Bill Weintraub

The Life and Times of Willy the Dick


Hi guys

We have a really terrific new Warrior Fiction from Warrior Brian Hulme.

It's titled The Life and Times of Willy the Dick, and I can't praise it too highly.

Now, Brian wants me to tell you that I added some material to his story -- which is true.

But I want to emphasize that this is Brian's story.

The concept is his, the plot is his, the characters are his, and most most most of the words are his.

All I did was add some material towards the end of the tale.

And that was basically a labor of love -- the story was so good that I wanted to expand it just a bit.

So -- this is Brian's story.

It arrived in my inbox as I was working on salvaging Frot Club, and, as Brian's emails often do, it lifted my spirits.

Because it so beautifully furthers the work of the Alliance.

Ck it out:

Only here, on The Man2Man Alliance.

Bill Weintraub

July 25, 2010

© All material Copyright 2010 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

This aspect of our work is the one that's most disturbing and indeed frightening to our opponents:

That we combine the Love of Man with the Love of Fighting Spirit.

Which is Warrior Spirit.

The Warrior God is the Guardian of that Spirit.

You may call him Jesus Christ as Robert Loring does.

You may call him Ares as did the Greeks.

What's important is that you understand and acknowledge

the vital role He plays in Your Life.

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It was my own innate understanding of the essentially Combative and Aggressive nature of Men, and my own instinctual relating of that to the testicles, which produced those fantasies and gave them so much power in my life.