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Fighting is Man


I went to fight school on Sat. Had not been there in a while. I was getting bogged down at work trying to make it there. And it all got me sort of depressed. I bounced out of it. At fight class we did BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) moves from the guard. It's quite the man feeling in yourself when you can get into the guard position with a guy on the ground, all cock to cock, to practice moves. The femaleness in you that you think you used to have drains away when you start to learn real male fighting stuff. It's like you come out to YOURSELF as a man by realizing that what makes you a man is not what makes your cock hard so much as the willingness to at least learn to fight. Going to the next step and doing fighting is the real treat. Fighting is man.

And on the subject of anal sex.. I met up w/ a very gay friend of mine from college on Sat night at some fund raising event. I told him about some upcoming fights. He hates fighting and is totally against it. Says it's "wrong." So we've had this argument over and over about it. Amazes me how many guys look at a buffed dude and can only imagine what it's like to get fucked up the butt by the guy. I look at the same guy and get a hard-on thinking about what it would be like to fight or submission grapple the guy.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Fighting is Man


Thanks naked bro.

Naked wrestler, who was a high school and collegiate wrestler and has competed in the Gay Games, is now training in mixed martial arts / UFC-style fighting.

The naked guy is the author of

Cockfuckin Man to Man;

The Ultimate in Man to Man;

balls against balls; and,

aggression and the beauty of guys;

and many posts on this board.

He says

what makes you a man is not what makes your cock hard so much as the willingness to at least learn to fight.

Let's break that down:

what makes you a man

is not what makes your cock hard

so much as the willingness to at least learn to fight.

So: it's not about whether guys or girls get you hard.

It's about learning to fight.

What he's talking about, and so am I, is actual physical fighting, as you do in a martial arts school.

You can interpret it metaphorically as "learning to be an effective actor in the world."

But believe me, you're better off if you go to a martial arts school and learn how to fight.

Because you're not a metaphor dude, you're a human being.

And you live in the material world.

Now, naked's analist "friend" tells him that "fighting's wrong."

This is the bizarre world of analism.

In which it's wrong for a man to know how to fight.

And right for him to get fucked up the butt.

That's insane.

And the result, as we've been talking about, is rape culture.

Guys having their masculinity stripped from them over and over and over again.

And going out and getting HIV and HPV and dying.

That's cool.

Learning how to fight isn't.

To repeat: These people are insane.

I'm doing everything in my power to change this culture.

What are you doing?

Because if all you're doing is coming here and reading these posts --

you're not doing enough.



Bill Weintraub

Re: Fighting is Man



In a subsequent email, the naked guy remarked to me that even though he'd done all that high school and college wrestling, and wrestling post-college as well, he was intimidated by the thought of training in mixed martial arts / UFC-style fighting, and hesitated to enroll in the fight school:

I remember how afraid and hesitant I was to go in there; and now it's my favorite hangout. Everyone becomes your buddy at fight school.

He's right.

When I was at the dojo, my fellow fighters were my social circle.

Those were the people who understood me and whom I got along with best.

They were there for me all through the last year of Brett's life and after he died.

They were mainly "straight" guys, many of them had never interacted with a gay man before, yet they were very supportive.

I get a lot of email from gay bunnies saying, I wanna be with masc men, str8 guys, etc.

And I say, fine -- learn how to fight.

And they say -- ooooooooooooo

"I can't do that."

Sure you can.

Thinking you can't do that means you've bought into the effeminist lie.

Figure it out.


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