I am a frotbrother



I am a frotbrother


I am a frotbrother. When I see myself I see a man. My frame is robust I am a male. My bones and muscles are defined. I have sharp skull features around my eyes and my chin is pronounced. This predisposes me to be naturally agressive. This is inborn. I am a protector, provider and at times a fighter. I have been taken from my home where my ancestors were free to roam for the last 7 million years. I cannot hunt, I cannot spar I cannot embrace my brothers. I have to ask permission to survive apart from my family and my community. I am robbed of my identity and my manhood. I am angry and so are many many other males. Eros has been subjeted to materialism and with this our love for our brothers. A yes man is not a frotman. Anal sex is like being a dog. Do you like having sex like a dog? I don't either for you see I am a frotbrother and so are you!

Robert Loring

Re: I am a frotbrother


Excellent Post Silverback!!

All men have been robbed of their own natualness and this modern lost society has spurned all of our ancestors, all of our ancient ones. But soon, this materialistic society will fall and pay the great price for having tried to make right into wrong and wrong into right. And then the world and man will return to the way they were intended to be by the Divine. Men will be Men again. And Warriors will be Warriors again!

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