I haven't been posting because Patrick has been very ill

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

I haven't been posting because Patrick has been very ill


I haven't been posting because Patrick has been very ill.

(For those of you who don't know, Patrick's my husband.)

His condition remains poor.

However, I'll try to return to posting this week, because there are many issues which need to be discussed.

If you've written me or submitted a post over the last few weeks, please be patient.

I'll get to you as soon as I can.

In addition to Patrick's health, there's another issue which greatly concerns me, though that's not what's prevented me from posting --

and that's lack of donations.

Donations are far too low.

Basically, the sites are being supported by a handful of dedicated donors.

That's not fair to them, and it's not sustainable.

I need to see NEW donors.

And if I don't see them, I will not post.

Because -- what's the point?

And why should I do it?

Given the level of stress I'm already under, why should I do something for you -- when you won't do anything for anyone else?

By the way -- have you heard about the new super-drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea?

It's in your neighborhood dude -- right now, today.

How bout the surge in gay meth use down in LA?

That's where they had that HIV is a gay disease. Own it. End it. campaign back in the fall.

Really working well huh?

How bout the decline in male births -- have you heard about that?

Or the four intensely bigoted articles -- bigoted against Men and Masculinity -- run by the NY Times over the last few weeks.

Did you see those?

Do you understand what's wrong with them?

And how detrimental they are to your lives?

Then there's that new HIV predator down in Australia.

This is a *new* guy.

Said to have infected at least 12 other guys already.

Have you read about him?

Think there are guys like him on your local gay hook-up site?

Why don't you keep trolling there and find out?

Then there's Blacksburg.

Can our discussions here shed any light on what happened there?

Oh -- I almost forgot to mention -- the OraSure saliva test for HIV has been found to be highly effective.

I wonder why it's not more widely available in the US.

Heard about the big jump in new HIV cases in Minnesota?

Or the big profits being raked in by big pharma in general and HIV drug maker Gilead in particular?

How bout the 300?

There's a lot I haven't yet posted about Sparta, the Greeks, and what they can teach us about the True Love of Men.

Do you want to see that material?

Or should I just leave it on my hard drive?


Then there are Jedi's pending posts -- which are provocative, to put it mildly, and deserve an audience.

Do you want to see them?

Naked Wrestler has a new piece -- about Manhood.

Are you interested?


Each and every day, YOU get kicked around the kitchen by the buttboys.

And you do NOTHING.

Each and every day, YOU get beat up by the heterosexists.

And you do NOTHING.

Each and every day, YOU're defamed by the religious right.

And you do NOTHING.

When is that going to stop?

This site and this Alliance are not here to facilitate your inaction.

What's comical about this -- in a sense -- is that you have no sense of your own numbers.

Now, in a way, that's not surprising.

All dominant cultures seek to persuade their dissidents that they constitute a tiny minority, a fringe element that, per the Stalinists and the analists, is basically either mentally ill or just plain terminally weird.

And a lot of you have bought into that.

Without thinking it through.

This is from an email I got a few days ago -- I didn't bother asking the guy for permission to post because I don't have time to do that these days:

I just recently read the M2M Alliance on your site. I followed a link from someone's site and i found myself reading through the entire essay in one sitting.

I've been in a relationship for 7 years with my partner now. I'm the designated "bottom" by the way. As the years went by, we started having sex less and less. For years I tried figuring out why we started having sex less. The chemistry was still there, we still loved each other, but why does sex (to me at least) seem to be such a difficult thing to do already? We decided to have sex and I didn't enjoy it emotionally. It just felt forced and sad.

We had no idea why it felt like that everytime we would attempt the act.

What you wrote here explains a lot to me why I feel that way. I couldn't really think about anal sex as "degrading" before because the culture was to put anal sex on a pedestal and have everyone extoll how that's the definitive part of gay sex. Thinking differently is counter-culture. I knew the truth in my life and me and my boyfriend have this unspoken rule about not having sex like that now, but all the things you wrote said the things I could have never told myself.

My point is, I want to thank you for putting the time to post that in public. It's explained a lot to me.

"I couldn't really think about anal sex as 'degrading' before because the culture was to put anal sex on a pedestal and have everyone extoll how that's the definitive part of gay sex."


That's a dominant culture at work.

The dominant culture puts its defining act -- anal -- "on a pedestal, and has everyone extoll how that's the definitive part of gay sex."

But the truth is that for the bottom, anal is not sex.

Because for the bottom, it's not genital.

Only penile-vaginal is directly and mutually genital for a man and a woman; and

ONLY penile-penile is directly and mutually genital for a man and a man.

That's just how it is.

The buttboys can have a gazillion sites.

Ultimately, that WILL NOT MATTER.

Because anal penetration IS NOT SEX.

Now -- you either believe that or you don't.

If you don't, you shouldn't be here.

If you do, you need to DONATE.

Because the ex-bottom who wrote to me found us through a link.

And while that's not a bad thing, he should have found us through an ad.

Because that's a lot more efficient.

"I didn't enjoy it emotionally. It just felt forced and sad."

How many bottoms are there out there who don't enjoy it?

Whose lives are forced and sad?


Stop sending me those mewling and puking letters about how you can't meet anyone and how you want me to pimp for you; and


No donations no posts.

No donations no sites.

Figure it out.



Bill Weintraub

© All material Copyright 2007 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.


The same day I received that letter from the former bottom, I got a letter from a buttboy saying that our sites are "offensive, creepy, and disturbing."

You know what that means, don't you?

By implication he's saying that not only are the sites creepy, offensive and disturbing, and of course I'm creepy, offensive, and disturbing --

but YOU are creepy, offensive, and disturbing.

Oh yes.

YOU too.

Because our Alliance sites are an accurate reflection of YOU.

The sites are about Frot and Masculinity -- two things YOU care about a LOT.

And about Fidelity -- something you like but think you can't have.

And about Fighting -- which is something many of you, though not all, are into.

So when a buttboy says that about me and this site, he's also saying it about YOU -- that your love of Fighting and Frot, your yearning for Masculinity and Fidelity, are creepy, offensive, and disturbing.

Are they?

Let's take a look:


To the analists we no doubt are.

We're dissidents.

All dissidents are "offensive" to the culture from which they dissent.

Natan Sharansky and his fellow dissidents were deeply offensive to the Soviets.

Because they were telling the truth about a totalitarian system.

Which is what we're doing.

Analism is every bit as totalitarian as Stalinism.

Totalitarian and tyrannical.

Like I said in Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution, analism's "hegemony would be the envy of tyrants anywhere."


Indeed, we are that too.

Because again, we're speaking truths which the analists -- and the heterosexists and the religious right -- find very disturbing.

We intend to be disturbing.

We're saying, in this case to the analists, that the alleged sex act by which these members of a self-proclaimed sexual minority define their lives, is phoney and hollow and utterly without merit.

And since that's true, it's "disturbing."

If it weren't true -- no one would care.

But they do care.

Because it's true.


Oh no.

Showing MEN a way to LOVE other MEN which is hot and masculine and mutually and directly genital and very low risk is not creepy.

It's what Jews call a mitzvah -- both a blessing and a commandment.

Sticking your dick in a hole full of shit -- that's creepy.

Claiming it's sex -- that's creepy too.

And insisting that everyone else do it -- when 500,000 Americans have died of an anally transmitted disease, and another 500,000 are infected, and 67% of its practitioners have been infected with the pathogen which causes anal cancer -- that's very creepy.

And not just creepy.

It's sickening.

And it's SICK.

And again -- either you're clear about that or you shouldn't be here.

Watching Brett sicken and die gave me a certain clarity about these matters.

You need to develop your own clarity.

Let's talk about dissenting and offending.

Historically, dominant cultures don't respond well to dissent.

Think Martin Luther -- the Church would have killed him if it could have.

The way it did Hus.

The way it killed Giordano Bruno.

Bruno was a man of the renaissance, a neo-platonist, humanist, and rationalist.

He attempted to be reconciled to the Church, but he was seized by the most Holy Inquisition, imprisoned for seven years, and burned at the stake in Rome in the Campo dei Fiori on 17 February, 1600.

Burned alive by Christians because of a disagreement about dogma.

Galileo also fell afoul of the Church.

For saying that the earth is not the center of the universe, he was sentenced to house arrest by the Inquisition.

Galileo too tried hard to reconcile with the Church.

The Church wasn't interested.

Under house arrest, Galileo went blind and died.

That's how it goes when you're facing a dominant culture.

A dominant culture only changes when it's forced to change.

What about the Frot Movement and Analism?

From the beginning, the analists have made clear to me that they will not brook any critique of anal or any attempt to move anal away from its central position in gay male life.

They will not allow that to happen.

In my very first piece, I made a great effort to be conciliatory towards "men into anal."

They were not interested.

I was immediately attacked, and interestingly, attacked because of my critique of the role of the bottom.

That's what was bothersome to these guys.

Shortly thereafter I wrote a political, non-Frot, piece (about homophobia in the anti-Bush resistance) which came to the attention of Winston Leyland, grand old man of gay publishing.

He liked the piece.

I asked him if he'd be interested in publishing a book about Frot.

Well, he said, I'd be willing to publish a book on the *positive* aspects of frottage, but I'm far too busy at the moment to undertake such a project.

Translation: he didn't want to do it.

But even if he did -- would it be possible to write a book about the "positive" aspects of Frot without mentioning the negatives of anal?


Say, for example, we talk about the equality of Frot.

There's no escaping that in so doing we are implicitly criticizing the INequality of anal.

Suppose we mention the low risk.

Again, implicit in that is the HIGH risk of anal.

And so it goes.

If we talk about Masculinity, then clearly we're implying that other forms of MSM "sex" are lacking in that regard.

Genitality, mutuality, full-body -- all the same deal.

So no one's fooled.

Just as the Church understood that Luther's and Bruno's and Galileo's questioning of dogma was a threat to the hegemony of the Church;

so the analists recognize that our DISSENT is a threat to the hegemony of anal.

And having recognized that threat, they seek to suppress it.

That's what human beings do.

Are they successful?

Not forever.

Remember that the level of dissent is determined by the price of dissent.

The higher the perceived price of dissent, the lower the level of dissent.

You guys believe that if you dissent you'll pay a high price.

But you ignore the strength you have in numbers.

If all of you spoke up together -- and said -- anal is for shit -- you'd make quite a noise.

A noise the shitsexers could not suppress.

Right now the shitboys are in the saddle.

Because you let them be.

Do you believe that you're offensive? or disturbing? or creepy?

Is rubbing cocks with another man creepy?

Is Masculinity creepy?

Is MANHOOD creepy?

Why don't you speak up?

Why don't you say what you believe?

This is what's running your life man:

Do you see it?

Do you see the shitty hole and the limp dick?

That's what's running your life.

And this:

This filthy barebacker leaking cum.

This creature which exists in contempt of life;

and in contempt of every law known to God and Man.

That's what's running your life.

Why do you let it?


I found these pics on analist sites with no problem.

No search.

Right there.

And that's what's controlling YOU.


If you don't fight back, you don't deserve what little life you have.

I know that sounds harsh.

And I know you've been beat up because you won't, hopefully, bend over.

But we have here given you many tools with which you can end that.

If you won't use them, you become complicit in your own victimization.

And I would be remiss if I facilitated that in any way.

These people are literally for shit.

And you don't have to listen to even one thing they say.


Sex is about Phallus.

Love is about Man.

Life is about Fighting.


Bill Weintraub

© All material Copyright 2007 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.


Re: I haven't been posting because Patrick has been very ill.


Good to see that you're back Mr. Weintraub, and sorry to hear about your husband; i hope he get's better soon.

As for donations, well, I'll see what I can spare (which even if I could wouldn't be much since I still haven't found a good job yet). College tends to eat up most of my funds. For those of you who have jobs and haven't donated to the site, let me just say that you are nothing more then wretched leeches. You latch on to this site, drain it for what it's worth, and then detach once you've had your fill. It's just as disgusting as the leeches themsleves. It's sad that only a handful of dedicated donors (and more recently a college student with no job) are the only people keeping this site up. Mr. Weintraub is right that we need new donors to not only keep this site active, but to get advertising out there, as it stands I get the feeling that we'd be lucky to have any advertising by the end of next year (or so it sounds). Honestly people, if you have the money and you believe in the cause, DONATE for fucks sake. I am really tired of seeing Mr. Weintraub asking for donations, because he shouldn't have to and I'm tired of feeling like I (and a few others) are the only ones who truly care about this site enough to keep it on the net. For the love of God, or Allah, or whatever diety you worship (even if it is none at all) DONATE!!!

Mr. Weintraub, all those things you listed about the super strain of gonorrhea and the new HIV predator and the other articles do sound like news to me. I'd like to hear more about it, that is, if certain greedy bastards would stop hording their richs and share a little of it with the site.

As for the guy whose e-mail you posted (without his permission, but you are under a lot of stress, and I understand and respect that) I hope he and his partner will try frot out, and I hope it will rekindle their dead sex life.

As for the comment made by the buttboy, I can only laugh at the complete stupidity. He thinks the site is "offensive, creepy, and disturbing" I'll tell you what is "offensive, creepy, and disturbing." A guy dressing in drag, pretending to be a woman taking a bunch of pills or crystal meth or other drugs while having another guy shove his dick up his feces infested ass (and most likely getting fucked by more than one guy in one night) and believeing he likes it, THAT is "offensive, creepy, and disturbing." Frot is the exact opposite of all of that, there is no drag, there is no drugs, there is no belief that one of the men is a pseudo-woman, there is no fucking, and the pleasure for both partners is REAL. Also, nice pictures, very disturbing, I almost got sick looking at that last one. I don't see how anyone could possibly find it erotic to see cum leak out of a guys ass (or any ass in general) very gross. It just illustrates, yet again, how utterly strange, gross, and wrong it is for guys to focus on the ass as the center point for all their erotic fantasies and realities. Utterly, disturbing.

Again, I'll see what I can send your way, and you leeches out there had better grow some balls and start fighting back against the dictatorship that would just love to see you, and this site, whipped off the face of the Earth.

Bill Weintraub

Re: I haven't been posting because Patrick has been very ill


Thank you Michael.

You're a true Warrior.

Michael's not kidding, that these folks would like to see you whipped off the face of the Earth.

He's correct.

In my experience of these guys, there's no room in their universe for men who aren't doing anal.

Just as there was no room in the Church's universe for men who didn't agree with every jot and tittle of Church dogma.

Galileo was an astronomer.

Most of his writing was incomprehensible -- and still is -- to the average person.

The Church locked him away.

Giordano Bruno was a neo-platonist philosopher.

How many people read neo-platonist philosophers?

Yet the Church felt sufficiently threatened by Bruno to burn him at the stake.

To this day, the Church is remarkably disparaging of Bruno.

Just look him up on the Catholic Encyclopedia online.

He's accused of having a "spirit of insolent self-assertion."

And the author adds:

His attitude of mind towards religious truth was that of a rationalist. Personally, he failed to feel any of the vital significance of Christianity as a religious system. It was not a Roman Inquisitor, but a Protestant divine, who said of him that he was "a man of great capacity, with infinite knowledge, but not a trace of religion."

And that, it would appear, is enough to justify the vicars of Christ tying him to a stake and burning him alive.

At no point in the article does the author express any regret over Bruno's death.

Rather, he says, Bruno "attracted attention by the originality of his views and by his outspoken criticism of accepted theological doctrines."

And in response, the Church, having tried and failed to break his spirit, killed him.

So: dominant cultures do not like dissidents.

And of course the more divorced from reality the dominant culture is, the more alarmed it becomes by dissent.

The fact is that an anus is NOT a vagina.

And when we say so we alarm the analists.

Just as we do when we point to the fecal realities of the anus.

And the disease.

And the pain.

In America, the analists justify their alarm by saying, Look, we're at war with the religious right.

But in my experience, European analists become just as alarmed by and are just as intolerant of any man who doesn't do anal.

Yet there's no religious right in Europe.

Indeed, there's barely religion.

Europe has become a secular continent.

And I must say, given the attitude of folks like the authors of the Catholic Encyclopedia, that's not surprising.

Now, in terms of the pictures, for years it was our policy here not to display pics of anal.

And we still don't do it, and we never will, gratuitously.

But I am going to put a few more up in a separate post -- and I'll put a warning on that page.

And I'm doing that for a couple of reasons.

First of all, we now have a lot of nongay people who visit and contribute to the site, and they're unlikely to know what one actually and commonly sees in gay life and on gay websites.

They just don't know how ubiquitous this stuff is.

And I think that's something they need to know.

And the other reason is that there's been a real change in what you see on the profiles on the hook-up sites.

And that's very striking.

It used to be that guys would have a picture of their torso, and maybe a face shot.

And maybe a pic of their penis.

To that was then added a buttocks shot.

But recently what I've been seeing is pic after pic of the anal sphincter itself.

It's weird -- and it's a distinct change.

The butt used to be represented by the buttocks.

Now what you're seeing is the butthole.

And that's actually a fetish.

It's a non-genital body part being presented as an object of sexual desire.

And, like I say, it's increasingly common.

What's more, on some profiles, the penis and the anal sphincter are getting about equal play.

But on others, the anal sphincter is significantly more prominent -- or there's no penis at all.

Which isn't surprising, given that most of the males identify as "bottoms."

If you think it through, you'll see that this is a logical extension of gender theory, which seeks to divorce gender and sexuality from the genitals.

So: over time, man and manhood are being separated.

And there's a growing class of males whose sexual identity is bound up not in their penises, but in their anuses.

It's as though analism, as a culture, is reaching what ecologists call a climax.

That is, not just anal, but now the anal spinchter itself, is crowding out all other acts and even parts of the body.

It's extraordinary.

And the choices facing you -- if you don't like anal -- aren't good.

Other than, that is, the choice to speak out.

If you remain silent, you'll be increasingly oppressed and increasingly isolated.

While analism becomes, like the medieval and early modern Church, even more intolerant.

Which is what happens when a dominant culture feels threatened.

In my view -- and what's more important, really, in my experience -- participation, aka fighting back, is not optional.

You fight back -- or you die.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually -- take your pick.

And isn't that one of the lessons of Blacksburg?

Some of the students barricaded the door to their classroom.

Two of them took bullets, but they survived.

The Holocaust survivor, Professor Librescu, blocked the door to his classroom so that his students could escape.

He died, but he would have anyway.

He gave his death meaning -- which is not something many of us can do.

In fact, his death, as much as his life, now stands as a stunning rebuke to the Nazis and to the Nazi mentality.

That's quite an achievement.

So, it's like I said:

Sex is about Phallus.

Love is about Man.

Life is about Fighting.

Those ideas -- like the humanism and rationalism of Bruno, and the science of Galileo -- are on a collision course with the dominant culture of the day.

Something -- and someone -- will have to give.

It's not in your interest for us to give.

And you know it.

Whether we do give -- is in your hands.

Your refusal to donate can effectively force us from the field.

But the opposite is also true.

A relatively few dollars, donated each and every month, can have a huge impact.

On YOUR life.

Think about it.


Sex is about Phallus.

Love is about Man.

Life is about Fighting.



Bill Weintraub

© All material Copyright 2007 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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