An Indiana man speaks



An Indiana man speaks


Hello, warriors, I'm Michael. I've been looking over the site for the past few months and I have to say it really does speak to me. I had decided to look research my sexuality after it became clear to me that I liked guys and girls. I had never really thought about my sexuallity as most of my time was dedicated to getting through high school; however after I graduated and left to go to college I decided to explore my sexuality since I never had time to do it in high school.

As is my nature, I approached my research cautiously as I usually do with almost everything I do that is new to me. Let me tell you, I'm glad that I was cautious otherwise I might have ended up throwing myself into the dreaded sea of promiscuity, effeminacy, and anal penitration that is the BFD.

I can't quite remember where I heard the term frot, but I do remember that the word interested me, so I looked it up and found the site, and I'm grateful that I did.

I agree with Mr. Weintraub that this site's message has to get out to more people so that they know that there are better and healthier alternatives for expresing your affection towards your fellow man. My college work keeps me too preoccupied to do much except donate to the site and I hope I can find a job on campus that can get me the money I need.

Anyway, thank you Mr. Weintraub for putting up this site and I agree with all here that COCKRUB WARRIORS RULE!!!


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