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honorable and sexy


Your Frot site is amazing - so well written and honorable and extremely sexy - I have been a believer in this philosophy for years -- I fucked other men in videos but was never turned on by it - I didn't even really care for oral - Jacking and male to male frottage has always been my ideal of true sex, and I believe now in monogamy rather than "Favors" I can do without - or with myself but I'm not into anal, never have been and just cause I am hung doesn't mean I want to hide it up some butthole, you are right - the definition of sex was changed many years ago, Gay sex or otherwise.

Jack Off and Frottage have always been "Real" sex to me, and yes I was always made to feel it wasn't complete sex.

Jackin along with Frottage I have to agree is the purest, cleanest and most masculine sex 2 men can have and relate too - My late lover and I were also monogamous and believe me there was no shortage of sex between us in fact as the years go by your love and consideration for another man grows tenfold as does the sex.

Thank you Bill for all you have done and are doing.

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