Warrior Thought for the Day

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Warrior Thought for the Day


Marines are legendary for their monastic devotion to the warrior ideal. The mottos inked on their bodies -- Death Before Dishonor, Make Peace or Die, Always Faithful -- function as physical scriptures for their choice of religion, like scapulars, phylacteries or "What Would Jesus Do?" bracelets. The ancient Spartans, who sacrificed at the battle of Thermopylae to defend the Greeks from the Persian onslaught, are venerated as saints within the Corps. The Spartan Way is a stoic faith.

from Marines in Iraq: The warriors' way by David J. Danelo in the LA Times.

The article is mainly about the Haditha allegations and discipline within the Marine Corps.

It's a good article.

This is the last paragraph:

Accuracy in the application of deadly force is the foundational creed for any who protect and defend their society. Discerning combatant from innocent is the greatest challenge for all who have engaged in this kind of war. Like spiritual perfection, the warrior ideal is often an impossible thing to fully achieve. But as we condemn the handful who have backslid in their pursuit of the Spartan Way, we should not forget to esteem the thousands who, like Cpl. Jason Howell, have kept their honor clean amid Iraq's insanity.

Bill G

Re: Warrior Thought for the Day


Here Here!,

Please don't let the actions of a few, if proven to be guilty, cloud our respect for the countless others. No matter what your feelings on the war maybe, our troops deserve our support. I urge everyone to send a care package from home, a letter, or donate to the many veterns hospitals especially. Let them know you care.

Bill G

Greg Milliken

Re: Warrior Thought for the Day


The men (and women) of our military deserve more than they are getting from these corrupt politicians. It's just more proof that anyone who wants to be an actual, real man will face opposition no matter how moral or faultless his actions.

Robert Loring

Re: Warrior Thought for the Day


I support our soldiers (both male and female) in Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else. They risk their lives every day so that the rest of us can live in freedom.

As for the politicians, they need to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY, and let our soldiers do what they know how to do!!

And here's something else many Americans need to think about: WAR IS ALWAYS UGLY BUSINESS! There is no such thing as a "nice friendly war"! During ANY war both the enemy and bystanders get killed. Why? Because people die during wars! Death makes no distinction between the guilty and innocent. Also, in ALL wars there are mistakes made because there is no such thing as a perfect war! Soldiers do what they were trained to do and sometimes they make mistakes because they, like the rest of us, are human beings too. So turning against our soldiers is like shooting the messenger. It was not ANY of our soldiers who got us involved in battle. It was our politicians. People need to STOP using our soldiers as scapegoats and place the blame on the politicians!


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