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recently someone wrote to ask how i'd come to create Heroic Homosex

this is my answer


i created Heroic Homosex out of the fabric of my life and that of my brothers

specifically, following the death of my lover from AIDS, i needed to think through why he had died of an anally-transmitted disease when his interest in anal sex was minimal

i realized that the answer had to be cultural

and so i wrote Hyacinthine Love

once Hyacinthine Love had been posted to the web and been publicized, i started getting letters from men whose life experience was similar to my own

there are a great many of us

from those letters and other correspondence, i put together our first club: Cockrub Warriors

Cockrub Warriors in turn attracted more men like ourselves, with more thoughts about what it means to be a man into frot in a majority culture that pushes and extolls anal sex

most of those thoughts were posted on our Personal Stories message board

and then archived by me under Warriors Speak

after awhile, i was able to see that we men into frot shared certain core values that went beyond a specific sexual practice: masculinity, monogamy, and a warrior ethic

so i founded a site whose name had long been in my mind -- Heroic Homosex -- to speak for those men who rejected not just anal, but effeminacy, promiscuity, and other expressions of self-hate as well

and to examine the historic manifestations and mythic roots of the Heroic ideal among men who love men

that, on at least one level, is how i came to create what i now think of as our Heroic Homosex site

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