One Beagle's Story



One Beagle's Story


My association with the Man2Man Alliance began in August of 2004. I was preparing to "celebrate" the 11 year anniversary of the passing of my Bonded Brother Roger. His life was cut short, taken by AIDS, after being forcibly anally raped. He left this earth in September 1993. For the next 11 years I tended to withdraw and kept myself busy with work.

Roger and Beagle

Then after finding Bill's website and reading the postings from men from around the world, I too came to the realization that my Brother and I were not alone, that there were many others that held the same beliefs and sexual practices. And there was even a name for "it." I also read that the site was supported by donations, which were very low (and still are!). Being unemployed at the time and very poor, I scraped together some money and sent it to Bill along with a letter telling my story. I was very excited to receive an email back from him thanking me for my donation and offering sympathy for the loss of Brother. For the next several months I kept pestering him with ways I felt I could help 'The Alliance'.

Well, Bill granted my request and appointed me co-ordinator of the Portland Oregon chapter of Man2Man Alliance.

Now for the next step:

Brothers, I pestered Bill because I want to make a difference. I want to help get the word out to all the other Brothers out there who are lost and wandering alone.

After reading the last few postings from Bill, I feel he has really hit the nail on the head. The war before us will be a long one and not easily won. Our duty as warriors is to stand up, speak out and be counted. As my favorite band, Compact56, says.............."the battle lines are drawn, the war is in our own front yard"......................!

In Bill's Never Give Up posting, his words remind me of a protest that took place in San Francisco after Harvey Milk was killed. "WHERE IS YOUR ANGER.....WHERE IS YOUR ANGER......WHERE IS YOUR ANGER...!!!!!!"

Brothers, now is the time, now is the moment!!! Now is the time to start your own groups in your own towns and cities. Now is the time to donate, now more than ever. Let's take a stand and show the world, the analists and the religious right what kind of men we are!!!!

And one last word, if any of you are in the Portland, Oregon area please drop me a line. I'd be more than happy to meet you.

Thank You

Your Frot Brother


Bill Weintraub

Re: One Beagle's Story


Thank you Beagle.

Beagle has a lot of great ideas and projects that could be undertaken by FrotMen / Man2ManAlliance Portland.

He just needs your help.

If you live in the Pacific northwest, this is your chance to get involved.

And that sort of involvement is a great way to meet other Frot Men -- far better than wasting hours aimlessly trolling the net.

Because you're at your best when you're out in the world working towards a goal and doing what you believe.

So, as people make themselves available, we're setting up real-time, real-life, regional chapters of FrotMen / Man2ManAlliance in their area.

To be affiliated with FrotMen / Man2ManAlliance and have *permission* to use our name, those chapters have only to agree to support the three pillars of our program:

FROT not anal

FIDELITY not promiscuity

MASCULINITY not effeminacy

What that means in practice for the local chapters is:


All members -- Frot men -- must be men into FROT and NOT into anal.

Frot men are defined as "men with a strong masculine identification whose primary m2m erotic practice is Frot and who do not participate in anal penetration."

If you're still doing anal, you are NOT a Frot man.

FrotMen / Man2ManAlliance chapters are for Frot guys only.


All members must support our goal of Fidelity among men who love men; and the local chapter may not do ANYTHING which undercuts that goal, including sponsoring any sort of sex party.

Social gatherings, for example potluck suppers, are fine.

Sex parties are not.


Frot men are guys who are comfortable with and proud of their masculinity.

Chapters must have zero tolerance for effeminacy and effeminizing behavior among members.

Along those lines, a number of guys have asked about having some sort of training in combat sports, such as martial arts or wrestling, as part of the local chapter.

I know that's something that Naked Wrestler, who's an olympic wrestler, is working on up in Seattle, though his school isn't yet open.

But, for example, when it is, the FrotMen / Seattle chapter might train at Naked Wrestler's school.

Or the guys in Portland could select a local martial arts school and agree to all train there two nights a week.

And Sensei Patrick would be glad to help guide guys through the process of selecting a school.

So that would be a way of combining martial arts training and getting support from your fellow Frot Men.

The number of ways you guys would benefit from that combo of martial arts and being with your fellow Frot Men is almost beyond counting.

Beyond those three points --FROT, FIDELITY, MASCULINITY -- the local chapters will be what you guys make of them.

They can be purely social, or, they can be purely political, or a mix of both.

Just remember: you'll get as much out of the group as you put into it.

If you're interested in taking on the job of regional co-ordinator, contact me:

Now I want to talk about Beagle's life experience.

His bonded brother Roger was raped by a group of leathermen after Roger refused to penetrate another man.

The "leathermen" apparently wanted to show Roger that getting fucked felt good.

Instead, they gave him HIV.

They must have known they would have, since this happened in the late 80s.

But they raped him anyway.

Because to them, as to much of the gay male "community," preserving anal and promiscuity is more important than preserving life.

The individual men of the community are expendable.

The "life" of the community -- which centers on anal and promiscuity -- must continue.

That doctrine is stated explicitly in a well-known analist barebacking manifesto, No Limits.

In the event, all the men who fucked Roger have since died.

As did Roger.

But, they were successful in that the "community" they sought to protect, continues on.

It's up to us to deliver the death blow to that community which Roger alone, even with his courageous refusal to fuck another man, could not.

How can we do that?

In a recent email, David, a college student, said:

I think, and I want to post my thoughts in personal stories once I organize them better, that the main problem facing younger guys like me is that, when they finally come out as gay, many can no longer trust so called "friends" and even members of their own families. They are very alone. They eventually meet the most visible support group they can see: the gay subculture. Desperate for friendship and support, they cling to that culture, appeasing its members by adopting the manners and behaviors associated with it. So they start acting effemenate, submiting to anal intercorse (among other crude practices) and becoming promiscuous. This because no one else will take them in. Their religions have expelled them, family and friends reject them, and they fear loosing their place among gay society if they don't fit in.

Dave is exactly right.

When gay men "come out," they usually lose all their other support systems.

Which makes them desperately dependent on and anxious to fit in to their new gay subculture by living up to its norms.

They hear the cultural messages -- "You're not really gay if you don't get fucked" -- "You're missing out on life if you're not promiscuous" -- "Men and masculinity are your enemies" -- and they do their utmost to conform.

Because they have nowhere else to turn.

If they can't make it in that subculture, where can they go?

Not back to their family, not back to their church, not back to their former friends.

They're trapped.

I keep trying to think of some way to start a physical gathering of Frot warriors. Heroic Homosex is great, but I'm sure you know the limits of purely electronic interaction. Something like a homoerotic fight club (nude wrestling class, maybe?) or just a support group for gay, bi and straight men with homosexual feelings who do not identify with the mainstream gay subculture. A place you could go to and form friendships and perhaps find a lover. I suppose something like this is still far off, but eventually I hope it will become a reality. If I could have just found some place to go to like that, I think my path would have been much less painful.

I used to be a member of the Mormon church, which is a very anti-homosexual religion. Although I have to say I learned much about spirituality from my experience there, I could not continue to restrain my true feelings, so I left to seek a higher spirituality. My friends in that church, I could no longer trust. So I have been making new friends among the gays at my school. Yet it is very hard to trust them fully, much less admire them. I long for a circle of warrior friends, who I can be completely open with and receive strength from.

Dave says: "If I could have found someplace to go to, a support group for gay, bi and straight men with homosexual feelings who do not identify with the mainstream gay subculture, I think my path would have been much less painful."

And he adds: "I have been making new friends among the gays at my school. Yet it is very hard to trust them fully, much less admire them. I long for a circle of warrior friends, who I can be completely open with and receive strength from."

That's what Beagle, with the help of other Portland Frot Men, will be putting together: "a circle of warrior friends, who you can be completely open with and receive strength from."

Wouldn't it be great to have that where you live?

You can have it -- absolutely.

It will just take some work.

But isn't that better than the emptiness you have now?

Lots of guys in here talk about masculinity and sweat.

Beagle's giving you an opportunity to get real about it.

Because masculinity is not about having great abs.

Masculinity is about putting your shoulder to the wheel and doing what it takes to get the job done.

That's what men do.

Most people know the scene in the second Alien movie -- James Cameron's Aliens -- when the tough little Latina marine is doing chin-ups and Hudson asks her, "Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

And she answers, "No, have you?"

Vasquez is saying that being a man isn't about having muscles.

It's about doing the job.

Beagle is a man.

And no one will ever mistake him for anything other than that.

He sees a need and he acts to answer it.

He was knocked out for a while by Roger's death.

That's because he loved him.

But now he's back and ready to fight for all those men who can no longer fight for themselves.

Help him.

Fight back.

And save your life.

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