You need not apologize



You need not apologize


Hi guys I want to discuss why you do not have to apologize for being MEN. You do not have to feel ashamed because you do not engage in anal penetration. You do not have to submit yourselves to pain, subordination, disease and death. You do not have to compromise your self respect in order to belong to an analist culture. You do not have to believe the lies about analism being the highest culmination of human experience. You do not need to be treated as an object and then be cast away like an empty husk. Take pride in your ability to fight against the spiritual death of analism. You are a MAN among MEN gathered together by phallic bonding which represents a sacred community of MEN. We may be like the 300 against an empire but we do not have to sacrifice our honor and our dignity and our self respect to the merchants of death.

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Bill Weintraub

Re: You need not apologize


Thank you Robert.

Robert's correct, guys -- and listen to what he says:

  • You do NOT have to apologize

  • You do NOT have to feel ashamed

  • You do NOT have to submit

  • You do NOT have to compromise

  • You do NOT have to believe the lies

  • You do NOT have to be treated as an object

Instead you can take pride:

  • In your ability and willingness to Fight;

  • In being a Man among Men;

  • In preserving your Honor, your Dignity, and your Self-Respect.

And guys, always remember that, as we discuss in Awakened to Masculinity, it's the first of these -- your Ability and Willingness to Fight -- which makes the others possible.

Manliness is the Ability and Willingness to Fight.

Everything flows from that.

Thank you Robert.

You're a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

February 5, 2011

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