The Inner Sanctum


Greg Milliken

The Inner Sanctum


"Though we often think of 'sex' as schlongs-butts-and-mouths stuff, the entire body, properly stimulated, can be an erogenous zone. Guys into ass will probably enjoy jacking themselves off against buttcheeks or -- rubbered up and lubed -- getting off rubbing an erection against buttcrack without ever entering the inner sanctum."

Above is a quote from an article written by analist Simon Sheppard.

This article brings up a number of good points about why analism doesn't work.

1. Analists think of "sex" as involving a bodily orifice being penetrated.

He says "schlongs-butts-and-mouths" but he means a pair of the two.

I'm sure most of you have played pin the tail on the donkey. It's a childhood game where you blindfold someone, give them a tail with a pin (or velcro in today's ultra-safe world) and try to attach it to the anatomically correct place on a felt donkey.

Whether or not you can find your way to a donkey blindfolded and pin a tail in the correct spot may or may not be a skill each of us possesses. Take off the blindfold, and I'm sure we would all be capable of the act.

Analists couldn't.

It may sound surprising to think that there is any single person, let alone an entire group of people who couldn't perform such a basic and simple act as pinning the tail on the donkey without a blindfold.

Yet they fail to do so every day, and the point I made above shows why.

When you pin the tail on the donkey, you put it in the correct biological area. When you have sex, you rub genitals together. Two genitals.

Yet, for analists, what do they think sex involves?

A butt and a mouth, or a butt and a schlong.

That's like pinning the tail on the donkey's head, or his foot. The tail doesn't go there. Similarly, during sex, the penis doesn't to into the butt or the mouth, it rubs against another penis (or a vagina for those so inclined.) What is so complicated about the idea of sex being the mating of two genitals that analists can't pin it down?

What's so difficult about the idea of sex that the analists just can't get it?

2. They claim the entire body can be an erogenous zone.

In fact, I've heard this used against me in arguments. When I point out that any pleasure from being penetrated anally is psychological, they will often throw this one at me. Yet, the entire body is not an erogenous zone.

For example, if you were to rub someone's heart, the results would be painful and, likely, deadly.

If you thrust your penis into someone's kidneys, it will probably damage them, causing all kinds of pain.

And if you playfully bite someone's pancreas, they could get infected and die.

So what's important to note is that the sheet of skin that covers your body can be an erogenous organ. That is--stimulating it can result in pleasant sensations.

However, your internal organs are not part of your skin. Your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your pancreas, and your anus are all internal organs--separate from your skin.

As such, they are all likely to result in unpleasant consequences--both immediate and long-term--if exposed to external factors.

Anal penetration hurts. It exposes you to life-threatening infections. It degrades the ordinary performance of the anus.

The body isn't an erogenous organ, the skin is. The skin on the penis is especially sensitive to stimulation. The anus is an internal organ that lacks sensory tissue. That makes sense, because it's not skin.

Again, the analists can't tell the difference. They can't pin it down.

3. Guys into anal will likely enjoy genital rubbing.

It's true. EVERYONE was designed (for the most part) the same way, and we can ALL enjoy the sensations caused by frot.

Is the opposite true?

Can someone who has never been penetrated before enjoy the sensation of getting assfucked?

Maybe, over time, if he develops the psychological dependency on anal that is required.

When people first start smoking, they don't enjoy it, and therefore think they can quit any time they want to. At first, it gives them a small buzz when they smoke. Over time, their bodies get used to the nicotine so that their bodies and minds are constantly depressed except when they are smoking a cigarette. It gets to the point where the only thing they look forward to is when they can smoke that next cigarette. Then, when they have that cigarette, they remember how disgusting the things are, and wonder why they looked forward to it so much.

The same is true of anal penetration. At first, it is painful. But the encouragement and socialization of the analists provides a "buzz," so to speak, which keeps them doing it over and over again. Eventually, they become psychologically dependent on the practice and look forward to doing it over and over again. Then, when they are being fucked, they remember how awful it is and try to remember why they were looking forward to it so much.

The process, in both cases, is akin to wearing a pair of shoes that is too small, only for the pleasure of taking them off once in a while to enjoy the feeling of not wearing tight shoes.

In other words, it's stupid.

Especially considering that each and every man who participates in the act of anal penetration could enjoy frot.

But what happens when the frot movement gets publicity?

The analists attack and attack and attack.

They fuck themselves.

And they fail to pin down the true benefits of the frot movement.

Now the fourth--and possibly most important--point I have to make:

4. They regard the inside of the anus as a religious holy ground.

The author of this piece, Simon Sheppard, refers to it as "the inner sanctum."

I have said multiple times that analists and the BFD are a cult. The Cult of Anal Penetration.

Some of you may think I am exaggerating, some of you may think I'm going too far.

But what happens in "the inner sanctum" of most religions?


In this case, human sacrifice.

Where is a man infected with HIV, HPV, LGV, etc.?

The inner sanctum.

Why do analists oppose the frot movement so much that they seek to silence us at every turn?

To protect their religion, and preserve their access to the inner sanctum.

But don't take my word for it.

Listen to analist Simon Sheppard.

You heard it from his own mouth.

The Cult of Anal Penetration seeks to sacrifice every man it can get its hands on.

That is the purpose of anal penetration.

It's not a matter of love, of connecting with another person. It's not a matter of bonding with a brother or your fellow warrior.

It's about sacrificing men to a false god.

Every time a barebacker spills his "juice" inside another man, he also spills that man's blood.

His penis becomes a dagger to strike out the heart of his victim.

He seeks a connection with his god, not with his partner. If he does good he will be rewarded with an orgasm. If he does not he will be shunned and cast out from his cult. He will live in the outskirts as a forsaken follower of his false god.

Why do you think looks and promiscuity are prized within analist culture? The better you look and the more guys you bag, the higher the likelihood that you will have made sacrifices that are pleasing to the analist god.

Whereas if you pursue fidelity, you will be shunned and ridiculed by your peers. You will be called a freak and a stalker by those you seek relationships with. You will be called overprotective and domineering.

You will be rejected and left to die after you are sacrificed.

At the alliance, we reject and denounce this false religion. The anus is no "inner sanctum" where spiritual rebirth canoccur. It is a shit-filled hole from which excrement is released.

You can only be reborn if you reclaim your masculinity. If you take back what was taken from you.

After this rebirth you will be strengthened by joining your brothers to fight against the cultish armies of the false analist god.

And the ultimate expression of spiritual attainment is when you find a single brother to form a bond so strong that nothing could break it.

It is expressed through frot, the mating of two penises that signifies the ultimate union between two men.

That is what we fight for. That is what we live for.

The ultimate union.

Oscar Moreno Vallejo

Re: The Inner Sanctum


Excellent post Greg.

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