married cockbonding



married cockbonding


It must have been fate that I found this site. For years I have had felt guilty about my feelings. I have been married happily for over thirty years but have often ached for a buddy to be really close to. Fortunately I did find one and we have known each other for some years now but we are unable to get together often as we would like. we both have woman in our lives. I am relieved to know know that what I enjoy is good and wholesome and nothing to be ashamed of. When we do get together we simply lie with each other until we ejaculate and only recently, having know each other for more than two decades discovered the beauty of a kiss. This we have discovered is extremely sensuous, as has been the discovery of one another's bodies. Now I have moved away and we don't see each other much so I have to masturbate more often on my own. Thanks for this site and all you offer.

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