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Cockrub Warrior Gerard


Brett wasn't in a good mood that day. After a terrible row with his seductive boyfriend Ryan, who wouldn't listen to reason, Brett threw him violently out of the apartment. Ryan, just as vain as Brett, left with a parting shot - a sharp right to Brett's eye, leaving the handsome young model a little dizzy from the attack. Ryan then quickly disappeared. Brett promised himself revenge if he saw the bastard again.

Of course Brett was used to being adulated, adored, admired by everyone -- so much so, that he behaved like a spoiled child with a very bad temper. He was very arrogant: he would never admit that someone could not think the same way he did and wouldn't want so submit to his every whim

Actually, this was the first time Brett had ever been hit and for the god from Olympus, it was quite an insult. He couldn't conceive that anyone could be his equal, what with his 6'4 frame and 220 lbs of pure muscle. He had that Hollywood-handsome face and at 25 years old, he had known only success with both girls and men. You can imagine the mood he was in that morning with his black eye telling everyone that maybe he wasn't so perfect. He hardly took notice of his neighbours as they greeted him politely like every other day. Instead, to relieve his stress he made his way to DRAGUE, the famous sex-shop with the latest sexy underwear.


Also headed for DRAGUE, though he didn't know it, was Darren, who had just arrived in L.A. for the first time. He was enthralled by this town with its allure of Disneyland, Hollywood, and Sunset Boulevard, a city of celebrities, of eccentricity and of debauchery on its West side. Darren walked along one street then another smiling at all he saw, especially all the beautiful males who could easily have stepped from a Kristen Bjorn video. All heads turned as he passed because Darren was one of those rare and really beautiful males. He was in his mid-twenties with a fantastic harmoniously muscled body, a virile walk, dark eyes with heavy brows, a deeply masculine face with strong jaws, and a bull-like neck. He was about 6'4 and because of a steady workout regime, he weighed about 220 lbs.

On one street, Darren took notice of the sex-shop, DRAGUE, and his curiosity drove him to go in, especially with all the sexy underwear he saw in the window. The salesman, in his forties, strongly built with pecs the size of melons revealed by a tight t-shirt, widened his eyes as he took a look at Darren. "Hhhi!" he managed to blurt out.

Darren took a quick look at the plastic mannequins around the store and rested his eyes on a small black bikini that had a small opening at the front, enough to let a few black hairs out from a guy's crotch. Darren fell in love with the bikini as it seemed specially made for him. He knew it would fit his muscular frame perfectly, molding his ass and crotch like a glove, while the black colour would go well with his pink skin. He looked at the make and was surprised to see that it was a CALVIN and even if it was a bit pricey, he took it and brought it to the counter. The salesman, who had been admiring Darren ever since he walked into the store, smiled as Darren said: "Keep this for me. I want to look at some others!"

Darren then looked at some swim suits that would look great with his beautiful body. He chose a tiny one in red cloth, then headed for the changing room to try it on because he was afraid it might not be elastic enough for his large frame.

At that moment, Brett brutally pushed the door of the store open. He was quite a sight with the black eye and his face still red with anger. The salesman, hearing the door open, looked around and smiled at the beautiful client, his friend, someone he had yearned for since the first day Brett came to the store two years ago. "Hi Brett!" he called out.

"Got anything new? Something unique! I don't like wasting my time with junk!" Brett blurted out with barely a nod to the man.

"Sorry, I've just sold this great suit. It's 150 dollars!" Billy, the salesman, showed the black Calvin to Brett. Without a word, Brett grabbed the suit and headed for the changing room to undress quickly and put it on.

"Give that back, it's the only one I've got" Billy cried out. As Brett ignored him, he continued, "Don't joke around Brett, this suit is already sold."

Darren was admiring himself in the mirror when he heard the cries. He slipped out of the changing area and ran towards Billy. "I hope that isn't my suit you've let go!!" Billy was almost speechless in front of this new client and only managed to groan with fearful eyes. At the same time of course Billy was almost foaming at the mouth as he eyed this beautiful male specimen standing in front of him in only the minuscule swimsuit.

"Where is my black Calvin?" Darren raged.

Billy couldn't take his eyes off Darren's chest.

"Would you answer me you fucking idiot!?" Darren yelled.

"What's your problem mother-fucker?!" Brett snarled as he emerged from the cubicle, wearing only the black Calvin which barely fit him, showing off his bronzed body, with muscles flaring.

Then, without even much looking at Darren, Brett lunged at him and took a swing at his face.

Doubly surprised, first by the beauty of the man assailing him and secondly by the fist that made contact with his skin, Darren was thrown against the counter. He reacted quickly by throwing himself at Brett, grabbing hold of his muscled arms and pulling Brett against him, their two massive chests coming together. Darren then tried to get Brett's body in a bearhug to try to immobilize him. The two men were equally matched and both were nervous. Neither wanted to back down and both were pressed tightly together like two huge writhing pythons.

All of a sudden, Brett realised that he had been wrong all along. Not because he may have been at fault in his actions towards Darren of course, but because he was strongly attracted to the body and face of the sexy stranger, who was about the same age and size as himself. Brett realised that he didn't want to fight this beautiful man, but would actually like to become his lover.

Darren also was strongly attracted to Brett's beauty, but he could not turn back because they were now fighting, man to man, to show their strength and dominance over each other.

Their panting mouths were almost touching, they could each feel the warm breath of the other, their muscled legs were entwined and each tried to make the other fall, their hard nips were scratching each other and their fabulous six-pack abs were pushing against each other.

Billy in the meantime, was afraid this fight could cause damage to his store. A diabolical idea came to him and he called his strong assistant Leslie to help. Leslie, his massive chest naked, ran up quickly as he was eager to rub up against the two male fighters.

Billy yelled out: "Stop! Stop" You're going to break everything! Why don't you settle this between yourselves tonight? I will gladly give the Calvins to whoever wins the battle. You have Leslie's word and mine!"

"Sure! We'll be your referees!" Leslie added.

"You can fight in our storeroom not far from here!" Billy said.

Brett and Darren stopped their struggle and with heavy breathing, took those few moments of respite to examine each other.

"That's fine with me" said Brett.

"No problem for me because I'm not afraid of you" replied Darren.

"Good! Let's do it!" said Leslie, quickly restraining Brett who was poised to jump on Darren once again.

At 9 p.m. that evening, Brett, Darren, Billy and Leslie met at the storeroom. It was a small place used to store merchandise from the boutique. There was about a 9 foot by 12 foot space to fight and a 35 watt lamp that feebly lit up the space.

Leslie spoke first : " Billy and I would like a fair fight. You may hit anywhere except below the belt or to the face or on the head. Whoever is pinned for 10 seconds, loses."

"So that your clothes will not be torn, and to make sure that either of you does not have a weapon, you will fight naked, man to man. Anyways there are only the four of us here," Billy added with a malicious smile.

Even though it was Fall, the temperature in the storeroom was warm enough for the two men to fight naked. It didn't take much persuading for Brett and Darren to undress. They seemed to have lost the anger of that afternoon and both men wanted to know each other in a more sensual way. Both enjoyed frottage, skin on skin, muscle against muscle, man to man to see who was best.

As they undressed, Brett stole a few glances at Darren, evaluating the strength of his back, his hard abs, his huge thighs. Darren looked over Brett's massive pecs, the strong arms and wrestler legs. Both men examined each other's cock and balls which were the same except that Brett's were bronze coloured whereas Darren's were red.

Both men pretended to want a fight with hard looks and grunts but they couldn't wait to feel their bodies together. Brett lifted up his hands towards Darren provoking a response from the other man. "So, let's fight you mother fucker!" he said. "Fuck you, asshole!" replied Darren as his hands found Brett's and both men pushed against each other with all their strength. Their muscles strained with the pressure and their massive chests seem to grow even bigger.

Suddenly, Darren got in closer to Brett and threw his body against Brett, their chests colliding violently against each other.

UH! UH! UH! Darren felt Brett's body against his own and it was like lightning all through his body. UH! UH! UH! Brett loved the feel of his muscled chest against Darren's while their pecs were banging together with pent-up rage.

Of course Billy and Leslie could not stay indifferent to this fantastic show! They both took off their shirts and caressed their massive chests and their growing crotches.

Brett attacked and with his thigh, threw Darren to the floor. Darren, still holding Brett, brought him down too. Both men fell to the floor. Darren immediately jumped on Brett and tried to pin his shoulders down for the count of 10.

"1, 2, 3," counted Leslie but Brett, with his massive legs, overpowered Darren and muscled his way on top. Now it was his turn to try to pin Darren's shoulders to the ground.

"1, 2, 3!"

His legs wrapped around Brett's waist, Darren brought Brett's torso down on his own and both of them rolled crazily around the floor. They each grabbed the other's hair and exchanged a few sharp punches to the pecs, abs, arms and sides as their legs remain entwined, grinding them into each other.

It was an equal contest. Each man easily dominated the other for a few moments then relinquished the position for the other. Their bodies were now covered with sweat, and the sensual noise of their sliding bodies and the smell of male musk filled the room. Smack! Smack! Smack! Their nips tried to dominate each other, their pubic hair scratched the other man's crotch, their balls slapped hard together. Brett felt his cock becoming erect rapidly because of all the friction and he could feel Darren's growing with his own. Their cocks were crossed like swords between their massive abs and were grinding together fervidly with the humping movements both men were making.

The erotic electricity grew explosively in the room, and Brett's and Darren's bodies were glowing, they weren't punching each other anymore but now were panting together from fatigue and sensual pleasure. The rubbing was slower because neither wanted to cum just yet. Instead their lips found each other and their tongues explored the wetness of each other's mouth. Both men licked each other's face and arms, savouring the saltiness of their sweat. They caressed their chests and played with each other's rock-hard nips. They explored every inch of their bodies, manhandling their balls, rolling them between their fingers. Their massive mushroom-headed cocks were rubbing intensely together creating a feeling of pure pleasure. The loads of precum coming from the piss-slits made the rubbing easier and slicker. They kissed passionately again while playing with hard nips.

"I'm going to cum soon," whispered Brett in Darren's open mouth, his hot breath mixing with the other man's. There was no more anger but pure joy. "Let's cum together!" said Darren. They could both feel the cum begin its upward journey and with loud cries, both cocks erupted at the same time sending spurt after spurt of warm white jizz all over their united abs, chests and crotches. Their tongues were still sucking at each other, tasting their saliva. They wished this moment would last forever, this cumming together of body, spirit, and cocks.

"The black Calvin is yours my beloved," murmured Brett in Darren's ear while he licked the perfect earlobe.

Darren shivered with pleasure: "No, it fits you better!" he moaned as he sucked on one of Brett's ears.

"How about we each wear it: it's so sexy, like you stud!"

"I think I love you Brett! "

"I know I love you Darren! "

They both slept, side by side, still entwined, their mouths still together. They dreamt of making love together, of torrents of white semen flowing from their cockheads, their bodies stuck together forever, their crotch hair blending to form one crotch, one large cock, one cockhead with piss slits full of jizz. Hercules sleeping in the arms of Samson.

Billy and Leslie had also cum together in their favourite position, cock to cock, body to body, nip to nip, mouth to mouth. They had been lovers for many years and knew how to please each other. They had made love every night and never had enough.

And who could blame them?!

Cockrub Warrior Stockpeck

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