Just looking on the web what FROTTAGE exactly means (as I am french so I wasn't sure if it was what I like to do or some other kind of crazy perverse vice of gays... as SM or whatever else!) because of I use internet to eventually find another man that will share my style of sexuality....

Thanks for your positive web pages as it's like I feel reborn reading it all!

I feel so alone doing it that way... it's frustrating as everygaymen want anal sex that is disgusting, unexciting, turning me off, complicated and dangerous!

I've never met a man to do it that way (I do frot, but I'm alone in the couple so it's not cool). I just can guess how exciting it could be to feel my man to cum frotting to me! HO MY ...!

I wish so much to have my man to do it that way both! I dream of it since I'm a teenager... I'm 38 now! GRRRRRRR!

It's cool to see other men do it also all around the world & I can't wait to find my man...

Dan from Montreal...

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