Gay Day 2006: on the suppression of dissent

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Gay Day 2006: on the suppression of dissent


As the "LGBT community" celebrates another "Gay Freedom Day," a day which in theory commemorates the emergence of homosexuals from a long period of oppression -- oppression which was maintained by the SUPPRESSION of dissent;

it's appropriate to examine the continuing and ongoing suppression of dissent within the gay male community.

Something we in the Frot Movement, which was originally a "gay male" movement, face daily.

How does suppression against analism a form of scat, rm observed "We all know what scat is. A form of sex that involves feces to come into contact with any part of the body from sexual contact. If you were to tell the analists that they are scatboys they would look at you in disbelief. That is all they are, scatboys!"

Greg Milliken agreed: "One time I came across a posting where someone was either looking to "fuck" or "be fucked" by a guy -- and in the same post said he's not into shit.

"I wonder what world he lives on where fucking or being fucked in the ass doesn't involve shit?"

and David responded: "The analists don't know what they are missing...they are in MAJOR denial, their heads buried in the sand and their dicks buried in shit."

What all three men were saying is that "fecal material is always present during anal penetration."

Is that true?


Even so ardent a proponent of anal as Dr Goldstone of GayHealth dot com says so:

No matter how hard you try, your anus will always be an anus. You can't sterilize it. You can, however, gently wash the outer skin with a moist cloth or pad (try Tucks) to remove any fecal residue stuck to your skin. Avoid wet toilet paper or tissues because they flake and leave behind annoying bits of paper. If necessary, try to move your bowels prior to sex. I do not advise enemas or douching, which may increase the risk of HIV transmission. Enemas -- even if they are just plain water -- irritate the lining of your colon and make it easier for HIV to get in or out. The motion of the sex toy, your partner's hand or penis also stimulates colon contractions. Frequently you won't evacuate the entire liquid enema before sex, and the remainder is forced out during sex by increased colon contractions, making a bigger mess than the one you took the enema to avoid.

[emphases mine]

So when we say fecal material is always present during anal, the analists cannot disagree.

Nor can they disagree when we say there's no genital tissue in the anus or rectum.

Or that anal is the highest risk "sex" act two men can perform.

Or that only Frot is mutually and directly genital for both partners.

Can't disagree, can't refute.

So what they try to do instead is SUPPRESS.

It's simple -- just prevent the person from speaking or being heard.

On this board, during the last two weeks, we've seen analists attempt four CLASSIC methods of doing just that: suppressing dissent.

The first, of course, is censorship.

We've experienced that many times over the past six years, for example when 365 gay dot com scrubbed our posts describing Frot as a very safe non-anal alternative.

And Mr. Andriote, our intrepid HIV reporter, provided another example of censorship when he used the term slander to attempt to prevent me from voicing disagreements with and criticisms of an article he'd published in the Washington Post.

Then someone -- perhaps friends of Mr. Andriote's -- began moving the message thread which reads you should be put in jail to the top of the list; jail too being a classic way to suppress dissent.

Then Mr Andriote suggested, in yet another email to me, that I needed to see a psychiatrist -- again, a classic move by those who wish to suppress dissent, and very common, for example, in the old Soviet Union, which routinely sent dissidents off to the booby hatch.

Finally, Mr Andriote accused me of running a cult, which too is a common technique used by the suppressor class:

I don't agree with you, and I can't refute you, so I'll seek to discredit you by claiming you're running a cult.

A cult.

Fact is, we're a group of guys who share some strongly-held beliefs about sex and love and what it means to be a man.

That does not make a cult.

And Mr Andriote knows it, and should be ashamed for suggesting it.

But he isn't.

So here's another fact: for a journalist, his performance is this little contretemps has been shameful.

Particularly shameful because he is, he says, a gay journalist, and so should be more than aware of how these very same techniques were used against ALL gay men.

Not centuries ago, but a mere four decades in the past.

Just four decades?


You need go no farther back in history than FORTY YEARS to see the sort of suppression the analists have brought against us used against another "MSM" -- that is, "men who have sex with men" -- group.

That group was -- American homosexuals.

The oppressor was the entity we in Gay Lib called the Heterosexual Dictatorship, and the tactics it used against gay people, who were in dissent from the hetero system, were not simply similar, but IDENTICAL TO, the tactics used against us, who are in dissent from the majority gay system:

1. Censorship.

In the 50s and 60s, books and other publications about gay people were extremely rare.

Which is because people were afraid to publish about gay issues.

Here's a piece of activist wisdom courtesy of Natan Sharansky, the dissident Soviet Jew who spent 16 years in the Gulag for -- dissent:

"Dissent is always a function of the price of dissent."

The higher the price -- the fewer the dissidents.

In the 50s and early 60s, the price of dissent from the hetero dictatorship was enormous.

As we'll see, you could be sent to jail, you could be put in a mental institution, you could lose your job, and your family and friends too.

Which meant that most people would not write a book about homosexuality, nor could they get it published.

So, though it's hard to believe today, at the time there was only one somewhat-well-known book about contemporary gay life: Donald Webster Cory's The Homosexual in America.

And even though in print, it was hard to come by.

For example, in 1966 I was student at Oberlin College, generally considered one of the most liberal institutions of its day.

Oberlin had an "open-stack" library -- any student could wander among the books and take those he needed.

BUT -- if the student looked for "The Homosexual in America," he couldn't find it.

Oberlin had a copy, but it was kept under lock and key.

The only way to see it, was to fill out a slip of paper with one's name, dorm, etc on it and hand it in to a librarian.

Who could then forward the info to the Dean of Students.

Who by the way was a closeted homosexual, and who maintained his cover by being very harsh towards openly gay students.

In point of fact, this particular behavior -- the suppression of openly gay people by closeted or not-so-closeted homosexuals -- was not and is not an unusual phenomenon.

Larry Kramer in a speech delivered at The New School on June 19, 2006, titled Nuremberg Trials for AIDS, observed that when AIDS hit,

The original Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, that division of the National Institutes of Health which should have been responsible for HIV and AIDS, was a homosexual. His assistant was a homosexual.

Needless to say, these men were less than helpful.

That's what I mean by suppression of dissent and censorship.

Now remember that Andriote has proposed something similar for us: specifically, he's complained that "anyone" can post on the internet, and implied that only folks like himself be allowed to publish their ideas abroad.

And of course he's used the term "slander" to suggest that there are other ways he might bring about a "chilling" of our dissent.

Speaking as someone who lived through the era of intense oppression of homosexuals and suppression of homosexual dissent, his tactics are very striking -- to put it mildly.

And suggest he's learned nothing from history.

2. "you should be put in jail"

Imprisonment of course was very common in the 1960s, when homosexuals were routinely jailed on "morals charges."

And dissident sexual theorists, like Wilhelm Reich, were also imprisoned.

Reich, who was not a young man, was jailed in the 1950s and didn't survive the ordeal.

3. "psychiatry" -- That's a biggie.

The psychiatric establishment, which often co-operated with the criminal justice system, was without question the biggest oppressor of gay people and the leading source of the suppression of dissent.

Gay people were labeled mentally ill, they could be psychiatrically incarcerated or put in a mental institution, they could be forced to undergo treatment, including shock treatment and lobotomy.

Given that history, it's amazing to me that Andriote, who says he's a gay man, would actually try to use psychiatry against a dissident gay group.

But, apparently, he doesn't scruple to do so.

4. Cults.

It was common in the 1960s and earlier, particularly in the big mainstream dailies like the NY Times, which did a huge series on "homosexuals in Greenwich village" in 1963, to treat homosexuals and homosexuality as a "cult phenomenon," depraved, limited to the fringe of society, and totally insignificant.

Again, this was a mainstay of the reporting, which tended to lump homosexuals in with prostitutes, drug users, and "bohemians," followers of weird belief systems like "free love."

Again, Andriote and any other of our opponents should be more than aware of that history.

But again, he doesn't scruple to use the term against us.



That's the reality.

Those who attempt to censor and suppress the Frot Movement today are using the SAME TACTICS brought against the gay community and the gay movement in the 1960s.


But predictable.

Because when a dominant group can't refute the assertions of a dissident minority, it resorts to these sorts of lies.

So be it.

When faced with lies, you have only one ally.

That ally is called the Truth.

And there's no ally more powerful.

The Truth is what brought down the Hetero Dictatorship and it will bring down the ButtFuck Dictatorship too.

Remember too that while Sharansky is correct that "Dissent is always a function of the price of dissent";

it's also the case that wherever there's oppression, there's resistance.

Fact is, far more people agree with us than are willing to say so.

They're afraid to say so for the moment because "the price of dissent" is too high.

But as more of us resist and dissent, it will become easier and easier for those who believe so to say that the anal emperor has no clothes.

Here's how Sharansky, that seasoned resister, describes the process:

[Dominant cultures] are inevitably composed of three separate groups: True believers, dissidents and doublethinkers. True believers are those who believe in the ideology of the regime. Dissidents are those who disagree with that ideology and are prepared to say so openly. Doublethinkers are those who disagree with the ideology but who are scared to openly confront the regime.

With time, the number of doublethinkers in a fear society inevitably grows so that they represent the overwhelming majority of the population. To an outside observer, the fear society will look like a sea of true believers who demonstrate loyalty to the regime, but the reality is very different. Behind the veneer of support is an army of doublethinkers.


That's what happened in America with homosexuality.

At first, society presented a united front of "true believers" who maintained that only heterosex was normal and that homosexuals were mentally ill.

In the 1960s, only a tiny handful of gay people, including Jack Nichols, were willing to dissent.

But in the 1970s, the number of dissenters grew.

It was still relatively small -- most gay men were deeply closeted -- but the beginning of a true resistance was there.

Then, with the advent of AIDS, those same gay men were forced out of the closet.

And all the "doublethinkers" -- who were either gay themselves or were heterosexual but already suspected that there was no reason to oppress homosexuals -- grew tremendously in number.

Finally, those doublethinkers joined the ranks of the dissidents.

And today, they've become part of the majority culture.

They're found in corporations, in government at all levels, in the courts, in the professions, in the media, in the academy.

That's what happens.

The dominant culture of heterosex was overthrown -- at least partially.

And social tolerance of homosexuals greatly increased.

Now we Men who Love Men are faced with a dominant culture of anal penetration -- analism.

And again there are true believers -- the people we call analists; doublethinkers -- the people who aren't wild about anal and have misgivings about both promiscuity and effeminacy -- but go along to get along; and finally the dissidents.

That's US.

We who are in OPEN AND FURIOUS REVOLT against all that analism stands for.

In time, more and more of the doublethinkers will join us.

They will become dissidents.

And when enough do, the whole rotten analist system will collapse.

Your job, my fellow Frot Men and Cockrub Warriors, is to support this effort, and help us get the word out to as many men as we can.


With every breath in your body and with every ounce of your being.

Every time you do that, you will hasten the day when analism is overthrown;

when the Love of MAN for MAN is again what it historically and NATURALLY was meant to be; and

when PHALLUS, FIDELITY and MASCULINITY are celebrated as the true expression of MAN2MAN.







This is what we seek to restore to the race of MEN.

And in this we shall succeed.

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

Robert Loring

Re: Gay Day 2006: on the suppression of dissent


Amazing isn't it?

Amazing how human beings always desire to suppress the truth?

Amazing how human beings always desire to deny and hide the truth?

And all so they can live in their little fantasy worlds!

Perhaps that denial of truth is why so many human beings are so unhappy today and it may also be one reason so many people stand in conflict within themselves today. People will run towards a lie very quickly but they will run even quicker from the truth.

Oppression never brings anything but more oppression both upon the victim and upon the oppressor. Oppression is most often used to silence dissent. The desire to oppress dissent is most often a desire to silence truth so that a myth might be maintained.

As for being a cult....give me a FUCKING break! Perhaps the person spoken of above in Bill's post should do some research on what cults actually are and how they operate. This group is far from being a cult because everyone here can express their opinions and thoughts. In cults that is NOT allowed! In cults one must toe the party line. Never stops amazing me that anytime ANY person or group begins to express their views that challenge the mainstream views then those people or that person is always branded with the label of "cult." Seems some people out there believe that free thinking and liberty are marks of a cult or cultist, sadly.

Fact is this group online is a group of masculine men who have come together in likemindedness and brotherhood. We have come together sharing an ideal and beliefs. We come here by our own freewill's as we each walk in the path of the Warrior Ethos individually and collectively. None of this constitutes a cult!! But all of this does constitute a BROTHERHOOD of WARRIORS!

Oppression brings about resistance. When resistance begins then the oppressors often employ tactics that they hope will silence dissent. They do this because they, the oppressors, FEAR the dissenters. And, they most fear that the dissenters may be right while they themselves may be wrong and in error.

FIGHT the oppression!

STAND UP for the Brotherhood!

DON'T allow the oppressors to destroy further male masculinity and pride!


Greg Milliken

Re: Gay Day 2006: on the suppression of dissent


Particularly shameful because he is, he says, a gay journalist, and so should be more than aware of how these very same techniques were used against ALL gay men.


I wonder if it ever occurs to these analists that they are buying into their own oppression.

Take a look at the average "gay" or "bisexual" or "straight" man who has homosexual desires that this issue effects:

He says, "I like other guys, but I can't be gay, because I don't like the thought of fucking another guy in the ass, or being fucked in the ass."

He can't turn to the religious right, because they tell him all homosexuality is a sin.

He can't turn to his straight friends because to them two guys having sex means anal.

He can't turn to the gay community because they will tell him, "Bend over and enjoy it."

Don't these analists realize that they are the oppressors of men like this?

And don't they realize these men are homosexuals -- those who engage in homosexual sex -- themselves?

So effectively these analists who want to suppress us and shut us down are homophobes.

Because they oppress homosexuals.

And they are buying into their own oppression.

Because they are homosexuals.

Homosexuals oppressing homosexuals -- why?

I don't know.

How about some of you analists out there trying to shut us down answer that question for me.

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