censored by craigslist:
Wanted: more MEN




Censored by craigslist:

Wanted: more MEN

Intro note from Bill Weintraub

This is a post which was rejected by craigslist.

When I queried the Man who'd sent it to me, Joe, about what reasons, if any, craiglist had given for the rejection -- which, let's be clear, is a form of censorship -- this is what Joe told me:

I posted the craigslist message under "Personals: Strictly Platonic: M4M"

I'm not familiar with the craigslist rejection policy, but I do know the post was rejected before it was even posted. I don't think craiglist rejected my post because of outright censorship, but more of their institutional "policy". The only message I received looked like an automated rejection notice with directions to check their posting policy. The only thing in the policy that looks close is


You agree not to post, email, or otherwise make available Content:

c) that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability;

How can I agree not to post something someone else might find "degrading"? My post was probably tanked JUST IN CASE it might offend. Take a look at some of the filth others post under "Personals: Casual Encounters". I find that degrading! So their policy really is "We won't post anything we don't want to". Fine. It is their site.

Here's Joe's post, which, remember, he submitted under the category

"Personals: Strictly Platonic: M4M".

Do you think it's offensive?

Or should be censored / rejected / denied viewing by the public -- under the category of "Strictly Platonic: M4M?"


Wanted: more MEN.


Not to fuck or suck or jack. Not to cruise the park or the men's rooms. Not to trade face and dick and ass pics.

I don't care about your age or height or weight or race or where you stick your cock. I want more men. That's it just men. Everywhere. Men to be men. I want to meet you at the gym. I want to see you struggle with the weight and strain and push and grunt and sweat and laugh and talk to your buds.

I'll be doing the same. I want to see you walk from the locker to the shower and back with your towel over your shoulder not around your waist. I don't care how big your waist is either or how hairy you are. I'll do the same, walking naked and proud.

I want to see you in the sauna sitting on your bare ass with your balls out for the other men to see. I'll be there too but not to cruise or hookup or to fuck or get fucked. I'll see your balls and you'll see mine and we'll talk about the weather or our kids or wives or friends or work or the game or politics or religion or real estate or the concert or the meeting or what coffee you drink or nuclear war. Anything. Just not cruising or dicks or fucks or blows or rims or buttholes. That's how we'll know each other. Men.

I'll see you around town jogging or mowing your yard in the sun or walking the dog. You'll be the one with your shirt off sweating your ass off like a man. I'll be doing the same. Say hi and I'll say hi back but don't cruise or look for ass or stare. And take your shirt off because I won't respond otherwise. Be a man. I'll be outside with my buds playing football or soccer or frisbee golf. I don't care if I get scratched or bleed or get a sunburn. I'll be the one with my shirt off having a good fucking time. I'll also be wearing a jock, but not because I get off on it.

To hold my balls in. I don't care if you see the band or the straps either but if I see your's, I'll know you are a man too. I don't pitch or catch so don't ask but if you want to join our game then come ask if you can play.

Bring your buds and play, but take your shirt off. Men aren't ashamed so have fun and sweat with us. Or join a country club or a golf club or a bridge club or a gun club. Take MMA lessons or karate lessons or boxing lessons.

Join something, anything just talk to the men. Set up a fishing trip or a hunting trip or a sports trip. Go to a movie or a bar or a game. Make a friend not a fuckbuddy. No fucks or sucks or drugs or shit holes.

I'm not interested in email or chatting or fucking you or getting fucked by you. I'm not straight acting or gay acting or in the closet or out of the closet. I don't want to trade pics because I don't care.

I told you what I want and where I'll be and how you will know me. I'm a man and I act like one.

Bill Weintraub

Re: censored by craigslist: Wanted: more Men


Thank you Joe.

An excellent post.

It's a shame, isn't it, that craigslist won't permit your fellow Men to see it?

Guys -- Let's look at the reason craigslist gave for the rejection:


You agree not to post, email, or otherwise make available Content:

c) that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability;

Does Joe's post harass, degrade, intimidate, or be hateful -- on the basis of so-called sexual orientation -- which of course is what this is about?


All he says is that he doesn't want "fucks or sucks or drugs or shit holes."

Nor does he want "cruising or dicks or fucks or blows or rims or buttholes."

And he says, "I'm not interested in email or chatting or fucking you or getting fucked by you. I'm not straight acting or gay acting or in the closet or out of the closet. I don't want to trade pics because I don't care."

The category is Strictly Platonic: M4M.

And that's what he's saying -- I don't want sex -- including shitsex.

Though he doesn't use that term.

He just says "shit holes" and "buttholes."

He also rejects rimming and blowing.

Are any of those acts synonymous with a "sexual orientation?"


Although the craigslist category is "platonic," fact is there are MANY MEN who have sex with MEN who are NOT into shitholes and buttholes and rimming and blowing.

That's the fact.

There are MANY MEN who identify as "gay" who don't fuck or get fucked, who don't rim, and who don't blow.

And who don't hook-up either.

So what Joe tried to post is not "hateful" of a so-called sexual orientation.

It simply rejects certain sexual acts.

And their promiscuous milieu.

That's all the post does.

But for rejecting those acts, craigslist in turn "rejected" Joe's post --


And said that it wouldn't allow his fellow MEN to read his heartfelt and Manly words.

When I speak of analism as being a cultural tyranny and a dominant culture -- this is exactly and precisely what I mean.

People who don't think that analism is a dominant culture, which doesn't merely seek to, but DOES --

CENSOR and SILENCE opposing points of view --

need to think again.

Because that's what analism is -- and that's what analism does.

It censors and silences -- EVEN on a craigslist category called "Strictly Platonic: Men4Men" -- it prevents ANYONE from saying ANYTHING critical of anal "sex."


Including simply -- that he's not interested in fucking or getting fucked.

That simple statement is all it takes to wipe out his post, and prevent him from communicating with his fellow Men.

And there's something else, because Joe doesn't merely reject anal -- he rejects "sexual orientation" too:

I'm not interested in email or chatting or fucking you or getting fucked by you. I'm not straight acting or gay acting or in the closet or out of the closet.


That's interesting.

Joe rejects the categories of "gay" and "straight."

And he immediately gets slammed -- censored.

Joe says, "Fine. It is their site."

Well, yes, it's their site, but that doesn't make it fine.

Craigslist, which is one of the most-visited sites on the web, is supposed to be a community bulletinboard -- for the human race.

The entire human race.

That's what it's supposed to be.

And that means all points of view have to be represented.

Or you're no longer what you say you are.

When you reject a guy because he's not into anal and not into "gay" and "straight" -- categories which many people in the academy -- at the colleges and universities -- also reject, as do folks like AIDS epidemiologists --

when you reject a guy simply because he says he's not into anal or oral or rimming and not into "gay" and "straight" --

you cease to be representative.

You're no longer a community bulletinboard.

You're only there for "males into anal" who identify as "gay."

Other points of view -- will not be entertained.

So -- make no mistake:

Joe was censored by craigslist;


Because anytime anyone is censored by the culture of shitsex and sexual orientation and promiscuity -- you're censored too.

This is not complicated.

If you believe -- if you know -- that you're a MAN --

not "gay," not "straight," not something in-between --

but a MAN;

if you don't like promiscuity;

and if you don't like shitsex --

if you want to interact with a Man as a Man and with Men as Men --

which is what, essentially, Joe said in his post --

then you too were censored.

How long are you going to let that go on?

Although Joe's post wasn't about this, you tell me -- often -- that you have trouble finding a partner.

Actually, you don't just tell me, you whine about it.

And you tell me that you don't like being forced into a gay box or a straight box.

And you say, If only I could find one Man -- who would be Faithful.

That's what you tell me.

How are you going to realize those goals, which you hold so dear, in a culture which censors any expression of those goals?

It doesn't just denigrate them -- it censors them.

So how can you realize those goals?


Most of you want what I call "a private solution."

You want to find your guy -- your knight in shining armor -- and ride off into the sunset, there to live happily ever after.

It's not so easy as that.

Because, as I often say, human beings live in their culture the way fish live in the sea.

And that cultural sea determines how you live.

Which means that it's the CULTURE which has to be changed.

Yet so long as Men like Joe are censored in places like craigslist for -- in effect -- advocating that sort of change --

there will be NO change.


And let's be really really clear about it:

Joe's post -- his thoughts, his words -- didn't appear because they upset the status quo.

What he said was not obscene or hateful or degrading.

It was challenging to things as they are.

So it was rejected.

That's censorship.

Remember -- Joe's post never even went up on craigslist.

It wasn't on their board for even thirty seconds.

It was never seen.

Joe was thus rendered invisible.

As are you.

I often end my posts by saying, "Fight Back."

"Save Your Life."

Apparently most of you think those words are silly, because you don't react to them.

You're wrong.

You have only one sweet precious life, and with each moment that passes -- it passes too.

If you won't defend it, if you won't FIGHT for it --

you will lose it.


Bill Weintraub

July 17. 2009

© All material Copyright 2009 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.


Re: censored by craigslist: Wanted: more MEN


Hi Joe

I really liked your post and it brings back memories. I don't know if you are old enough to remember but I was a part of the CB craze. It was mostly men. We went on picnics. Had coffee breaks and different clubs would have bowling contests. Sometimes we would gather in my apartment building just to talk and enjoy each others company. We were simply Men enjoying each other. I felt free from the suffocating environment of the "gay" scene. Can you imagine just talking and laughing like this in the "gay" world? NO! Sadly those days are gone. I miss my old CB buddies.You could be young or old, fat or skinny, rich or poor it didn't matter, who cared? We were just guys hanging out and being free to be guys. So I know from actual experience the camaraderie we had both on the airways and in our clubhouse, Men being Men.

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