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Robert Loring

Warriors & Soldiers


A Warrior is a naturally masculine male who tries to live his life with courage, honor, and compassion. The true Warrior is a man of balance living at none of the extremes but always trying to live somewhere in the middle of the extremes, in a place of balance. He knows that living at extremes only brings imbalance and turmoil for himself and for all those around him. A Warrior is a man of peace, yes, but he is also a Soldier at times. Sometimes circumstances call for a Warrior to arise as a Soldier and fight for what is good and right. He must not simply defend himself but others in such times but he does so with dignity and with self control. He does not go off half cocked. He does not surrender himself to rage and bloodthirsty aggression but he fights with self discipline and with wisdom. A Warrior-Soldier knows that the easiest enemy to defeat in battle is that enemy which has given into blind rage and who lacks self control. For, such an enemy lacks self control and clear mind. Such an enemy fights out of emotion instead of out of intellect and he is easily defeated in the end.

When a Warrior sees the time come for him to also be a Soldier he bands together with his fellow Warrior Brothers to fight for a common cause and to achieve a common goal. He is loyal to his brothers and to the fight. He knows that war is always dirty business just as he knows there is no such thing as a "nice war." War is ALWAYS ugly! But, sometimes wars and battles must be fought if the Warrior and his people are to survive at all.

Many come to this site looking for hookups I am sure. Others come here out of curiosity. But others come here to be a part of something, to be a part of the WARRIORHOOD and HONOR that has been established here. Having looked through this extensive site and read it's material a sense of both LIBERATION and RELIEF comes over them and moves them to be a part of this growing group of naturally masculine Warriors and Soldiers. They come seeking BROTHERHOOD and they find all that they seek. It is those who come here seeking Warriorhood, Honor, and Brotherhood who know that there comes times when Warriors must also be Soldiers, take a stand, and FIGHT BACK.

I think this is one of the primary messages Bill has been trying to get across on this site. FIGHT BACK and BE a WARRIOR-SOLDIER and just DON'T think about it. Being a Warrior-Soldier is something you DO and LIVE. It is not simply something to sit around and think about. But, that fight cannot be accomplished unless we unite and support this site. Bill cannot do it alone and he should NOT be expected to fight the fight alone. If we are truly Warrior Brothers here then we must unite and stand alongside him and join him in the fight. Otherwise we are mere onlookers and battles don't really need onlookers. Battles always need participants who support the cause and the goal.

Being a Warrior-Soldier means being a part of a BROTHERHOOD and being a part of a Brotherhood means giving your support and loyalty to the fight and to the cause. It also means being supportive of each other and walking alongside of each other as we each walk along the pathways of our lives. It does NOT mean being Rambo or a Lone Wolf. It means banding together, bonding together, fighting together, laughing and crying together, celebrating and mourning together. It means sharing joy together and showing sorrow together. That IS brotherhood! That IS being a Warrior-SOLDIER!

I think one of the biggest contributors to the demise of males today is all the myths that our LOST society teaches males today. You know, "be your own man" and on and on. The myth is that men should not be close and should not bond together as Brothers. The myth is that men should not love one another or allow their innate masculinity to rise to the top of their lives, thoughts, emotions, and actions. The myth is that males must be distant lone wolves, strong, brave, and never really bonding with no one. That myth is a BREEDING GROUND for a host of psychological and spiritual issues. Whenever we reject the natural and turn towards the unnatural we are ALWAYS begging for trouble! The lone wolf, the macho man, the Rambo, the Superman are ALL MYTHS just as the feminized male ideal is a MYTH. These stand at two extremes (the Rambo Macho and the Feminized) and there is NO BALANCE at either extreme BUT there IS a great amount of IMBALANCE. With so much imbalance existing at these extremes none of us should be surprised when ANY male strikes out and does things against society that are horrible. When we live at extremes we breed imbalance. Balance is ONLY found in the middle between the two extremes.

It is my hope that the sense of WARRIORHOOD and BROTHERHOOD that ALREADY exists here will INCREASE even more. It is my hope that we will truly band together as Warrior-Soldiers and stand alongside Bill and FIGHT BACK! It is said that "many a small band have defeated a large army." Look at the small Band of Thebes as an example and look at what they accomplished. They were one of the most efficient fighting forces on Earth and they were one of the most feared. They defeated many large armies in battle even though their numbers were never large. They were Warrior Brothers and Warrior Soldiers. They loved one another, fought together, ate together, slept together, wept and laughed together. They truly were family, lovers, and MEN. Perhaps we shall become the same my brothers.


Re: Warriors & Soldiers


Robert -- I love what you've written here. It's like a call to arms. You've sounded a horn in the wilderness. Let's see who shows for the battle.

Count me in, Brother. I'm lining up here with Bill and you, on this line you've just drawn in the sand. Time to call muster. Sound off, all you Warriors. Give us a reply. Robert has said that it's the time of "banding together, bonding together, fighting together, laughing and crying together, celebrating and mourning together". Does that not sound like everything your life has been missing and needing?

For now we are banded through the internet. But someday I dream of seeing all my Warrior Brothers' faces. It starts here. Stand up with us, call out your name.

Thanks Robert, for sounding the horn.

Warrior Lawrence

Michael Plante

Re: Warriors & Soldiers


Excellent post, Robert. You are correct that warriors are balance incarnate. They value personal freedom and are willing and able to defend it, but they also set boundaries and monitor their behavior so that it brings no harm to others, unlike those on the religious right who seek to control the thinking and beliefes of not just americans but every person in the world and certainly not like the "gay community" that has no restraints on its own actions and sees every bizzare, sick and dangerous fetish as "sexual freedom."

You know Robert your article reminds me of a pamplet I read by Thomas Paine (1737-1809) titled "Common Sense" and another one "The Crisis No.1". These were written during the American Revolution and Paine was in essence firing the people up to take up arms against the British and fight for their freedom. He was mainly addressing the fence-sitters that had not chosen a side and were hoping for either liberation from the Patriots or mercy from the British. Paine was very good at argumentation and was able to counter each argument anyone would present for not separating from Britain. He could see that Britain was eating its own children by taxing them without representation and a host of other ills that were done to the colonies by the British. It's much like how we can see how the BFD is eating its own children by pushing bizzare fetishes and calling them sex despite the fact that these behaviors can get you infected, sometimes fatally. We are not fighting against the british parliament but we are fighting an equally corrupt government, the BFD. I'm sure Paine would approve of your message.

If any of you are engaged in a battle on the web, let me know. I don't always know where the fighting is going on, but I'd be willing to lend whatever aid I can to the fight.

I'm in on this fight and I hopefully won't be fighting alone for long. Today, I'm finally going to see if I can get my brother to join the cause. He should be viewing the site right now and I hope to convince him to fight for the Alliance. If he joins, it'll be so much easier for me to have someone else at my back who doesn't live miles away from me. Wish me luck, I might just need it.

Robert Loring

Re: Warriors & Soldiers


Thank you Lawrence and Michael for stepping up to the plate and being REAL Warriors and Soldiers. Thank you both for being courageous and unafraid to take up the gauntlet of BROTHERHOOD. Both of you are true living examples of Warriorhood and I consider you to be my Brothers. I hope you both will consider me to be the same to each of you.

I was also hoping more would come forth and join us in unity and support but that appears not to be happening, sadly. That does surprise me in light of how many members this site has. Yet, only a fraction come forward. But, that's ok because I would rather stand with TWO REAL BROTHERS who are supportive, loyal, and brave than with a thousand false brothers who are weak, disloyal, and fearful. I would rather stand with TWO WARRIOR BROTHERS who are truly SOLDIERS and who are filled with CONVICTION rather than a thousand who don't have the balls enough to take a stand and fight for the cause. At least I know now that there are at least TWO men on this site who really are WARRIORS and SOLDIERS.

One of the most consistent things Bill has promoted on this site is the formation of LOCAL CHAPTERS. Why? Because local chapters are a COMING TOGETHER of a BAND OF BROTHERS who are WARRIORS and SOLDIERS. Local chapters provide a means by which we can meet and see each other FACE TO FACE. Local chapters provide an avenue for taking what is on this site and bringing it into REALITY. If you want to know more about local chapters or would like to start one please contact Bill and I'm sure he will be more than happy to assist you in the formation of your local chapter.

Another thing that Bill has consistently asked for on this site is financial donations to help him (ie: US) get the message out. Yet, donations have consistently been low and even nonexistent. We cannot expect Bill to foot the entire bill for this site and its message of LIBERATION alone! I look at the member numbers on this site and if every member only donated $1 per month this site would have more than enough to really get the message out. Imagine if every member donated $5 per month? We could do some truly AMAZING and LIBERATING things through this group and site. Let's face it guys! Bill is our LEADER! He formed this site and group and he leads this site and group. He has rallied us to the cause of this site and its message. He keeps this site going and I know for a fact Bill has put a large amount of time, effort, and his personal money into this site. Yet, there are those who still expect Bill to do it alone, why? What kind of BROTHERHOOD is it when everything is expected of the leader and NOTHING is contributed by the BRETHREN of SOLDIERS? That's NOT a BROTHERHOOD at all.

Local Chapters and donating to this site are TWO WAYS people can support our cause and BROTHERHOOD here.

I've been thinking lately how we had better get it together here at the M2M Alliance. We'd better get it together because the BFD is moving FULL STEAM ahead, men! The disgusting anal penetrating agenda of the BFD is presently running NONSTOP as they FORCE their agenda down everyone's throat and NOTHING seems to be standing in their way because there is no real outcry or organized opposition right now. I just heard a news report about a new book in our schools that is being read to our children. It's about two BFD kings who engage in analism with each other and get married. It's presented as a fairy tale and sodomy is passed off as "normal." The BFD is grooming our children to accept analism and the BFD agenda without question or pause!

Recently I came across an article on boyhood and how NORMAL boyhood is being attacked and eliminated in our society today very aggressively. Such boyhood games as kick ball and tag are being outlawed in our schools because it is claimed that such games promote male aggression and lead to the making of male criminals. Now that's a CROCK OF SHIT! Kids as young as 9, mainly boys, are even being prosecuted for chasing other kids, playing with toy guns, playing cowboys and Indians, etc. In many schools across the nation sports are being required NOT to keep score during sports events because the "experts" in charge don't want the LOSERS to feel BAD. They want everyone to be a "winner." That's another CROCK OF SHIT!! And if this isn't enough the feminists are promoting the idea that boys be raised the SAME way we raise girls as if the two genders are one in the same. That's another CROCK OF SHIT!!!

The infamous Governor of California just signed legislation outlawing anything in the schools which promotes the FACT that people are either born male or female. The legislation requires that "in between" also be included. IN BETWEEN??? What the FUCK is that?? I've never seen a person young or old that was born an "in between." Hmm...guess God the Creator has a new designer line going on!

ALL of this IS a part of the BFD as it spreads its tentacles not only in our schools but throughout our society. Such things are promoting the BFD agenda, sodomy, and AIDS! But, that is NOT what the BFD is telling people. They are not telling people that ANAL EQUALS AIDS!! They are not telling people that ANAL leads to DEATH! I'm surprised there is NO OUTRAGE over any of this. Instead there is SILENT SANCTION and that means that people are silently SUPPORTING the AGENDA of the BFD in this nation!

Boyhood, Masculinity, and Manhood are under attack by the BFD not only in our schools but in every other social institution in our country today. And THAT INCLUDES our social institutions of RELIGIONS! Frankly, I've never seen so many FEMINIZED and BALL-LESS "men" as I see in our religions today! Religious men used to stand up and fight back. They used to issue a call to opposition at the first signs of what they considered to be wrong. Nowadays it seems they just COWARE down and lick what nuts they MIGHT have left! Men USED to LEAD the CHURCH but today it appears that most religious men just lay back and do NOTHING. The Bible teaches that men in the Church are to be SOLDIERS for the LORD. What kind of "soldier" lays down during the midst of the battle????



This laying down of the men in the church today is yet one more CASUALTY of the BFD and the Feminists. Men in the church are yet MORE DEFEATED VICTIMS of the BFD agenda. The BFD is EVEN winning in our churches, temples, and synagogues today and NO ONE SEEMS TO GIVE A RATS ASS!! Why not??

Don't get me wrong. I DO NOT support the Christian Right! What I am trying to get all of you MEN to realize here is the EXTENT to which the BFD and FEMINISTS have ALREADY achieved VICTORY over manhood and NATURAL MASCULINITY. I am trying to get you to realize just how far the tentacles of the BFD have ALREADY DESTROYED THE INNATE BROTHERHOOD THAT IS MEANT TO EXIST BETWEEN ALL MEN. MEN are being NUKED and psychologically CASTRATED. The BFD is WINNING and we who still support natural masculinity are LOSING the BATTLE because we will not UNITE or STAND UP and FIGHT BACK!!

I originally started this thread as a cry to battle....OUR BATTLE. I got TWO responses out of 1000. THAT is a SAD statistic!! But I'd rather stand with the two TRUE WARRIOR BROTHERS named Lawrence and Michael than with anyone else here because at least I know they have the BALLS enough to STAND UP and FIGHT BACK! I'll stand with two REAL SOLDIERS like Lawrence and Michael ANY DAY but on NO DAY will I stand with WANNABE "soldiers" who sit on the sidelines looking in!

Soooo am I pissed? YOU BET! And I'm pissed because out of all the members who come to this site I find ONLY TWO REAL MEN with BALLS between their legs and GUTS to stand up as WARRIORS and BROTHERS!

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