World AIDS Day 2006: Brit gay men spreading HIV; UK AIDS activists blame homophobia

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

World AIDS Day 2006: Brit gay men spreading HIV; UK AIDS activists blame homophobia


HIV Increases in U.K., Spread by Unprotected Sex Between Men

By Jason Gale

Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) -- HIV is spreading faster in the U.K. than any other country in the European Union, driven by a resurgence of men having unprotected sex with other men.

The virus that causes AIDS was diagnosed in 8,868 people in the U.K. last year, a prevalence of 148.3 cases per million people, according to a study published yesterday in Eurosurveillance, an online journal of peer-reviewed information on communicable diseases. The country's HIV prevalence has climbed each year since at least 1999 and is now almost twice as high as the Netherlands and five times higher than Germany.

AIDS has killed about 28 million people since it was first recognized in 1981, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. Males accounted for two-thirds of the 23,620 new HIV cases reported in the European Union last year. Sex between men accounted for 34 percent, researchers in Sweden and France said in the study.

"In the EU, major advances in treatment have prolonged and improved the lives of infected people," said the authors, led by Francoise Hamers at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm. "These therapeutic advances have been paralleled by a decreasing emphasis on HIV prevention and a resurgence of high-risk sexual behaviors among gay men in major EU cities."

The U.K. diagnosed the most new HIV cases of any country last year in the 25-nation European Union, excluding Italy and Spain, where no national HIV reporting systems are in place. France diagnosed 3,165 new cases.


About 63,500 adults aged 15 to 59 were living with HIV in the U.K. at the end of 2005, the U.K.'s Health Protection Agency estimates. Of those, 20,100, or almost a third, were unaware of their infection, it said in a report this month.

Reports of new HIV cases in the nation of 60 million people are increasing "due to sustained levels of newly acquired infections in men who have sex with men, further diagnoses among heterosexual men and women who acquired their infection in Africa, and earlier and increased HIV testing," the agency said in its "A Complex Picture" report.

Bill Weintraub:

So HIV prevalence in the UK has been going up every year since 1999.

And that increase is being driven "by a resurgence of men having unprotected sex with other men."

What's the response of AIDS activists in the UK?

How must the UK tackle HIV?

By Will Nutland

Head of Health Promotion, Terrence Higgins Trust

[Terrence Higgins Trust is one of the primary UK AIDS Service Organizations.]

24 November 2006


The greatest number of new infections contracted in the UK (2,400 in 2005) is still among gay men - a group who have been most affected by HIV for the last two decades.

Because of the introduction of HIV treatments over 10 years ago, people with HIV are living longer and the number of gay men with HIV has doubled in the past decade.

About one in 10 gay men now have HIV in Britain's bigger cities.


But why, despite many tried and tested HIV prevention campaigns, is HIV continuing to grow among gay men? We need to look deeper at the social and psychological reasons behind this.


There is still a huge amount of homophobia and bullying in schools, and young gay men grow up with very little honest sex and relationship education that is relevant to them.

If we are really going to tackle the issue of sexual risk, we have to start by tackling homophobia and sex education in schools and provide support for gay men on a much bigger scale.

Posters, leaflets and outreach work are essential - but they do not go far enough.

An open an honest society that accepts gay men is just as important as good education campaigns if we are to tackle more of the real issues that are driving HIV in the UK.

Bill Weintraub:

Mr Nutland of the Terrence Higgins Trust, whom we've heard from before (see Brit buttboy guilty of infecting boyfriend; UK "HIV activists" protest), tells us that "despite many tried and tested HIV prevention campaigns," HIV is spreading among gay men.

Which begs the question: If these prevention campaigns are "tried and tested" -- why aren't they preventing new infections?

The TRUTH is these campaigns have been tried, tested, and FAILED.

They've failed everywhere.

They've failed in America, they've failed in Australia, they've failed in Africa, and they've failed in the EU and the UK.

But that doesn't phase Mr Nutland.

He tells us that these campaigns are tried and tested in one breath, and then in the next says that gay men continue to get infected "because of homophobia and bullying in schools."


I thought they got infected through anal penetration.

Does Mr Nutland have any proof that homophobia is ultimately responsible?


If he did he would offer it.

But he doesn't.

Now, what about homophobia in the UK?

Here's a gay history question:

When was sodomy de-criminalized in the British isles?





Homosexuality was de-criminalized in the UK in 1969.

A full thirty-four years before it was de-criminalized in the US.

That's a long time.

Is the UK particularly homophobic?

Compared let's say to countries in Eastern Europe like Poland or Russia?


For example, gays can serve openly in the military in the UK; and according to reports, there have been NO problems with acceptance of gay people in the military.

So how homophobic is the society?

Not very.

In short, there's no evidence that homophobia and HIV prevalence are related.

Mr Nutland also claims that "young gay men grow up with very little honest sex and relationship education that is relevant to them."

That may be true.

But who's going to provide that education?

Government-funded groups like Healthy Gay Scotland?

Which emphasize promiscuity, effeminacy, and anal penetration?

Guys, you should check out their website and their comic books, which feature depictions of buttfucking, give a rosy picture of life on HAART, show a Christmas tree decorated entirely with condoms and packets of lube, have scenes at a gay bar with a femmy character named "Dolly," and devote an entire issue to the glories of a young guy's first time being penetrated anally.

Which it terms "going all the way."

Those comics are nauseating.

Yet when Mr Nutland says that "Posters, leaflets and outreach work are essential" -- that's what he means.

Getting the government to pay for materials which acculturate men into analism.

That in a very real sense is what World AIDS Day 2006 is about.

Groups pushing their own social agendas in the name of curbing AIDS.

In reality, HIV is an easy pathogen to avoid.

But avoiding it would mean eschewing behaviors which Mr Nutland clearly supports.

Mr Nutland says "An open an [sic] honest society that accepts gay men is just as important as good education campaigns if we are to tackle more of the real issues that are driving HIV in the UK."

Is that true?


First off, all you need do "to tackle more of the real issues that are driving HIV in the UK" is

1. stop glorifying anal and promiscuity; and

2. start telling the truth about HIV and HAART: HIV in your brain, HIV in your balls, HIV in your gut, HIV in your ass, and HIV in your semen.

And no time off.

Further, while "an open and honest society" is a good thing in and of itself, a truly open and honest society around gay issues would not be to Mr Nutland's liking.

Because it would examine the relationship between and among anal, promiscuity, and effeminacy; and discuss the cultural values which resulted in the AIDS pandemic.

Cultural values which he's doing everything in his power to prop up and support.

Mr Nutland supports analism.

And analism leads to death.

Guys -- I'm going to end this post with the same words I used in the message thread about the failure of drug holidays on HAART.

And the reason I'm doing that is that I want you to read and re-read what Robert Loring says.

And in particular I want you to have a sense both of

1. how much has been taken from you; and

2. how much therefore you have to gain.

So: the path of analism is the path of death.

Yet that's what people like Nutland keep putting forward.





That WAY -- which we call, correctly, THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR -- would end this epidemic and prevent all future epidemics.

While the analist path -- the path of anal, promiscuity, and effeminacy -- leads inevitably to DEATH.

Alain Danielou:

Contempt for this sacred emblem [the phallus], as well as degradation and debasement of it, pushes man from the divine reality. It provokes the anger of the gods and leads to the decline of the species. The man who scorns the very symbol of the life principle abandons his kind to the powers of death.

Contempt for and degradation and debasement of the phallus pushes man from the divine reality, leads to the decline of the species, and abandons humankind to the powers of death.

And that's what has happened.

Yet, there's an alternative:


Robert Loring:

There is an ongoing war upon manhood and natural masculinity. That war is now to the point that simply dehumanizing males is not enough so now society is trying to feminize males and turn them into pseudo-women, creatures never intended to be! Creatures which are totally stripped of any vestiges of maleness! Creatures living in both shame and denial of their innate manhood.

Males are losing the battle! The fems and the BFD are winning battle after battle. Look at the great numbers of feminized, sissified boys growing up today that know nothing about being a masculine man. They are everywhere! Weak in body, mind, and spirit! Confused about their own natural identity but isolated in their confusion for fear of talking about it. Yet, something deep within them knows that society is WRONG!

Can you imagine what boys would be like today if they were raised in a contemporary Agoge? Raised to be men who were proud and unashamed of their innate masculinity. Raised to be unashamed of their male bodies and penises. Instead they are being raised under the boot of guilt and shame and by the time they become adults there is already a great and dark cloud hanging over their heads! A cloud of guilt and shame which eats them alive from the inside out!

In most societies in ancient times masculinity and the male penis was honored and esteemed. Today it is dishonored and shamed. No longer is a male's penis a thing of pride but of guilt and embarrassment. That may be what the world teaches but that is no the way our one Creator sees it. Notice people are still being born NAKED? If the male penis was so vile and evil then surely God would make it so male's were born with clothing already on! Or surely the Creator would just remove the penis altogether prior to birth!

The return of the Agoge would make boys into men and men into Warriors! They would be natural males as divinely intended to be. They would have a clear sense of manhood and walk in pride and they would not live under a cloud of shame and guilt.

Or disease.

Bill Weintraub

World AIDS Day, 2006

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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