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Note from bill:

In this honest and brave post, Warrior PaulyVinyl talks about his love of rubbing, and rubbing in vinyl.

What's interesting about the post is the large number of supportive replies it has evoked.

Though it's hard to believe, there was a time when "gay" men were supportive of each other's varying sexual tastes, and even eager to experiment with new forms of sexuality.

Buttfuck culture put a stop to that.

But us frot boyz and our rub revolution are going to bring it back.

Warrior PaulyVinyl

Posted 3/10/01


Long before I was remotely aware of my sexuality, I found that wearing vinyl babypants over my skin gave me a charge, (circa 1965, when I was 4).

This carries over to my adult life. Frotting has always been my passion. The best sex of my life occurred in my twenties, with a guy named Ned. We would become erotically charged every time we met. While clothed we would hug and kiss, running our hands all over each other, pressing front to front in tight embraces. We would strip each other out of our shirts and the warmth of our upper torsos would connect. It was so fucking sexy to get on with another guy! We would proceed to strip each other out of our pants, rubbing and humping in our underwear, pre-cum oozing. The coupe de grace when naked, licking each others balls and tickling each others cockheads and simultaneously cumming and rubbing our mixed boy juice all over each other.

I feel like a bit of a freak with my vinyl fetish as it's never been received with enthusiasm, but the material is soft and kinda stretchy and when it's all lubed up inside - it's humpy heaven. Always wanted to get to feel it with another dude. It's safe and sexy to me.

I'd like to end by cheering Bill on. His politics are as fierce as my own, and I feel a renewed faith in us gay dudes because of this page. I hate the "top" and "bottom" bullshit and like to think of us as brothers.

Warrior PaulyVinyl

Paul's profile:

deep voice, soulful greenish eyes, warm sexy body, nice endowment, love frot and frot in vinyl and latex - turned 40 in September '01

reply from bill


what a beautiful post -- really took my breath away -- thank you for posting paulyvinyl

and dudes there's a pic attached to pauly's post -- ck it out -- he's HOT and he's cute too -- and so's the vinyl -- hope there's somebody out there who'll get into it with pauly cause i bet he gets REAL TURNED ON !!!

that would be FUN dudes!!!

one of the things we're seeing more and more in these posts is the early age at which we first develop feelings for rubbing. Of course those feelings become stronger as teenagers, but it's striking that guys report feelings or experiences when they're four, five, or six.

that's important -- as we continue to make our case to other M2M men and to nongay people, it's important for them to hear that this is something that starts very early for us and stays with us throughout life

in my own case, i have very clear memories of wanting to be close to and rubbing with other boys when i was five years old -- that's young, and those feelings just got stronger and stronger when i hit puberty -- and they've never gone away

and remember dudes that's without any cultural supports for frot either as children or adults -- these feelings are spontaneous, primal, natural, and innocent and don't need to be taught -- they are just there, inside of us, and it takes very little -- watching wrestlers on TV or seeing cowboys roll around in the dirt or feeling vinyl or the cotton in our white jockeys -- to awaken them

coool post paulyvinyl

we are brothers man



reply from MOhairymn4u

Hey guy.....what a story...and what a pic! WOOHOO. Your passionh is no different than of those who like to see men in or wear speedos, trunks, bike pants, jock straps....and the list goes on. I say "more power to ya!". And you are a hot dude in that vinyl. Continue to be true to your inner most feelings and to yourself

Warrior Missouri

reply from Warrior logdog

Since reading your wonderful story and viewing the vinyl pic you posted, I have not been able to rest. Yes, I've been forced to rub my throbbing glans thru my jeans for the last hour remembering all the rubbing sensations I can, wet and dry, of various materials, buddies, to the point of total tactile awareness. Cock hard and free again as I type this, even the breeze blowing against my moist dick becomes a tribute to cock awareness.

How hard is it for us to expose our fetish life? How much can we learn from the enjoyment and sharing of our brothers in warrior awareness. I have no vinyl desires save what your experience can teach and nurture within me for a more complete awareness of the multitude of possibilities for pleasure. To be with you to slip my balls and cock into the confines you already wear would be an honor and an education.

Celebrate festish as personal expression, exploration, and revel in our ability to worship genital awareness...

reply from paulyvinyl

Thanks alot you guys for your supportive and eloquent posts. It sends a surge of warmth into my otherwise lonely world. i can only hope that everybody can learn to dig freaky erotic pleasure and make a break from the puritannical str8 patriarchal bullshit which warps and damages our sub conscience. Peace

reply from Warrior A.J.

I'm with you!! There is nothing like humping your stiff dick against the slippery feel of vinyl as well as against another stiff one. This is very hot. Keep it up (lol). You are not alone.

A Brother in RI

A.J.'s profile:

I am in a relationship, but my real sexual passion is frot. I have never been lucky enough to meet a guy who can match my passion for this. My partner does not get into it, so I can only dream, unless!! I am a runner and athletic so body contact for me is very improtant. Really want to hear from other middle aged guys in my situation.


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