Men and Fear


Viktor Marchenko

Men and Fear


There is much fear in world and is growing because people are losing everything. Fear is great destroyer. Fear destroys man from the inside out. First fear destroys mans mind and spirit and will eventually destroy mans body if fear is not stopped. When live in fear a man is afraid to be who is. He is afraid to speak out and fight. His fear silences him and this is not good thing. When fear is not confronted then it will continue to grow and silence even more and eventually kill.

As boy and young man I grew up in country that was ruled by fear. I saw with own eyes just what fear does to person. I was surrounded by broken spirits. People were afraid to stand up and speak out. Some were even afraid to think for selves for fear of own lives. Most people in West do not know how horrible fear can become. Do not realize power fear can hold. But Western people must realize this before is too late!

Fear prevent man from being happy because fear robs man of happiness. Fear is like dark prison cell and that dark prison cell exists in mans own mind which is the worst of prisons when ruled by fear. Many men today are not happy. Many feel life has been wasted. Many growing old wish they could go back and start again and do things different without living in fear. But past cannot be changed. Only present and future can be made to change. So if one does not wish to live in fear then man must break free of chains of fear which have him chained to fear in own mind. Is not easy work but must be done.

Many men have lived life doing what society tells them to do but they are not happy. Some are very angry inside but do not let out for fear of being punished or of losing something. So they live life doing what society says and growing angry and dead inside. They do not stop to think that just because society says this is what you must and must not do does not make right. Are many things society says that are wrong! In country where I grew up society said "new man" must be strong, must do as told, must not question. Was this right? No this was not right. Why were we not suppose to question or think? Why were we not suppose to speak out against regime who used fear to keep men in state of living death? In our minds this was not way of new man but was way of foolish man! Those who let fear stop them from speaking out and fighting back are guilty as those who use fear to control men. They are on same side! Foolish man is fearful and keeps silence. But real man, masculine man refuse to be silent because he refuse to be ruled by fear and give up to dictators! Masculine man not ruled by fear is NEW MAN who is really old man because ways of being real masculine man do not change. Masculine man has been same for ages and part of being masculine man is loving other men and being unafraid to show it.

Many complain about state of things and that all they do is complain nothing more. They only complain but take no action. These are not fighters or warriors but only complainers! Fighters and warriors take action by standing up and fighting back against oppressors. They take action against fear so it will not rule over them. But complainers only complain more! These are weak men. Weak in body, in spirit, in mind. They are to fearful to act. They think their complaining will make things change but complaining never makes anything change. Only ACTION brings change! No action, NO CHANGE!

All men must fight fear and must not allow to conquer them! All men MUST stand up to their oppressors and fight back against them! There is no other way. This must be done! Those who oppress other men will only oppress more if man does not stand up to his oppressors. Fear will only increase if man does not take stand to fight back, stand up, speak out.

In country where I grew up I was in war and saw what fear can do to man. It takes him like a vice and squeezes him with panic or inaction. It stops his mind like car engine with no oil. It makes him take no action and this costs him his life in end. This is foolish man ruled by fear and saw such men many times in war. This is not way to go! Survivors stand up, speak out, and fight back. These are real warriors and fighters. These are true men! Those stopped by fear are not.

Every man should ask self why he should not be happy. He should ask self why he should not have frot partner if that is what wants. He should ask self why he should fuck ass of other man if that is not what he wants. Man should question everything! Then man should decide what wants to be happy man. If man does not want to fuck ass of other man or to be fucked in ass by other man then man should not do it. Man should stand up and say NO! Is nothing wrong with saying no. Pain does not bring man happiness. Pain is not symbol of love. Pain is symbol of hate and disgust. Think of this. If we were soldiers in battle and enemy tank was firing shells at low level and I told you to stand in front of enemy tank without gun or anything else but just stand in front of enemy tank and wait for tank to fire shell, would you? Only stupid man would do such thing! Only fool would do what I said! Such man would be foolish soldier. Such man would mindlessly follow my orders even though his death was assured as soon as enemy tank fired shell. Just because I told man to do this why would he do it? Only ignorant and weak men mindlessly follow every order, every dictate. Strong men and warriors do not because they are not foolish or stupid men! So which are you?

End result of fear is ALWAYS DEATH. Death come in many forms. Of course there is physical death which we all know about when body dies. But death also comes in mind and spirit. Man can be in living body but be dead in own mind and spirit. Such man is like walking dead. His body lives and breathes but inside he is dead. Such man is man already destroyed and killed by fear. Such man is living in prison of mind and must be freed! Such man will only rot away more every day unless he frees self from fear his great enemy!

Many cultures use fear to silence dissent. BFD does this very thing because they FEAR dissent. They fear that should dissenters be listened to then their empire, their control, will fade and end. And they know this and fear this because that is way it always is when voices of dissent are heard. Do not let fear be your ruler! If you are prisoner in own mind, find way to break free! If not then future for you is not good. Darkness and fear will only grow until you become walking dead man! Be fighter! Be warrior! Be masculine MAN! This is what you must do.

Viktor Marchenko

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Re: Men and Fear


As I said in my posting Can My Man To Man Relationship Draw Me Closer To God?, in which I quote from 1John 4 18--21 "There is no fear in love" and goes on to say "but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love"

John wrote this more than 1900 years before Warrior Viktor wrote but they could have met because they both recognise Men's need to love each other and REAL LOVE will conquer fear.



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