a message of respect



a message of respect


hello , i am an egyptian gay, 37 years old, never been bi, never loved women in my life, i liked men only, i have always had fantasies of frottage with other men, i have never ever imagined my self to be penetrated, or to penetrate anyone, my ultimate dream was to rub my cock against a cock of another man, while kissing him passionately, i just love kissing so much, when i grew older i began to know about other forms of sex, which are anal sex and oral sex, but i was never curious or interested about them, actually anal sex sounds horrible to me, oral sex too sounds disgusting to me, all i wanted is to kiss my partner, rub my cock against his, touch all of his body with all of my body.

when i started to go into gays rooms chatting, the first traditional question of any one in them was are you top or bottom, when i say i am neither, they find it very strange and they suspect me being not really a gay, and when i tell them about what i like, they wonder if i really get pleasure from this kind of sex, and after a short while they go away, at the end i began to feel that i am the only one who hates anal and oral sex.

when i found your website, i liked it so much, and i began to gain some of my self confidence, i really respected your ideas about safe sex, fidelity, being non promiscuous, and it seemed to me as if i found what i was always looking for.

i wish you all the best.

yours sincerely,


Bill G

Re: a message of respect


Hi Hazim,

Welcome to the site. Like you this site made me realize that I was not alone in my thinking. I hope it provides you with as much guidance and awareness as it did and still does me.

Best of luck

Bill G


Re: a message of respect


Welcome, Hazim!

Thank you for being candid with your thoughts and desires about intimacy with men. You are to be commended for it. I, too, have had a similar experience where, being turned off by anal and oral, have questioned my own sexual identity after coming across a culture that denies true masculinity. I have realized, thanks to this site, that it is not my orientation (gay, bi, or straight) that defines me. I am a MAN who loves MAN, it is as simple as that. I, too, love the idea of male-male body contact; a shared intimacy that is at the heart of mutual love and respect for a fellow MAN.

The ideas of heterosexuality/homosexuality only box men into a false idea of themselves. As Bill has stated in another post (paraphrased), "Heterosexuality cuts men off from contact with men and homosexuality cuts off men's balls, feminizing them, turning them into psedo-women."

Best wishes to you, brother Hazim.


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