Cockrub Warrior

It was early, 7:00 in the morning to be adsact. He had told me to meet him on the beach right next to the dock. So, I parked my car, brought out a towel and lay there in my swimtrunks not knowing what to expect. The beach was deserted, not a person in sight, just me, laying down. Not even a couple was walking the shoreline. Normally I would be really tired this early in the morning but I was too anxious to feel drowsy. The sun shone bright on the horizon and the seabreeze cooled my nerves.

You see, a few days ago I'd met this bodybuilder named Jake at my local Gold's Gym.

He was short, about 5'7 or maybe a half inch less, but he was solid at about 200 lbs of bulging muscle. He had a sharp goatee and a strong chin. He also had an impulsive sense of humor and quick wit.

The day I met Jake, I saw him working out with a buddy of his. During my workout, my eyes glanced over and I saw the both of them staring dead at me.

The taller guy was talking and Jake had a grin on his face as if he was about to laugh. At first I tried to think nothing of it -- I felt a spurt of self-consciousness but kept working out. About five minutes later his buddy left the gym.

Jake then came up to me out of nowhere and asked me for a spot.

We worked out together and talked for a bit then we went to the local health bar to grab a protein shake. It was getting late and I remember him looking at me with this long strange look. I looked back at him and said "What?" He paused and took a sip of his drink and looked back at me. He then proceeded to tell me about this club he's in, "It has bodybuilders, boxers, and a lot of local athletes in it." He even said that some professional athletes were in it.

I asked him what it was, a gambling circle was my first thought.

"We call it the Princeton Club here, but they call it other names, The Oxford Club, The Blue Club, The Knoc, Frot Club -- it depends on which city you live in. There's no membership fees or membership period. It's just a circle of men who share the same interest. You just have to know the right people to get in."

"It's all over the country?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty much. We're discreet but we're pretty wide spread."

"I talked to one of my friends before I left the Gym with you and he said he's seen your face in one of the local clubs in the area ... a gay club."

I stuttered trying to get the words out to defend myself. "I-I-I-I d-d don't even like going to clubs that much much less a gay one. I I I don't even......."

He cut me off. "You might not like those clubs but I'm pretty sure you'll like ours," he said with a smile.

"The guy who saw you there was a bartender at the club, he said it was the first time he saw you there, and from the moment you walked in you looked out of place. You were looking all shook up and paranoid and shit."

"It was the first time I've been there. I I don't ever really ... ever ..." I responded.

"Those meat markets aren't really all that great. I don't like going to them either."

I raised an eyebrow at his comment.

"Let's get together tomorrow and talk," he said.

He pulled out a pen and wrote the time and place on a napkin. He gave me a hard slap on the back and said, "See ya later sailor," and left the bar.

So that's where I was now -- at the beach laid out face down on my towel wondering when this guy is gonna show up and what he has to offer me with his "Club."

As soon as the thought passed my head I saw a guy walking toward me. He was a tall guy about 6'2". He had on nothing but some sun glasses and swimwear. I could tell this guy put in crazy hours at the gym. It wasn't only him being as big as he was but chiseled and ripped too.

To my suprise the guy plopped his towel down 6 inches away from mine and lay down on it face up and didn't even look at me.

I turned and asked him, "Uhhh Hey, are you here with Jake?"

He turned and let out a pearly white smile and said, "He's right in front of us."

I then saw Jake walking about 15 feet in front of me with a towel in his hand. He had on some boxer-style swimtrunks and a baseball cap.

"Hey," he yelled as he flipped the towel out right next to the other side of me. He lay down on his side facing me, with his head resting on his arm.

"So what's up man?"

"Nothin really, just trying to figure out what's going on..."

He cut me off.

"So, let me introduce my friend Wade, he's the guy who saw you in the Club the other night."

I turned to Wade and he said "What's up."

I nodded, "Nothin ... Hey you were in the gym with Jake yesterday, right?"

"Yep that would be me," he said.

There was a pause as I registered the situation in my head.

Jake interrupted my thinking with a blunt question.

"Have you ever fucked with a guy before, Hank?"

"Uhh, once when I was in college. Actually it was with only one guy but we did it at least a dozen times."

"Uh huh," Jake responded. "Well, what did you guys do, did you suck each other, fuck, wack off?

"Well it started when he brought a porno flick to our apartment. He was in his room doing his thing without me knowing a thing. I was excited about telling him something -- I don't remember what it was, but, I basically busted into his room. I saw him jacking off to a couple lesbians licking each other down.

"Funny thing though the door was cracked and so I had no idea what he was doing in there was private.

"Anyway, after I busted in, I saw him whacking off hard. He had a bottle of lotion on the side of the bed and his pants were at his ankles.

"Ohh shit," I said. "I had no idea... I..."

"It's cool man," he said. He had a calm look on his face.

He grabbed the bottle of lotion and held it up in the air toward me. "You wanna join me?"

"What? Join you?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what I said. You never jacked off with another guy before?"

"Hell no!" I said and proceeded to shut the door.

But before the door closed I heard him say, "You can join me whenever you're ready."

I was shocked, disgruntled, and aroused all at the same time.

I went to my room for 15 minutes with thoughts racing through my head. I couldn't calm my dick down. I decided to knock on his door again.

I walked up to his door slowly. His room was silent. Then I knocked.

I heard his TV turn on and heard the volume go up, and a lot of shuffling in the room. Then I heard a zzzzziiippppp, and what sounded like him pulling his pants down or up. "Come on in," he said.

I opened the door and sure enough his pants were at his ankles, and a devilish smile was on his face. He held up the lotion bottle again and wiggled it in mid-air and said, "Change of heart?"

I sat next to him, and started jacking. Then it went from that to us jacking each other off. I remember how warm his bone felt in my hand and how the smooth veiny skin around his dick moved so loosely around the hard meat underneath.

Then it went from innocent fondling to us straight going at it. Soon enough we were buck naked kissing and fondling.

Then we both got on the bed and lay down head to foot, and jacked with our legs intertwined waist to waist.

"King a Clubs," said Jake, interrupting my story.

Wade laughed.

"That's what they call that position?" I asked. "Why the King a Clubs?"

"Guess. Have you seen a card deck and how the Kings are in a design bound at the waist?" asked Wade.

"Ohh yeah, when I think about......"

"Go on with the story," Jake interrupted again. "What else did you guys do?"

"Well there isn't that much else, we went on like this til the end of our semester together. Basically we jacked each other off. I would come back to the apartment alone after class or work late at night and go to my room or whatever.

"And, we had this signal thing.

"He would be in his room and he would have the porno playing real loud, loud enough for me to hear through my room wall.

"That was the signal. I'd knock on his door and this led to that and we would end up together that night.

"He would keep gettin new porno's like it mattered what we were watching while we were doing it. He'd be like, "Check it out, The island of Lesbos part three, Cumback Pussy IV" or some other corny-ass porno name, "Look at the back cover."

"I'd look at it, he'd pop it in, and within 3 minutes the video didn't mean diddly-shit.

"The tapes were an alibi, I guess.

"Now that i think about it, he musta had about 10 tapes in all I swear.

"Those things are real expensive you know, like 30 bucks a pop.

"I guess I shoulda told him the tapes didn't matter but, if I dismissed the alibi that would be too hard on our conscience, we were only opportunistic homos.

"We could never just go to each other and, you know "Do it" there had to be some mindnumbing loophole to jump through.

"It would even go beyond jacking off sometimes we would, do this thing, we would lie between each other's legs and grind away with our abs and hips. Our dicks would be on top of each other and it would feel so fuckin good!"

"Aaahh Classic FROT," said Jake.


"Go on."

"Well, we did that, and we had this other thing we used to do. We would rubs our dicks on each other's cracks and grind til we came."

"The Trojan," said Wade

"Trojan?" I said. "Do you mother fuckers got a name for everything?"

"Nope," said, Jake, "but we do have a lot. What you did is called frottage or princeton rub, or the knoc or friction, depends. There's a lot of names for it."

"That pretty much is what our club is based on but it's not just sex. I'll get to the positions later.

"See, our club is a society and its rules are binding on all men in some way or another. The truth is -- gay men aren't special. Most men -- I'd say 90% at least -- are attracted to both sexes to some degree, while only about 5% are fully straight and another 5% fully gay.

"Fact is, most people are flexible.

"Just think of it as a scale from 1-10 with everyone, men and women, distributed over a bell-shaped curve.

"A good example of the way a bell-shaped curve works, is the time college students arrive for a 9 o'clock class, or workers to a 9 am job."

"Yeahhh," I said, "We studied that in our stats class."

"Right," said Jake. "So you know that if you've got a 9 o'clock class, almost all the kids will show up between 8:50 and 9:10, with the greatest number arriving within one or two minutes of 9 exactly.

"But you'll also have some kids -- just a few -- who get there at 8:45 and others not till 9:15.

"And if the class is big enough, you'll probably have one guy who gets there at 8:30 every morning, and another who's habitually 30 minutes late.

"This phenomenon is seen repeatedly in the natural world -- most phenomena fall towards the middle, with a relatively few at the extremes.

"The same is true of so-called sexual orientation.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is pure gay and 10 is pure straight, most people are 5s and 6s -- that is, they fall in the middle of the curve and are completely bisexual. Then there are smaller numbers of 3s or 4s, and 7s or 8s -- these people are bisexual too, but they lean a little more strongly in one direction or the other.

"Of course, there are others who are 1's and 2's, gay with a small attraction to the opposite sex -- or 9s and 10s -- hetero with a small attraction to the same sex. What you are on the scale is, what you are on the scale. Some people think that all gay men are perfect 1's and all straight men perfect 10's but it's anything but.

dave kopay

"What we have come to find out is that an out and about gay man can be the same number on that scale as a married Pro NFL linebacker, and no one would know the difference -- not even the men themselves. Just like a flamboyant hairstylist can be a 10 and have a drop dead gorgeous wife any man would envy.

"But, society puts its burden on the interests of men. It depends on how masculine you look, and what your inherent interests are which determines partly where you may end up as you grow older. Let me give you an example.

"Say you got two guys both 3's on the scale, one is a dainty looking kid, with an interest in computers and other oddball shit. He's not good in sports, but smart and soft spoken. Doesn't fit in too well in school. As he grows up he feels different, he may think that's because his attraction to boys is part of his collective weakness. Why? Because society tells him that because he's gay or attracted to guys he's weak and the opposite of a man. As he grows older it seeps into his brain deeper and deeper until he believes it himself. He's a 3 on the scale though, he still has an attraction to women, and he holds on to that as a sure fire fact that he isn't gay. He jacks off to girls and has crushes, but every once in a while thoughts of men come into the back of his head or in his fantasies, or he finds a guy in school attractive. As he gets older he grows out of his scrawny build and starts to become a hottie. He notices other guys noticing him. One day he has his first experience with a guy and that's usually the breaker. Afterward men are all he thinks about. This is the story of about 50% of the gay men out there. Growing up feeling different not because they're gay but because of their interests, and feeling it's connected to them being gay. But in reality it has nothin to do with that.

"Some may grow up feeling a lot more different, or feel like straight up fuckin weirdos. They may have all the interests of a young girl or gain those interests while hanging around with too many girls. A boy can get so used to being called a wuss, a flamer or gay, that he begins to magnify those behaviors almost as a defense mechanism, and may wear the identity that society gave him to its full effect.

"It's funny but some of the men who are like that may be fives on the scale but may end up being 100% gay, then one day they meet a woman who blows them away and they get married, have a family and that's that.

"But the truth is most men don't grow up feeling like weirdos, they fit right in.

"Lets take example #2. Butch looking, broad-shouldered and good at sports from when he was a kid. But he's also a 3 on the scale.

"When he grows up, he likes boys but, the important part is he doesn't feel "different" whatsoever. He feels everything about him works perfectly, but as he gets older his feelings become stronger and he gets hornier. He still has an attraction to women though and he stands by that as a fact he isn't gay. But he has that other side of him that society tells him is connected to weirdness, weakness, spinelessness, and disorder. He feels gay sometimes but the important part is he's not "Queer." So he tries as hard as he can to distance himself from that part of him. But anytime he sees a flamboyant gay guy he gets stirred up and can't help but make a comment. He's a "Homophobe."

"He's liked and accepted in his high school. But, he can't help noticing how good some of the players on his football team look in their uniforms. He explains his feelings away and keeps it in his subconscious, because if he brings it to the surface, he has no choice but to deal with it. So It lays in his subconscious and stays there, for however long it needs to.

"No one could clock him under the most powerful microscope, he grows up, does the damn thing, gets married, and lives the model life. Because society tells him that's the way it's supposed to be, even though everything in his heart screams otherwise.

"With most men those feelings stay back there and they make sure they stay back there, but say one day, our guy gets drunk and ends up with one of his friends one night. It blows his mind out the box completely. He loves the experience but ignores the guy later on and refuses to entertain the idea of a relationship. I mean the guy is hot, but how would it work, no one will accept them doing something like that, he has his parents to deal with. His social life would be gone. He either has to keep it secret or stop it altogether. So he stops it altogether, ignores the guy, won't even look him in the eye for the next few months. It was a great experience but remember he's a 3 on the scale, he still loves women.

"Does he love women more then men or men more than women? It doesn't matter because he still loves women and so he's straight.

"What happens when this happens to man after man in millions of scenarios, sorry to say you have the straight world vs a league of gay guys.

And while most gay guys are normal people, a lot of them get really scarred from the way they grow up and are treated, and end up being bitchy, difficult queens.

"It works the same way with lesbians. Some women who grow up overweight, stocky or unsure about their looks and body image, they may fail to rely on the attention of men for their fullfillment.

"Some may like sports and may be a little more aggressive then other women. Women fall sexually more on their emotions than men so it may take their first experience with a women to get them hooked. Sometimes it takes a tragic moment to curve their interest. A woman may grow out of an abusive relationship, or a rape or bad experience with a man to wake up that other side of her that's been lurking all along.

"It could be different, sometimes it's a stunningly beautiful lesbian, a sorority chick who meets another of her girls in the sack one night after a pillow fight and ends up with her face in between the other's legs. She has more orgasms in one intense longlasting girl on girl session than she ever had in a whole month with her boyfriend. She continues the relationship with her boyfriend for her parents and for "public life" but she soon grows bored with her boyfriend and longs for those nights with her gorgeuos tan, sweet smelling smooth skinned sorority sister. She misses the showers with her in the morning and the cuddling with her at night.

"Now, she may continue the relationship with her boyfriend or she may expand her options. She is so beautiful that she can't stop handsome men from coming to her over and over again, they are tempting to her but so are girls.

"This is one reason why so many of the most beautiful lesbians are temporary lesbians or bisexuals, because of the constant attention they get from men.

"There's no telling the number of women who are in relationships with men they really don't want to be in. The world tells women that they must have a man accept her to be validated. By age 25 women are anxious to get married, by 30 they're sweating and any age later they're desperate. The last thing they want is to end up alone without a man. Some of them may want a man but a countless number probably can't find a good man cause in reality it's not what they truly want. They want companionship but not with who they are seeking. You know this gay marriage shit everyone is shook up about. About two thirds of the people getting married or having civil unions are women, but no one talks about that.

"Anyway the fact of the matter is that the urges were already there in all those individuals -- it just took a shift to bring them to the surface. That's how it is in the general population.

"No one wants to be associated with weakness, timidness, cowardess, passiveness, therefore no one wants to be associated with so called gayness. And women have a born-in inclination to please others, so they usually keep quiet about whatever's lurking in them.

"In other words it doesn't matter how gay you are as long as you fit the mold, everyone will accept you that way and sooner or later you will accept yourself that way and play your role.

"But, people are beginning to see the line getting thinner and thinner in what separates those worlds. Sooner or later that line is gonna disappear.

"However like I said most men are in between and stuck between a gay world that doesn't suit their interest and a straight world that doesn't suit enough of their interest. So that's where we come in. Our little club takes all -- gay, straight, whatever. In our club there are no labels, just Men, all equally Men. But we have an etiquette and a rule behind all of it.

"It's a 2-man exclusive relationship. 2 men with girlfriends, 2 married men, 1 married man and another close "friend" of his.

"Or just a coupla single guys who like to knoc nuts every now and then -- or more. We call these a "closed loop." No one else enters into the circle, no one else knows about it unless the two men want them to know and everyone who knows repects what they have."

Wade then started speaking.

"The men don't refer to the other as their partner but as a "Frot Brother," it's how they distinguish most of their friends in the club from the man inside their closed loop.

"Some of the relationships in our club have been going on for years but the majority are new. We have a private website and we throw house parties and gatherings to attract men who wanna meet up. The majority of the men in the club are certified pussy pumpers, and have a profound love for the opposite sex, but they have other needs. But many of the men are full out gay men, who are just tired of the ridiculous gay scene and come to our club for a release from that.

"In meeting other men the biggest rule about the club is -- No buttfuckin!

"Buttfuckin spreads disease, damages the anus and rectum, makes the relationship unequal and divides the men into tops and bottoms. It degrades both the tops and the bottoms. And it takes the gravity away from the relationship.

"Two women can't fuck each other, the same way two men can't fuck each other. Fucking is for a man and a woman. Two men have different rules in the bedroom. You break those rules and you'll face consequences. Pussy is warm and wets itself in anticipation, it even curls opens up for you when it's really ready for it. It has hard fleshy walls to protect it from diseases and any ramrodding penis that slams through. It could take a whallop of a pounding, over and over and juice itself up for more. It comes with it's own smell and pretty pink butterfly skin framing a tight little entrance. In other words, it's built for the fuck.

"You try to use an asshole as a fake ass pussy and it won't work, for obvious reasons. It's built for the adsact opposite of what you're doing to it. Still the male ass is a beautiful thing and there are other ways of enjoying it instead of ripping the delicate lining of your man's anus to shreds.

"How do you guys "do it" that's different from the gay scene, besides the buttfuckin part?" I asked.

"Well, let me run you down a little list," said Jake.

"Jacking off together, jackin each other off or mutual masturbation as the officials call it.

"Double jack, both dicks in one hand."

As he talked he did the Jack off motions with his hands.

"The King of Clubs, jacking off waist to waist while you rub each other down. Of course you're already familiar with that one."

"The cool thing about the King of Clubs is you can scoot up real close to the point where your balls are rubbing each other, with your legs intertwined this gives you maximum body contact, you can feel the other guys taut nuts jiggle up and down against your own sac as you both beat that meat up.

"Then there's the taint or the bridge or perineum or dickroot, call it whatever you want. There is this thing you can do with it to drive a guy crazy. While you guys are jacking off take the tips of your three fingers and start from the base of the balls and rub it from side to side.

"He got up spun around on his towel and spread his legs in my direction. I could see the whole print of his package through the tight swimtrunks. He tilted onto his back and talked as he did the motions. Wade was there laughing the whole time, and sat himself up to get a better look at what Jake was doing. He talked as if he was a college professor.

"It's important that you go from side to side not up and down the taint. Your fingers should roll around it. As your guy gets harder the taint will harden and tighten up, you won't be able to roll your fingers as deep. Well, as he tightens up roll your fingers farther back not at the asshole but right below it. Push hard and roll side to side with your fingers, this is how you stimulate the prostate from the outside.

He rolled up off of his back to face me, and continued talking.

"It feels just as good as the other way of doing it and it's far less discomfort on your man's part. And, the biggie is you won't end up with shit or something worse under your fingernails or in your bloodstream. You should try it by yourself sometime, you'll see what I mean."

"There's also cock combat. Those are cockfights where you duel with your dicks. They're superhot and alotta fun too bro."

I'd had a huge boner ever since I started telling my little college story a few minutes ago and Jake wasn't about to help it go down. I was lying face down on my towel so the guys had no clue.

"Then there's the Knok, or Frot," Jake went on. "It's when two men get together, get naked, oil is an option, and jam their cocks into each other. It's the most intimate and passionate of positions, and so the most popular.

"With Frot all borders are broken. Every part is lined up, face to face, bone to bone, pecs to pecs, heart to heart. Frot is full body, while you grind away your can smell that sweet spunk man juice leakin out in between you lubin' you both up, and slabbering your stomach with the slippery friction oil."

Jake ran both hands over his stomach, closed his eyes, stuck his bottom lip out and bared his teeth, as if he were actually in the moment.

"It's super intense bro because both men are pumpin and grindin and takin the impact."

"You just gotta feel it for yourself, to know what Jake is talking about," said Wade.

Wade went on. "You can even rub your cock on another guy's abs til you shoot or on some hard pecs if your guy has something to work with."

I pressed my dick down and felt the sand shift underneath the towel.

Jake then started again. "There's another way to do it, when you both have on clothes or briefs, boxerbriefs or jockstraps for the fun of it. You knock them crotches against each other. This is the way most guys had their first nutt when there were young. Grinding their balled up dicks into the mattress. When your cock is bent inside of your underwear and straining to get out, or bulging and you knock them against each other, we call this Knucklin or Riding the Rock."

Jake hacked up his trunks and stuck his crotch up and held it in both his hands and did a quick shake.

"It's usually done with one guy spread eagle and the other guy grinding between his legs. Or when one guy is knudging his knotted crotch into another guys crack without penetration, or when a guy on top straddles another and feels his rock press hard into his taint, that's the shit right there."

Wade interjected. "Or when you're both wearin briefs have a guy stick his cock in your fly and have both of you unload inside your briefs. That shit is nice!"

Jake added, "Levi's 'll work too!"

Wade then went on, "If you're like me, I'm an ass man, I believe that a male bubble butt is one of the most beautiful things on the face of the earth. I just love the ass, not to be confused with the asshole. My partner has an unbelievably hot one. It pokes out from his lower back and gracefully humps into his thick built thighs. And he has a softly shadowed deep valley of a crack between those muscular mounds. Damn, I get horny just thinkin about it.

"See, me and my man like to Trojan."

He got up like Jake did and started doing the motions while he talked.

"The Trojan is when you straddle your man's hips like you're riding a horse. Arch your back and slide your bone in between til those cheeks engulf both sides of your cock. Once you're comfortable and have a rhythm you grind that valley til you see stars. It's even better with lube or if you're both sweaty after some intense face to face knockin.

"You can feel that belly being massaged by those taut masculine melons. And squirting your load onto the small of his back, up between those flaring delts, or even to the well-trimmed hairline - mmmmm! And that doesn't even mention working your hands underneath to work on his nipples, his abs, his cock, balls.

"We call it the Trojan Horse, or Trojan for short. It looks like your doing something while you're actually not. And it looks like your riding a horse in a way. A trojan can help also, the condom that is. It prevents any drips of nut from gettin where they're not supposed to be, especially with a guy you're new to."

Jake started talking. "The Princeton rub is another famous one, it's when you pump your dick in between your buddy's thighs. The rub has a lot of names. It's also called Harvard Style, Oxford style, Interfemoral fuckin, The Businessman and a bunch of other names. It was real popular at those all male universities as you can tell. You know what's funny, It's named after three of our top colleges and still so many people don't know about it.

"There a lot of ways to do it. One way is for the guy to put his legs over your shoulders while you push your cock right into the thighs, above his privates and knock away.

"Hey, another way is to have your man lay down on his back and have him bend his knees up toward the ceiling like he's about to do sit-ups, then you straddle his stomach and rest your balls right on top of his shaft. From there you put your cock in between his thighs, this position is a favorite of mine. You can squeeze his legs together as you pump those stumps of muscle. While you pump, your balls and taint grind up and down his shaft. While at the same time you get to feel that slippery shaft pulse under you."

"Damn that shit sounds kinda sweet," I said.

"Here's a few more ways: have him lay on his back and lock his legs scissor style and have at his thighs or his at yours. Or you can have him lay on his stomach and poke it in the same spot. This way you can feel those hard asschecks massage your stomach."

I looked around the beach to see if anyone was watching these too big ass bodybuilders humping the air and grabbing their crotches in all different positions on both sides of me. But, the beach was empty as I got my own free strip tease.

"Then there's the oral and tongue stuff," said Jake, "Sixty-nine, licking all parts of the body and I think you could use your imagination here.

"Now, our club has no problems with oral sex, but it should be done with someone you've been partners with for a while. With my partner it was a long time before we took it there. It's something you reserve for someone you have something solid with, not just any other guy. I mean common sense and dignity should tell you not to go around shoving any guy's dick in your mouth."

"It's a privilege," Wade said with a smile.

"You gotta make sure you have that connection over a period of time, after that, you got the liberty to do whatever you want in whatever places with your mouth or your tongue or fingers. Just plain go crazy in bed."

"But me," said Jake, "I'm a pure Frot man. Nothin I love better than straight up bone on bone, feelin our thik dicks jam and slam while I kiss my man deeep and grind my hard muscle boy pecs into his sweet dude's chest."

"Uh huh," said Jake, "we call that phallic mating, and there's nothin more powerful!"

Jake's words made my dick spasm.

I musta shivered, cause Jake asked, "You okay Hank, you haven't moved an inch since we got here?"

"Ha Ha, you gotta give him some time to let it sink in," said Wade.

"So what do you think my man are you ready to learn more about our little club?"

I turned over on my back and spread my legs to show them the precum soaked crotch of my trunks.

"Does this answer your question?"


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