The Warriors' Call


To walk in the essence of Love, to carry with you the sword of Justice,

To hold in your heart the Integrity that is your life and your blood,

To have the Wisdom to speak about Truth and the True Love of Man,

This is our calling,

To have the Self-Control to stand and fight against all the hordes against us, to wield our swords of Justice and raise our Voices to say:

"We are not afraid! Place a thousand dragons before us, or a million analists with guns! We will stand where we are, we shall not fall back and we shall not have fear! We are Warriors, and we are True to the ways of Man! If you wish to fight us, then you may, but you will lose! For there may be more against us, but we are stronger, because we stick together, we have the values to be stronger!"

To battle with Courage and Fearlessness,

To win.

We will be victorious! We will be a voice in the night, a bright flame in the darkness about us, and those who will listen will be saved from it!

We are Warriors, and this is the Warriors' Call!

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Re: The Warriors' Call


Over here in the UK we have a saying "An old head on young shoulders" or "wise beyond their years". Jon is only 20 but he shows a sense and sensitivity well beyond his age.

Welcome young Warrior Jon and keep up the good work! I loved the story, very inspiring and if you inspire then you help others, so keep on contributing,

with Warrior Love,


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