it's never too late to connect



it's never too late to connect


This is a reply to SUN. He sent a note about being from the Ukraine and he wanted to meet another man who was into nude wrestling and kissing, He said he was 32.

I just wanted to write to say it's never too late to connect. Keep getting yourself out into the world. I was a closeted gay man for thirty years; was a veteran of the Viet Nam era having served in the Army as an MP. I didn't lose my virginity until my late twenties and thought that I'd never find a partner because I didn't fit into the "straight" or "gay" worlds. All I knew was that I loved to wrestle and the only guys who wrestled with me were straight guys with girlfriends and wives who ultimately would try to fix me up with a girl or persuade their husbands to drop our friendships.

Finally at the YMCA in Los Angeles I was up at the mats and saw a sexy guy wrestling another guy. When they finished the sexy guy stayed and continued stretching and I thought, "Be brave, as awkward as you feel, go talk to him." So I wandered, petrified, over to him and asked if there was a wrestling club at the Y. He smiled and said that there wasn't, but he'd be glad to teach me some moves. He later told me that my awkwardness was what attracted him to me and, by the way, we have been partners in life and lovers for the last 32 years.

I'm writing this to encourage every guy that it's never too late and to be brave because there is another guy out there who wants exactly WHO YOU ARE...AS IS. Be brave and trust that who you are right now is exactly right for another guy. I wish you well.


Re: it's never too late to connect



I stumbled upon the FROT site about two years or more ago and read a good bit of it. Memories came back of different experiences I had as a child with my cousins.

The first was with my cousin who was about my own age.

We had gotten on a swing, sitting facing each other with our legs over and under each other. We had our members proudly out in the bright sun light so we could examine each other. We swung and touched and rubbed, but it was more intellectual exploration..."does yours look like mine?"

Some years later, his older brother (about a year older than me) came to my aid when I was still naive and wondering what this penis thing was. He taught me to masturbate and we practiced mutual JO from time to time over the next several years. He also showed me how we could pleasure each other orally, but told me not to mess around with butt. Rather sage advice coming from a boy that age at that time.

Later, I married a wonderful woman, had four wonderful children and now a number of grandchildren.

I'm not sure if it's the ravages of age (ED) or the phenomenon of an aging memory rehearsing the glories of the past, but I think about my cousins and wish I could go back. The younger is dead now and the older lives 1500 miles away and I've lost all contact with him.

That was the state of my mind when I found the FROT site. I was longing for a JO partner to share time and experience with.

I answered a number of posts on the FROT CLUB bulletin board saying I was interested in friendship first, and if we felt comfortable we could go further. A number sent regrets. I finally met with four people over the course of a year and a half or so.

One man had many of the same interests, experiences, and hobbies as I did. We corresponded for a couple months and then met for a night in a motel and a day hiking. I'm afraid the hiking got short shrift. We went to a regional two day meeting connected with one of our hobbies and spent a couple days sharing a bed during the nights and attending meetings in the days.

I intended from the start to try to find someone with common interests and with whom a friendship would be completely logical. Apparently I am not the only one with such a desire. When I wrote this in an email to T. he agreed that he too would like a relationship in which our families became friends.

This past week our wives met for the first time. They, of course, know nothing about frot or our interest in it. They see our friendship as one based on a number of different mutual interests (which it is) and encourage us in developing our relationship. Since my wife met T, she has asked me a number of things about him, and made complimentary comments about both him and his wife. We are all looking forward to future family outings (we live 200 miles apart.)

Something I have desired for fifty years has been a close male friend with whom I could both feel free to have masculine physical contact. That has also been T's desire and we have both found it. T and I are planing to get together in a couple of weeks for some good old nude bear hugging.

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