dental health is important



dental health is important


I was talking to my doctor not long ago about how HIV could be spread by oral sex. Gingivitis causes blood to flow from the gums. It is possible that if an infected person ejaculates inside the mouth of a person who has gingivitis the infected gum tissue could allow the transmission of the HIV. Also it is possible that if two french kiss and have gingivitis and are promiscuous the possibility of HIV transmission would approach the infection rate of anal sex. It is very important you guys to have good dental health. Get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis and if necessary deep cleaning. Deep cleaning can be by a periodontist. You are warriors arent you? Don't be afraid of the dentist!

Bill Weintraub

Re: dental health is important


Hey Rm

Right -- and gum disease is a problem in and of itself.

And there can be other problems in the mouth which will admit HIV.

Because of the "safer sex" campaigns, people tend to think of oral as low risk.

That's not accurate.

Oral is lower risk than anal for HIV.

But oral is actually high risk for most everything else: herpes, HPV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.

And one of the things we're learning is that there can be an interaction between these diseases and HIV.

For example we now know that having herpes increases your chance of getting infected with HIV by a factor of three.

Similarly, we suspect that there's a relationship between anal HPV infection and HIV, since 95% of guys who are poz are also infected with anal HPV.

And of course any sort of sore or lesion in the mouth will leave you very vulnerable.

The mystery to me is why guys into Frot would do oral.

Frot is genital-genital sex.

The genitals -- not the mouth -- are the generators of erotic energy and pleasure.

And when you put the genitals together -- which when you look at how our bodies are constructed is clearly what God and/or evolution had in mind -- there is a synergy produced which cannot be equalled through any other act.

Frot aka cock2cock dick2dick cockrub bone on bone aka PHALLIC BONDING is the PINNACLE of MAN2MAN SEX.

That's it.

Frot is the acme.

It's the zenith.

It's the height.

Everything and anything else is a let down.

So why -- when it's fraught with danger, as it is in our modern world -- do it?

If you're doing Frot with someone you love -- you've already having the best M2M experience you can ever have.

Pansexualism -- which is what all those practices which are not directly and mutually genital come out of -- is a sort of secular religion, which seeks salvation in sex.

In the Alliance, we have said that The Way of the Warrior is the Way of Salvation.

The Warrior Way is the Way of Salvation *in the sense of* re-connecting the male with MASCULINITY.

Phallus2Phallus is the sexual expression and sexual component of the Warrior Way.

But there's far more to the Way of the Warrior than just sex.

The Way of the Warrior is about Honor and Integrity, it's about Aggression and Fighting, it's about Fidelity and Courage, it's about Trust and Love.

But above all it's about Natural Masculinity.

NATURAL Masculinity.

When two men are wrestling or in a face-to-face embrace, their penises naturally rub and connect.


To follow the Warrior Way, you need only let your NATURAL Masculinity be your guide.

That Natural Masculinity that Robert and Rm have talked about in their posts in the male identity thread, for example.

When I was a kid, it never occurred to me to put a penis in my mouth.

I wanted to be with another male as a Warrior brother; not as a servant.

I know that many of us in the Alliance are gray now -- that's just our baby-boomer demographic.

And of course we can still have sex in our later years.

But sex is about youth and the dreams of youth.

Let those dreams guide you.

For those dreams, those dreams of Fightin and Frot, are psychic manifestations of the Warrior within.

Bill Weintraub

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