Sweat and Blood


This post is a reply to male aggression in terms of the fight.

All males are born with the capacity to be fighters, it's natural and inborn. Some gay-identified men would see in the pictures shown by Bill in the fight ethic as brutal and barbaric. What I see is intensity. That intensity is displayed as sweat and blood. That intensity of natural aggression comes not as an act of deliberate violence but of honorable contest and is shown as sweat and blood. Look into the eyes and faces of these young men and you will see more than words can say. This means more to me than just pecs and abs for it shows spirit and honor. Their bodies are in the form of Ares the god of war and so I see the warrior image in sweat and blood. How I wish that I were 30 yrs younger and could grapple with a brother and work up a sweat. I want to thank Bill for illuminating my awareness and I hope that any man reading this post will read the articles posted in the personal stories. There is honor in sweat and blood.

Bill Weintraub

Re: In respect of fallen warriors


Thank you Robert.

A really basic and vital point:

There is honor in sweat and blood.

Beautifully said.

Thank you RM.

You're a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

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