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The Warrior God


Warrior God

Imagine a world in which men bonded closely with other men. A world in which natural male masculinity ruled the day instead of some pseudo-manhood known as male femininity. A world in which men were unafraid to show their feelings to other males. A world in which masculine men honored their own manhood and the masculinity of other men.

Imagine a world in which masculine male nudity was commonplace and socially acceptable. A world in which it was not a "sin" for men to sexually frot with other masculine males. A world, in which, male bonding was encouraged and supported. A world in which masculine men taught other males how to become truly masculine men of pride, honor, and fidelity.

Imagine a world in which the Warrior Ethos was something that was honored and esteemed instead of shunned and discouraged. A world in which natural male aggression was respected and valued. Natural male aggression would be self disciplined by such males as they walked through their lives living as honorable and noble Warriors.

The naturally masculine male would have a major place in such a world just as he did in ancient days when the Hoplites and others ruled the times. No longer would there be a war against the natural male, natural masculinity, or natural male aggression. Man would truly be once again MASCULINE MAN. Males would be unafraid to love their brothers in the natural bonds of the brotherhood of man. Males could simply be themselves.

The world we live in today stands against this vision at every turn. It opposes anything that even comes near natural maleness, natural masculinity, and natural male aggression be that aggression disciplined aggression or unbridled aggressiveness. Today's society is a society of hypocrisy! More and more the nude male body is becoming an object of shame and disgust even though the nude male body is something beautiful, masculine, serene, and sacred.

There is a war against the natural male and the sad fact is that most males are losing that war. To even begin to win that war, males need to return to what they once were and be unafraid again to love, to be simply themselves, and to being noble modern Warriors!

For males to be whole again they need to not only begin to take pride in their natural and god-given manhood but they also need to replace the present image of God in the world. The wimpy limp handed image of the feminized Christ can no longer suffice as a pattern and example for the natural male, the masculine Warrior. The present feminized concept of the Christ serves only to enhance femininity in the minds of males. This image calls into question everything that is natural and god-given to a male. This guru image serves only to emasculate males as they try to follow in His footsteps. This wimpy, feminine image of the Christ must be replaced by an image that shows the Christ to be more masculine and that shows Him to be a Warrior! For, a Warrior is what the Christ was.

The Warrior Christ is presented in the Biblical book of Revelation. Here we see an image of Christ who is the Warrior. He is mounted on a war horse and clothed in armor. He bears a sword in hand and leads an army. This is the image of Christ for our times! This is the image of the War God whom all warriors who chose to follow the Christ must take on as their own personal pattern and example in their own lives!

Christ the Warrior is a perfect example for the natural male. Christ the Warrior is a perfect ideal for the natural male. This image of the Christ is one that reflects self discipline, honor, and, yet, at the same time it reflects compassion and justice. This image of the Warrior Christ shows the Christ to be a warrior who is fierce and even ruthless at times yet he is also loving and unafraid to love. An image of Christ which is strong, proud, and standing against the enemies of the brotherhood of man in this world.

Revelations presents a masculine image and a warrior image of the Christ and it blows apart the myth and lie that we have all been taught. That myth and lie that the Christ was and is a feminine wimp, ball-less, and weak in will, mind, and soul. The image of the Warrior Christ is the image for masculine men in this dawning 21st Century.

The Warrior Christ! The War God! This is the image of the Divine that the modern masculine male warrior must hold in his mind and soul. The image that we are taught of Christ as weak sissy is a lie contrived by those people who seek to destroy natural male masculinity and manhood. People who wish all males to be emasculated and people who are seeking to destroy the natural bonds that exist between all males.

Want other examples? Look at the life of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. What a truly masculine Warrior the Prophet was! Fierce and even ruthless he was YET also he was a man filled with masculinity, compassion, and mercy! The Prophet of Islam was a truly masculine warrior yet he was also a truly and natural masculine male. A pattern and an example as well for all men of whatever faith.

Look at image of God as presented in the Old Testament. The God followed by the ancient Jewish people. God is a warrior in the Old Testament and there is little doubt about that. The Old Testament God is strong, warrior-like, even ruthless yet he is also compassionate, loving, and forgiving. A truly masculine God! A pattern and an example as well for all men of whatever faith just as are the Christ, Mohammed, and many other images of the Divine.

The image of an ideal that a male holds in his mind will be that which he eventually becomes. Hold the ideal of something weak and ruled by fear and that is the image you will become. But, hold the ideal of something that is strong and compassionate and the process is the same for, that then is what you will become in your masculine life.

The image of Christ as masculine warrior has been ignored. For centuries now it has been hidden and replaced by a pseudo-image of the Christ as some sort of oddity, emasculated, and fear-filled. This lie has been spread by the so called Church but the motives of the Church have been to try to control the human population on this planet for centuries and to gain as much greedy wealth as possible. The "men of the cloth" have led their flocks astray and off into the abyss of self desolation and even self abomination! These "men of the cloth" over the centuries have known well that to fully destroy any man, that man must be destroyed within his own self via his own mind. For, it is the male mind where the battlefield is in the ongoing and ruthless war upon the natural and masculine brotherhood of man.

The Jewish War God of the Old Testament! Mohammed, the Warrior Prophet of Islam! The Warrior Christ of Revelations! These images all come down to the image of the naturally masculine Warrior! These are the images of the male God and of the naturally male ideal. These are the images that males today must hold in their minds if we are to begin to win the ruthless and merciless war that is being waged in this world against our own innate manhood!

The image of War God held as an ideal in the male mind makes that male begin to walk down the paths of masculinity and warrior. It makes him unafraid to simply be the masculine male that he was born to be. It makes him unafraid to show his naked chest and nude body to the world. It makes him unafraid to love other brothers and it puts him in touch with his own manhood and the manhood of all other males. The image of War God is a naturally masculine ideal. It is an image of natural manhood. It is an image and ideal that stands directly opposed to the lies we are fed by the modern world. Lies that seek to eat away and destroy our natural masculinity and male pride!

It has been written that our true battles in life are not against flesh and blood but against the dark powers of the air. This means that the true battles in our lives are in our own minds, individually and collectively. It is the human mind which is the true battlefield. It is in the male mind that the war upon manhood is being waged.

Since the dawn of time warrior societies such as those of ancient Sparta held the image of God as Warrior. Modern warriors must also hold the image of the Divine as Warrior. It is incongruent for one who claims to be a masculine warrior to hold onto an image of the Divine as emasculated wimp! What we become in our life begins in our own minds. We become what we think. We become weak wimps and emasculated males because those are the things our thoughts focus on. Those thoughts need to be changed into God as Warrior and ourselves as truly WARRIORS! Everything begins with a thought whether that thought is conscious or unconscious. Our minds are continually in thought whether we realize it or not. Those thoughts make us into what we become in our lives, wimp or warrior.

Behavior change begins with thought. "Change the thinking. Change the behavior." That is the basic and most sacred premise of Cognitive Psychology, which pretty much hits human behavior and thought right on the nail. Males today must change their thinking and, in turn, our behavior will change for we become what we think. Our behavior is a reflection of our thoughts. Hold a weak image in your mind and you will become that weak image. Hold a manly, masculine image in your mind and you will become manly and masculine. That image can be the image of the Warrior Christ, or the Warrior Mohammed, or the Warrior God of the Old Testament, or any other Warrior image of the Divine. What matters is that the modern warrior hold the image of a warrior god as his masculine ideal.

How much longer will men fight against their own creation? How much longer will man oppose that which he naturally is? How much longer will man be afraid to love and be the warrior? How much longer will men from all walks of life and from all faiths stand as cowards as the war against natural masculinity rages on. How much longer will men remain lethargic to their fallen brothers? Such men are not warriors at all for, they are men of dishonor and do not even deserve to be called men! In ancient days such dishonorable men would have been put to the sword by the noble masculine warriors! If not put to the sword then such men would have at least have been exiled from the society for they were deemed products of scorn and shame.

Robert Loring is the author of

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In his reply to A Community of Men, Robert says

When we allow gay culture to conquer us so that we submit to things we detest a piece of us dies inside and that is most often our masculinity. But this part of us can be resurrected and rise like the great Phoenix Bird from out of the midst of its own ashes. That resurrection comes when we make the conscious and purposeful choice to simply be ourselves. To simply be men who love other men, frot, and men who truly love to experience real love with other men.

In his reply to A Confirmation of Masculinity, Robert says

Frot men promote each others manhood and masculinity rather than try to destroy it. Frot men do not seek to depersonalize their partners nor to rob them or themselves of their human manly dignity. Frot is, therefore, not only healthy physically but, in my opinion, it is also healthy psychologically and spiritually. It promotes the man rather than destroys the man.

And in his reply to Why Warriors, Robert says

The Greeks had the right idea and concept. As you say Bill, "They expected men who loved men to be masculine and monogamous, and they were." You also state, "and if we change our expectations, we'll change behavior" which relates to the basic premise of Cognitive Psychology (change the thinking, change the behavior). You are RIGHT and you couldn't be more right Bill. Edgar Cayce once said, "Mind is the Builder, Spirit is the Life, Physical is the Result". Our thoughts form our perceptions and expectations and as we change our thinking we also change our behavior.

"As we change our thinking we also change our behavior."

While in "Procrustean" Robert warns about "those who are defeated in their own minds."

The choice is clear: we can change our thinking; or be defeated in our own minds and suffer psychological, spiritual, and physical death.

Thank you Robert.


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