10% of New HIV Cases Carry Mutant Strain

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

10% of New HIV Cases Carry Mutant Strain


10% Of New HIV Cases Have Virus Mutation Associated With Antiretroviral Resistance, Researcher Says At Microbicide Conference

Article Date: 28 Apr 2006

One in 10 newly diagnosed HIV-positive people have at least one "significant mutation" of the virus "associated with drug resistance," Mark Wainberg, director of the McGill AIDS Centre at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada, said on Tuesday at the Microbicides 2006 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the SAPA/Mail & Guardian reports (SAPA/Mail & Guardian, 4/25).


[The conference, which is being attended by more than 1,000 scientists, aims to review progress in producing microbicides, which have been in development for 15 years. Microbicides include a range of products -- such as gels, films and sponges -- that could help prevent the sexual transmission of HIV and other infections (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 4/24). ]

"HIV can mutate at every possible basis, daily," Wainberg told the conference on Tuesday, adding, "To be useful, a microbicide should be effective against all circulating HIV strains." According to Wainberg, HIV subtype C, which is more prevalent in China, India and Southern Africa, is more likely than subtype B, found mainly in North America and Europe, to develop a mutation that is resistant to some antiretroviral drugs, such as tenofovir. He also said that antiretroviral resistance might "develop because of microbicides," adding, "The virus will always do what is easiest for the virus" (SAPA/Mail & Guardian, 4/25).

[emphases mine]

Bill Weintraub:

"AIDS prevention experts" are trying to develop vaginal and anal microbicides to prevent HIV infection.

But, according to Dr. Wainberg, "To be useful, a microbicide should be effective against all circulating HIV strains."

And at present, 1 person in every 10 newly diagnosed cases is carrying a mutant, drug-resistant, strain of HIV.

What's more, says the doctor, antiretroviral resistance might "develop because of microbicides."

In other words, no microbicide will be able to deal with all the mutant strains, because HIV can mutate "daily."

And the microbicides themselves will contribute to the emergence of MORE resistant strains.

Does looking for a microbicide then make any sense?


Remember that the last microbicidal gel, nonoxyonol-9, developed by a gay man, actually *increased* your chances of getting infected.

Yet it was used by literally hundreds of thousands of gay men.

Fact is, we ALREADY know how to prevent HIV infection.

For "men who have sex with men," don't do anal.

For hetero folks, don't do anal, be faithful.

That'll do it.

But AIDS Inc and its partner in crime, ANAL Inc, is more interested in propping up and protecting the fruits of the Western "sexual revolution" than it is in saving lives.

So the search for the microbicide will go forward.

As will research into PREP, another "prevention modality" guaranteed to generate new, mutant, drug-resistant strains of HIV.

That's AIDS Inc and ANAL Inc in action.

In the meantime, research has indicated that male circumcision (MC) is protective against HIV.

So guys in two nations in southern Africa, Zambia and Swaziland, are clamoring, according to the NY Times, to be circumcised.

Zambia and Swaziland, as it happens, are both places which have been HEAVILY targeted by CONDOM CAMPAIGNERS for years.

Those campaigns have failed.

As a direct consequence, HIV prevalence is huge.

And now these men are seeking circumcision.

Which may be a reasonable choice under the circumstances.

But which I think is sad.

Because had Zambia and Swaziland followed the ABC model put forward by Uganda, HIV prevalence would have fallen.

Without guys having to get circumcised.

Remember, I'm neither for nor against circumcision per se.

But circumcision is a surgical intervention which, I believe, ABC would have rendered unnecessary.

Fact is, condom campaigns are a Western modality developed to deal, no matter how inadequately, with the HIV epidemic among gay men in America.

In Africa's predominantly heterosexual epidemic, where these campaigns have been pushed by European/American UNAIDS and USAID functionaries, many of whom themselves are gay men, they've been an utter failure.

And there's also a bitter irony here.

One of the fruits of the gay male sexual revolution, which was opposed to male circumcision, is guys in Africa having to get circumcised in order to survive the hellish HIV world created by -- the gay male sexual revolution.

Be clear: There is a choice in HIV / AIDS prevention.

You can do what Dr. Edward C. Green calls "drugs and devices": condoms, PREP, microbicides, surgery.

Or, like the people of Uganda and the guys on this site, you can go for genuine behavior change.

Which costs next to nothing and does NO HARM.

No mutant viruses, no toxic drugs, no carcenogenic condoms, no risky surgeries, no destructive gels being applied to the delicate mucosa of the anus or vagina.

You simply avoid behaviors which put you at risk.

You don't do anal and you don't have multiple partners.

And life becomes a lot easier.

But don't expect AIDS Inc and certainly not ANAL Inc to endorse Frot or ABC anytime soon.

Not unless YOU SPEAK UP.

Because there's a lot more money to be made off of drugs and devices than there is from simple, sensible, life-embracing LOVE, TRUST, FIDELITY, and FROT.

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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