It just happens



It just happens


I just got through reading a post about someone who wanted instructions on how to have frot sex. It just happens. No sex manuals it just happens. No creams or rubbers, it just happens. No procedures it just happens. Hold a brother in your arms and it just happens. All of us have this within ourselves for you see it just happens!


Re: It just happens


Regardless of what age you discover same sex feelings for another men, instinct tells you to join your sexual organs together. This is done by performing frot us men will fantasize about being with other men in this way it is instinct i have allways felt this way since i was very young. Frot is the first and best way to have sex with men. It took me a while to find this site which actualy gave a name to this sexual practice. I can not understand why there is so little information about it anywhere else. I would like to be able to ask young males that have same sex feelings what they instinctivly feel they want to do to men they are atracted to. If there was a survey on this to all the young males out there the results would surely speak for themselves

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