Reclaiming Your
Noble Warrior Heritage



Reclaiming Your Noble Warrior Heritage


Hello Warriors,

My name is Sara Hawk, I'm an authority on the ancient Celts and am preparing an article on Celtic warrior love for this Heroic Homosex site, and I've been thinking about what it meant to be a man then and what it means now.

Relationships between men, be they sexual or purely platonic, have suffered of late. It's not considered 'good' to be a man. Let alone a gay one. I mean, look at the TV (or, better idea, don't look at it, because it's crap). Men are portrayed as clumsy, ignorant, violent, forgetful, foolish, arrogant, etc. etc. etc. Even in commercials! If women were portrayed this way as consistently as men are, the entire feminist establishment would go up like a Roman candle! This is terrible! I love men -- I really do. And I know you agree with me on that. And I want to see men reclaiming their noble warrior heritage. This means doing guy things and hanging around with other guys. This means bonding with other men. This means allowing male children to form those bonds.

All children should be raised to be brave and strong, but men need to be told that they have a vital role to fill, because right now they're being told that they're bad for being men. This isn't a message they need to hear. They need to hear that they are loved and needed and -- guess what? They need to hear it from other men!

Gay men need this message as much as, if not more than, straight men. And if a reclaiming of the warrior heritage means that men will have to learn to love one another in their hearts as well as their bodies, then I'm all for it.

This means encouraging and teaching responsible behavior, and then engaging in it. While most men -- and women -- 'experiment' at some time in their lives, I really don't think that anal sex is the experiment of choice. I have many male friends who've 'fooled around.' Only one ever tried anal. Interesting, no? The promotion of safe alternatives -- of which I have to agree that frottage seems the safest and (speaking as someone without a cock) most pleasurable -- is essential.



Re: Reclaiming Your Noble Warrior Heritage


Here Here!! I agree with everything you've said. Men today have no real models to look to. And as you've already said TV is pure crap. Gay men, as you've already pointed out, are particularly poorly portrayed. In fact the only positive comment about a gay man, and it was just a reference, was in a Chuck Norris movie, the name of which escapes me. The scene was Norris knocking on the door of someone he wanted information from. A man answers the door and in the background is another man lying on the bed. The man asks Norris "are you shocked" and the reply was something like "No, the bravest man I knew was homosexual" That always stuck with me. I saw the movie a long time ago, and I hope I remember the scene correctly, even though I can't remember the movie.



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