Years of Celibacy because of ignorance and injustice



Years of Celibacy because of ignorance and injustice



I came upon this wonderful, blessed (yes, I'm calling this site a blessing for all men) website earlier this week. In four days I've had an epiphany of sorts about my life and what I really wanted from it through the years, and wasn't getting. In my heart of hearts I knew that I loved frot more than anything through experiences 35 years ago with a man I loved deeply. Sadly, this man fell into the gay trap of "other" outlets for his sexual release: anal sex. Because of misunderstandings and just plain not liking taking it up the butt, I went into complete celibacy for over 35 years. I was unwilling to say to a man that I believed wholly in frottage and only frottage. It was easier to pull completely back from eroticism than to comply. This site has liberated my soul, and perhaps it has saved it as well. I know now who I am and what I like. Friends, it has brought me peace, and that isn't easy to find in this world today. Thanks Bill, and all of you who have posted. This Friday afternoon marks a new beginning for me with new hope and meaning in life. BYW, I still love that man 35 years later.

Robert Loring

Re: Years of Celibacy because of ignorance and injustice


Congratulations Tom!!

A new beginning and a new hope is nothing small. Finding inner peace and peace of heart and mind is also nothing small. All of these things are hard to find in the world today and when we find them we must latch onto them. Most of all, however, I congratulate you on your refusal to be turned into one of the butt-boys.

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