Freeballing is good



Freeballing is good


He doesn't really have a boner. The singlet just doesn't let it hang down.

Showing off the balls and cock was one of the things I envied and greatly feared about wrestling in school.

It was instilled-vaginized shame VS the natural urge for male prowess as I was growing up and watching wrestlers in high school; they had the balls (including the psychological balls) to show off their balls in the fight of wrestling in front of everyone around them.

Part of it must have been their upbringing---the not being made to be ashamed of their boyhood, by both their mothers and fathers--that made them totally relaxed as young adult males in the wearing of the singlet at matches and ournaments. "That's my boy, those are his family jewels, and he fights--just watch him; he's up next."

Whether he won or lost the match was a fact that got lost in irrelevancy; the fact that he had visible manhood, and that you could see it proudly on him, and that he used it in front of everyone to fight his adversary in an organized (planned) fight/wrestling match is what really mattered and lived on as the image. Willingness to fight means you are free.

(It's not that women are less important. Men and women simply serve different roles in the circle of life. This is NOT male chauvinism.)

It's part of the "Here's my balls (literally--not in terms of something like a 4x4 SUV or big fancy house) and I'm ready to fight--" mentality that some dudes just have growing up.

Manhood is not material possessions. Manhood is Duty, Responsibility, Courage and Honesty. All of it out in the open like the dude's exposed body in the match wearing the singlet--or better yet, fully naked, boner and all, if that's what happens.

It was this view of Maleness, in the ancient Greek World, which was one of the cornerstones of their Democratic and Free society that Ancient Greeks had of themselves. It is very much like the "nudity" in Classical Greek Architecture, with its exposed strength and vulnerability of the columns and the foundations of their buildings. Classical Greek Architecture is both massive, phallic, delicate and timeless when you look at it. So is the toned, athletic human male body. The male body ready for the fight, or the hunt.

It is so very attractive to both males and females, and yet our modern society tries so hard to deny it.

The naked, vulnerable, agile, strong male body ready for a fight was a cornerstone of free (that is--not controlled by any outsiders) society as the Ancient Greeks saw themselves. It's just one of the reasons that Ancient Greeks admired the male form.

The whole idea just fits perfectly into a well ordered Natural World.

That is what Men are for. It's one reason we're here.

Man is Good.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Freeballing is good


Thank you naked guy.

The naked dude is the author of the aggression and the beauty of guys and many other posts and essays.

"Willingness to fight means you are free."

Another formulation from Naked Wrestler:

It's not what gets your dick hard

that makes you a man

it's your willingness to fight

And then there's this one:

Manhood is not material possessions. Manhood is Duty, Responsibility, Courage and Honesty.

All of it out in the open like the dude's exposed body in the match wearing the singlet--or better yet, fully naked, boner and all, if that's what happens.

We've had some great definitions of Manhood this past week.

Including this one from David in his post "less than a real man":


As Redd said in fasting church:

This site, these moving articulations, is an excercise of the masculine ...

gay-identified and straight-identified men are brothers. We are indeed. We're brothers of the masculine, not the feminine. Men don't have to be feminine to be compassionate, caring, gentle, etc. Those qualities are a part of their masculine composition ...

Both men and women can basically do all things without the other save reproduce. Men don't need to be women, nor women men to be whole.

That's exactly right.

Thank you guys.

You're all true Warriors.

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