We need donations now

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

We need donations now


Donations have been extremely low in July.

And one of the few was from a guy who's donated far more than his share.

He's a great guy, but the rest of you need to pitch in.

Or the sites won't be here in August.

Look at the posts which have gone up in the past week.


And in so doing recognize the unique content which we offer and which you can get nowhere else.

Are you a bi guy or straight-identified man who's into cock2cock?

Guess what?

The rest of the world thinks you're lying.

They think you're really gay, and that you're using your alleged interest in women as a "beard" -- a way of concealing your true desires.

That's bullshit.

We know you're a guy who's into both men and women.

And not only do we say so, but we post true-life account after true-life account from guys like you.

For example: Frot and the Married Man.

I have a couple more waiting to go up.

And there are many more already posted.

Think what your life would be like without that support.

It's lonely out there bro.

Without this site and the Alliance, it would be a lot lonelier.

We're fighting for a world in which the essential biseuxality of men is recognized and accepted, and in which phallus-to-phallus sex between men is taken for what it is: a natural and normal expression of your intrinsic male need to bond with your fellow man.

Help us, and help yourself.


Are you a gay guy who's been put down incessantly for being into Frot?

Ck out Frat Brother, Frot Warrior.

It's just one of three thousand life-affirming true-life accounts from gay and bi Frot men on this site.

And again, more are waiting to go up.

Those accounts matter.

The butt boyz and shit sex brigade tell you 24 / 7 that you're immature and incomplete and not really gay because you won't get fucked.

They're wrong.

But without the support you receive from this site, how long would you be able to resist their incessant pressure and coercion?

We tell the truth about anal penetration and about Frot, and we're the only organization run by out, proud, and openly gay men, experienced in both anal and Frot, which does.

We're fighting for you, and against them.

Help us, and help yourself.


Are you concerned about rising HIV infection rates?

You should be.

We address that issue often, in depth, and from a perspective that again, literally no one else shares:

Most recently, in HIV-meth link questioned; Complicit in our own genocide; and It's the anal.

Important and informative posts which if you haven't read you should -- because the information in them could literally save your life.

Help us, and help yourself.


Do you sometimes feel that your masculinity is under unrelenting assault?

You're right.

But unlike other "gay" sites, we say you're right, and we address that issue.

Most recently in Trannies and Pump Parties; and Workin Out.

Help us, and help yourself.


What about the religious right and fundamentalism?

Are they impacting your life?

You'd better believe it.

See "Iranians Execute Teen Frot Brothers."

Other people have carried the story.

But no one else has our Frot perspective on what these kids actually did.

And no one else scares the religious right the way we do.

So long as homosexuality is synonomous with sodomy, promiscuity, and deadly disease, all those reverends and padres and pastors and the politicians in their pay are on easy street -- they can beat up on you forever.

But the thought that there might be men who love men living healthy, well-ordered lives while loving each other as men -- terrifies the religious right.

Shakes them to the depths of their narrow little souls.

Help us, and help yourself.


Finally, are you looking for a Frot buddy or an LTR?

Recently, I've noticed a couple posts in Frot Club asking, "Where have all the Frot guys gone?"

The answer isn't complicated.

They're out getting buttfucked dude.

Because that's what their culture tells them to do.


If you do, you need to be clear, as we are, that buttfucking is a cultural problem, and ONE THAT WE CAN SOLVE.

But we can't solve it without your support.

It's that basic.

You can spend the rest of your life complaining about your inability to find another Frot man.

Or you can do something about it.

You can donate so we can stay online and get the word out to other guys that being into men does not equal being into anal.

And that Frot is the hotter, safer, and in every other respect better way to love.

Think that message doesn't work?

Think again:

Hello Bill-

I've met the most amazing man who contacted me because of my posting on the Frot Club (I've removed all my postings). We've been together for about six weeks now, and we're so compatible...on every level. Originally we had gotten together because of frot (obviously) but it's turned into so much more than that.

It's difficult to find other men into frot, let alone finding someone that you're very compatible with in other ways. Your site is what brought us together and I feel extremely fortunate to have found him.

Just wanted to share this with you. Thanks so much for your site.


Stop sitting on your hands, stop guarding your wallet like it was the Taj Mahal, and DONATE.

Face it: Nothing else in life is free.

But 99.9% of you who use this site think it should be the exception.

Get real.

Like anything else in life, you'll get out of this what you put into it.

If you donate, if you post, if you put the words "Frot" and Man2ManAlliance in your internet profiles -- your life will change.

One thing you can be sure of:

Do nothing, and nothing will change.

It's your decision.

But I cannot keep the sites online without money.

And we never have enough money to do the outreach we need to do and which would make a true difference in each and every one of your lives.

If you want that to change, DONATE.

Help us, help yourself.


Fight back.

Save your life.

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