analism a form of scat
oralism = cannibalism



analism a form of scat / oralism = cannibalism


We all know what scat is. A form of sex that involves feces to come into contact with any part of the body from sexual contact. If you were to tell the analists that they are scatboys they would look at you in disbelief. That is all they are, scatboys!

On another topic now. When an effeminate male ingests the semen of another man he is consuming millions of living cells into his body. By ingesting the living fluid he seeks to incorporate another man's masculinity as a part of himself. Do not let this happen my friends!

Greg Milliken

Re: analism a form of scat / oralism = cannibalism


From time to time I read the craigslist posting in my area because you can learn a lot from an idiot.

One time I came across a posting where someone was either looking to "fuck" or "be fucked" by a guy -- and in the same post said he's not into shit.

I wonder what world he lives on where fucking or being fucked in the ass doesn't involve shit?

Which makes me conclude that this guy, along with thousands of others, would really benefit from a world where shit sex isn't prevalent. I wonder how many other guys out there don't want their sex lives to involve feces but have convinced themselves anal is necessary and doesn't *really* involve shit.

I guess denial is more powerful than reality for a lot of guys.


Re: analism a form of scat / oralism = cannibalism


Greg, you are so right. So many men are running down a path of denial to an early grave. As Bill has said clearly so many times...the evidence is clear. ANAL KILLS...condoms or no condoms...ANAL KILLS...and you can't convince me that either partner involved in anal is ever really satisfied, ever fulfilled. They can't be, because anal kills a man physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Frot gives LIFE to a man physically, mentally, and spiritually. I KNOW because I am a FROT MAN, and my life is rich. Frot is real, basic, primal, masculine, and I believe sacred...there is NOTHING like the bonding of two warriors brothers face-to-face, dick-to-dick, heart-to-heart.

The analists don't know what they are missing...they are in MAJOR denial, their heads buried in the sand and their dicks buried in shit.


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