the while, carrying a deep lust and hunger for feeling their bodies grind up against mine in hot sweaty cock to cock battle, pre-cum oozing from each man's piss slit, and the feel of my big smooth manballs grindin into his.

once in high school, we practiced wrestling for 9 weeks each year, and every nite, i would go home and masturbate on my chest, dreamin of a late nite match with other guys from my class. then, hittin the showerin and goin down on one anothers penis. two men, boned up and hungry for male body contact and penis battle. i get a hardon watchin my nude oil wrestlin videos big time. i sure dont understand why there isnt more frottage in these damn films. to me, and you i now know, its a pure turn on in my groin..

i love showin a guy how much sperm i carry in my nuts and tryin to see which one of us has the most manjuice... pure manhood.

well, now that i've gotten myself boned up here, i better close.

thanks for your article buddy. keep it hard, man..


hey bill-
man, thanks for the email man. i think you and me would have a good hot time buddy.. dont even know what you look like, but if the feel of your oiled body and penis up against mine is any indication, i think they'd have to pry us apart. just lookin down at both of our cockheads oozin pre-cum onto one another would be hotter than hell. See our nut sacks full of juice, bangin into each other in sweat, and our nips grindin chest to chest, humpin each others body to struggle for control.... i dont think we'd even have to touch each others dicks- we'd be spermin each others bellys and pecs all out, in a jizm battle... take you into the shower and take a piss together afterwards, like two warriors after battle.. just hosin down cock to cock...

man, would love to have you smellin me and me, man stench .... put my face up under your balls and see what your manhood smells like with my cock sweat all over you... mmmm thanks for the boner this morning..


hey, cockfighter buddy boy... how's that man weapon hangin? just got home from work and thought i'd send ya back a note.

man, what i would give to smell your armpits, groin and butt crack after i had it out with you pal..?!

i cant write too much here man... im 1/2 hard as it is still,  wantin to feel your stiff penis in my fist, your fist on mine, and doin some pre-battle challenge in mutual cock tug o war.. movin our fists down under each others hangin ball sacks, and cuppin our palms under the other guys gonads.
knowin we both had the other guys cum loads to get out of each others cockpole, and just how much hot thick man wad the other man had up inside him....

you and i have the same (i think) thoughts about two men and their penis's and how much hot man sex can come from the sweaty male bonding of two nude bodies


sweaty male bonding of two nude bodies

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