natural war vs wmd




Natural war has been a part of our evolution for the last 6 million years. We faced our adversaries face to face. Our ancestral warriors contested territory to preserve natural resources. This spread out the population so that food, water and shelter could be available to all. That existence ended on Aug 6th. The brainchild Teller created a weapon so powerful that its destructive power was unlimited. This was created in 1952. Today the descendent of the warrior phallus has become Minuteman III and Trident SLBM's. In their aftermath there will be no songs of contest. No stories to tell their children. Now they will be able to create artificial viruses that will make HIV look pale in comparison. Once war helped save us. Where will we be in 2075?

Robert Loring

Re: natural war vs wmd


War has become so impersonal. No longer does the need exist for a man to face his enemy and engage in combat face to face. Now we can simply push a button or fire a rocket without ever seeing our enemies faces. Without ever getting up close to him and smelling his body sweat. Now we no longer need to look our enemy in the eye and measure him up against ourselves. War is now "clean" and "sterile."

There is no need for a warrior to push a button. Anyone can do that. Real warriors face their enemies face to face! They have no desire for "clean" and "sterile" war but only for combat as they look their enemy in the eye, warrior to warrior. They only desire to feel skin to skin and weapon to weapon. For the real warrior impersonal war is not war at all but is the action of men who are cowards! Fearful of seeing the face of their enemies. Afraid to get up close and smell the sweat of their enemies body. Scared to look their enemy in the eye, M2M.

The modern conception of a warrior is a degeneration of the traditional and historical conception of a warrior. But we need not be surprised as everything in our society today is a degeneration of everything traditional, historical, and normal. Our technologies may have increased but as men we have fallen far below our warrior ancestors!

Where will we be in 2075? At the rate we are going and with such powerful weapons in the hands of madmen of dishonor we will be living in a world of nuclear winter. Then we will realize that those madmen were not even warriors at all because they had no honor, no compassion, no common sense. But, by then it will be too late and the real warriors, the men of honor, will be no more.

We have allowed men who are dishonorable to become our leaders and heroes. We are allowing the weak in mind and spirit to rule. This is our greatest mistake and it will prove to be so by 2075. In ancient times such men would never have been allowed to rule over anything. They would not have been accepted into the ranks of the warrior. Yet, today we welcome them and their psychotic rule with open arms. Why? Because we now live in a society of dishonor.

Bill Weintraub

Re: natural war vs wmd


Thank you Rm and Robert.

Robert wrote:

Our technologies may have increased but as men we have fallen far below our warrior ancestors!

That idea is core to my foreign friend's analysis:

As he says,

If there is no heterosexual society there would be no homosexuals. And no heterosexuals either. Male-male sex is isolated only because in the western society, its spaces and its customs are completely heterosexualised (i.e. made mixed gender with pressures to be heterosexual). But heterosexual spaces are themselves unnatural --- and it was only through financial and technological power brought by industrialisation that the western society could create such an artificial unnatural heterosexual environment.


1. First off, we need to be clear that the Warrior Bond is a sexual bond.

And that the denial of that bond eviscerates both the Warrior and the Warrior Brotherhood.

My foreign friend said to me recently, that the more masculine the man, the more likely he is to seek out a sexually and emotionally exclusive bond with another masculine man.

I really want our guys to understand that.

That the love of MAN for MAN, far from being effeminate, is an expression of the most powerful form of Masculinity: NATURAL MASCULINITY.

2. Next:

Rm says,

the warrior phallus has become Minuteman III and Trident SLBM's

Again, a critical understanding.

Why did the Greeks and the Celts and so many other ancient and PRE-ancient peoples fight NUDE?

Because they understood that conflict was not just about territory, it was about phallus.


It was true man2man because the conflict was between men who were WHOLE.

Not cut off from and hiding their cocks and balls, but with cocks and balls in full view of friend and foe alike.



The Greek hero Tydeus
Notice the prominence of the genitals, and in particular the ball sac.

3. Centralization:

Again, my foreign friend:

it was only through financial and technological power brought by industrialisation that the western society could create such an artificial unnatural heterosexual environment.

In the West, financial and technological power is centralized.

Financial power in institutions such as banks; technological power in the hands of energy companies, which de facto are oil companies.

Of course this financial and technological power has given people in the West a very high level of material life -- a level the rest of the world aspires to.

But this centralized power has also been very destructive.

Of the environment -- of Nature.

Of the family -- the extended family.

And most of all -- of Natural Masculinity.

Financial and technological power has enabled the West to destroy homosocial spaces and replace them with heterosexualized space.

Thus destroying natural masculinity.

Thus enabling other forms of destruction -- such as that of Nature.

Because the Naturally Masculine Man, as Robert has pointed out, depends upon and cherishes Nature.

The separation of Men from Nature, and of Men from Men, is core to industrialization, and with it, heterosexualization.

So: the West has centralized and rationalized its technlogies, its finance, and above all its control of nature.

Including human nature.

Centralization is key.

Because centralization acts as the most potent form of social control.

And the most important form of centralization is that of energy.

Everything humans do depends upon energy.

Whether that energy is an ox drawing a plow, or a nuclear reactor.

In our post-industrial world, human beings are tied to the grid -- which distributes electricity generated through vast power plants which in turn depend upon the rape of the earth to gain their power -- oil, coal, natural gas, uranium.

As a Warrior, throughout my life, I have hated and resented the Grid.

Because I understand that it restricts my freedom.

But just yesterday, I saw an announcement of a revolutionary advance in the production of solar power, which will finally make solar competitive with fossil fuels.

If this technology is not thwarted by the immensely powerful oil interests, it has a great liberating potential.

Incorporated into roofs and walls, these panels will FREE individuals from the grid and from the vast energy companies.

And that is an essential first step.

I have said from the beginning that FROT IS ABOUT FREEDOM.

It is.

We cannot divorce the denigration of FROT from the degradation of human freedom which has followed in the wake of heterosexualization.

In the 60s there were those who argued that in technology, "small is beautiful."

I agree.

Man must never be the servant of technology.

Technology must always serve human needs.

And most especially now, the need of MEN to reclaim their NATURAL MASCULINITY.

Thank you Rm and Robert.

These are great posts -- the "male identity" message thread is also very important.

And I've given Rm's posts and the replies their own webpage, called Honor between Warriors.

Ck it out.

And remember:

The more Masculine the Man, the more likely he is to need to bond sexually and exclusively with another Masculine Man.

Yet we're living in a society that denies those bonds to Masculine Men.

Clearly, the society is fucked-up and us MEN are getting fucked over.

Robert: "We now live in a society of dishonor."

Guys -- the concept of "honor" is core to male-bonding.

Core to the Sacred Bonds between Men.

That's why it's denigrated.


Bill Weintraub

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