dubya dun it

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

dubya dun it


Last Thursday (11/17/2005), PlanetOut reported that HIV infection rates among American "men who have sex with men" (MSM) had risen 8%.

The response of the gay establishment:

Matt Foreman, head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, was distressed by the statistics related Thursday.

"No gay or bisexual person can think that HIV/AIDS is no longer a problem for our own community when nearly two-thirds of new infections among males are from men having sex with other men," he said in a prepared statement. "Clearly, the Bush administration's de-funding, de-prioritizing and de-gaying HIV prevention programs has been nothing short of a disaster and we call upon Congress to act immediately to begin to address this tragedy."

[emphasis mine]

Basically: Dubya dun it.


Like a lot of Americans these days, I'm not overly fond of Mr. Bush, but this is not one you can lay at his door.

Not remotely.

It's no secret how HIV is transmitted.

Some things in life are complicated.

Avoiding HIV isn't one of them.

Nevertheless, Matt Foreman blames the Bush admin.

Is he right?

Well, as it happens, we have statistics for the comparable period in Germany, which was being ruled by Helmut Kohl, a gay-friendly socialist, and there HIV infections among MSM rose 20%.


Germany with condom campaigns = 20% increase

US A without condom campaigns = 8% increase

One would be tempted to conclude that condom campaigns actually increase HIV infection rates.

And there's more than a little evidence for that, as we've discussed.

That's because condom campaigns encourage men to do anal.

Which is how they get HIV.

Truth is, though, that despite the Bush admin's fumbling efforts in this as in so many other areas of national life, there's been no decrease in condom campaigning in the US.

We just saw that SF's "Stop AIDS," which the CDC defunded, was able to hire *new* coordinators for their circuit party "education" project.

Doesn't matter: to the gay establishment, it's always someone else's fault.

But it's not.

The gay establishment has been running HIV prevention programs since 1984.

Those programs have failed.

We now have over 500,000 gay and bi men infected with HIV.

In June of 2005, Sefakis et alia reported that HIV prevalence among American gay men was 25%.

By contrast, in all of sub-Saharan Africa, only 7.4% of adults are infected.

Gay men in America, who are among the wealthiest people on the planet, are more than three times likely to have HIV than are Africans, who are among the poorest people and who have almost no access to medical services.

In addition, the prevalence of anal HPV, which causes anal cancer, has skyrocketed among American MSM.

It's now at 95% for HIV poz guys, and 57% for HIV negative men.

That comes out to 67% of all gay men.

The only risk factor for anal HPV is "receptive anal" -- bottoming.

By contrast, only 26% of Nigerian women are infected with cervical HPV.

Again, the disparity in wealth and access to medicine is vast between these two groups.

Yet by any objective measure, when it comes to STD, American gay men are SICKER than African heterosexuals.


That's what we've gotten for the literally hundreds of millions of donor and taxpayer dollars which have gone into the "safer-sex" programs devised by the AIDS and gay male establishment.

I repeat: those programs came and continue to come out of the gay community.

Not out of the Republican National Committee.

George Bush didn't do it.

Bill Clinton didn't do it.


Every gay and bi man in America knows how HIV is transmitted.

Supported and indeed egged on by the gay male establishment, they have continued to engage in an orgy of what is in fact the single most dangerous "sex" act known to humanity.

And when they're not doing anal, they're doing oral or rimming.

Those are the big three among gay men these days, and they're the most dangerous and the least genital forms of sex around.

If you're gay, the men who practice anal, oral, and rimming, are your peers.

They're your social circle.

We've been trying, through the Man2ManAlliance's Regional Chapters program, to give you a different social circle.

You haven't responded.


I keep bringing up these figures because I don't see anyone else doing it.

It's as though the rest of the gay male community had decided to go to sleep on this issue.

That's what they did in the early AIDS years too.

The reason?

They didn't want to give up buttfucking and promiscuity.

The "freedom" to fuck was viewed as more important than life itself.

That's the truth.

And it's still the truth.

This is from the profile of a Los Angeles man on gaydar, a big gay "dating" site:

Sexual Activities: Anal, autoasphyxiation, Bondage, CBT, Electro, Exhibitionists, Fisting, Groups, Masters & Dogs, Masters & Slaves, Medical, Naturist, Oral, Outdoor, Rimming, Role Play, S&M, Sauna/Bath Houses, Shaving, Spanking, Threesomes, Vacuum Pumping, Verbal/Gob, Voyeurs, Watersports

lookin for clubbers and raver dudes who like nuthin better than to leave a club with a group of guys who are proud of their bods, know how to use their cocks and holes and tongues, like to show off in front of everyone, put on the pornos, get out the favours, suck, fuck and get down to some hardcore naked partying!!!

(Fine print: the more the merrier; check clothes, luggage and attitude at the door; pnp acceptable ;-)).

"pnp" of course = party and play = do drugs and fuck

Guys -- you need to decide what sort of m2m world you want to live in.

A world that's physically, psychologically, and spiritually healthy; or a world of sickness.

And you need to decide now.

The Man2Man Alliance / Heroic Homosex is an attempt to change m2m culture for the better.

Away from anal, promiscuity, and effeminacy; and,

towards Frot, Fidelity, and Masculinity.

That effort is failing.


And once it's gone, it's gone.

I know of no one else who even comes close to thinking in the terms we do here.

No one.

So decide.

DONATE -- or die.

Sound extreme?

It's not.

Most of you have very limited abilties to withstand analist pressure.

That's not because you're bad people.

It's because you're human.

This is what Robert Loring said in the RAPE CULTURE message thread:

The best solution, I think, would be for the man to GET OUT of the BFD [Buttfuck Dictatorship] culture and stop being a part of something that is deadly and destructive. That sounds easy BUT that is NOT always so easy to do especially for a male who is weak and vulnerable psychospiritually. And a male who has been raped once or repeatedly is a male that is weak and vulnerable. When we experience trauma and shock in our lives and we find some element of self preservation and refuge we are not so easily willing to give up that element or place of self preservation and refuge EVEN if that element or place of refuge may be doing us further harm than good.

Robert's right.

And what that means is that without support, many of you -- probably most -- will succumb again and again to analist pressure.

On your own, and given the level, number and ferocity of the diseases circulating among the buttboyz, your odds of avoiding those diseases are poor.

And then there's the question of the quality and meaning of the rest of your life.

What do you think happens to people whose identity centers on being "gay" and whose "sexual acts" include "Anal, autoasphyxiation, Bondage, CBT, Electro, Exhibitionists, Fisting, Groups, Masters & Dogs, Masters & Slaves, Medical, Naturist, Oral, Outdoor, Rimming, Role Play, S&M, Sauna/Bath Houses, Shaving, Spanking, Threesomes, Vacuum Pumping, Verbal/Gob, Voyeurs, Watersports"?

Truth is, there's nothing in that list which could be termed both physically without risk and psychologically sound.

Not to mention spiritually healthy.

Nor is there anything on that list, which bills itself as "Sexual Activities," which is actually sex.

Not sex in the sense of an act which is mutually genital.

And certainly not sex as it's been understood by the vast majority of the world's people, including men who have sex with men, historically and even today.

That's the truth.

You need to reflect on that truth.

Because as it now stands, the men who engage in those acts are your peers and your social circle.

We've spoken on this site of building an m2m world of men who are strong, decent, noble, and caring.

What do you want?

Anal, Autoasphyxiation, Bondage, Fisting, Groups, Masters & Dogs, Masters & Slaves, Rimming, S&M, Spanking, Threesomes, Watersports?

That's what you've got.

Or what you could have?

DONATE, or the sites will come down.

And with them, your one hope of a decent life as a Man who Loves Men.

Dubya didn't do it.

Gay men did it.

And if you don't support this site, you will have done it too.

You'll be just as culpable as the buttboyz amd shitfairies who've made your life hell.


Greg Milliken

Re: dubya dun it


Some excerpts from a thread by gay men about whether gay men can be friends with each other:

"When I look back, I realize that ive never really had any gay male friends. The few that I did have, were always interested in more than a platonic friendship... and therefore ultimately lost them as friends. This of course doesnt include the bar "friends" that vanish when you stop going, but true friends that you can talk to and hang out with."

"Well, if you had asked this two months ago, I would have said is possible. But now, I would have to say no.

I had a gay male friend for almost 25 years, until last month. I thought we were best friends and would do anything for each other, but I was proven SO WRONG about that last month! I was totally fucked over by this guy who had me believing we were such good friends and would do anything for each other. (it was a completely platonic friendship)

What a waste of 25 years!!!!!

Talk about getting your heart ripped out and put thru the shredder!!!!"

"For myself, I think it is possible for gay men to maintain friendships, but depending on the people and circumstances, I think there's always that looming sexual possibility, and for a lot (most?) of people, that renders everything from then on awkward and yukky. It all depends on how the parties handle things, of course. However, I've been unsuccessful maintaining friendships with gay males, and I have tried to maintain them, just hasn't worked. My closest friends are straight males with whom I went to college and a few straight females here and there. While I'm on friendly terms with some of my ex-boyfriends here in town, I do not see any of them on a regular basis, and there's maybe just one them with whom I think I would even "just hang out." Mainly, and despite my personal experiences, I am hoping it's not true that gay males cannot maintain solid friendships. The Sex Question shouldn't always have to get in the way."

"I totally know what you mean. I'm the only one in the masses and everytime a new one comes in. they can't "just be friends." It's like they're so rare that everytime the see another one they have to marry it."

There you have it. Four completely independent sources telling you that you can't find friendship within the gay community.

Why can't you? Because of what gay culture, at present, is based on. How can you maintain a platonic friendship, even one in which both parties would lay down their lives for each other, if that friendship is based on promiscuity?

How can you maintain a loving friendship with someone whose fullest expression of love is a physically and spiritually abusive form of rape?

How can you maintain a true friendship with someone whose view of himself is a self-diminishing lie?

You can't.

There are four independent sources who subscribe to modern gay culture who tell you that you can't.

And I'll back them up as a fifth source -- although I have since dropped my belief in the gay establishment.

What do you find here?

An alternative that promotes frot, fidelity, masculinity, life, and true male bonding.

It's not a mystery why two men who believe in life can bond with each other.

It's also not a mystery why two men who believe sex comes before life can't bond with each other.

One says, "Bro, your life is more important to me than a cheap, quick thrill."

The other says, "Bend over and take it, and I don't give a shit about the consequences."

To me, the values of the frot movement are something worth fighting for.

And by extension, the values of the gay establishment are something worth fighting against.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

Please consider donating something to the alliance in this time when we celebrate our abundance.

There are so many good reasons to do so.

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