You people are changing lives



You people are changing lives


To Mr Weintraub and all the guys at Man2Man Alliance,

I just wanted to write you guys to show my appreciation to all the hard work you are doing.

You people are changing lives.

Saved me from a life of sexual inadequacy.

Not only was anal sex a mood killer and dangerous and gross.

It was boring, not at all worth the risks.

I was feeling pretty lost, since I was attracted to guys but I felt like I couldn't connect with them sexually.

All they wanted to do was get "fucked," while I wanted to make out and jerk off.

Then by chance I found this community, and was introduced to the correct way men are supposed to have sex, frot.

Frot is the hottest thing ever.

I get a little hard whenever I think about it.

It is masculine, safe, clean, and intimate.

Ever since I first locked eyes with a guy while our dicks were in my hands, and we pulled the backs of our heads together and made out, I was hooked.

I am spreading the word about frot.

I'm sure you guys get letters like these all the time.

Thanks again.


Bill Weintraub

Re: You people are changing lives


Hey Joe,

Thank you for this great letter, for your donation, and for permission to post.

Let's take a look:

I just wanted to write you guys to show my appreciation to all the hard work you are doing.

Thank you Joe.

You people are changing lives.

Yes we are.

That's our mission, and we're fulfilling it.

And with the help of guys like yourself, we'll change many more lives, and all for the better.

Saved me from a life of sexual inadequacy.

That's great!

I'm glad we were and are here for you!

Not only was anal sex a mood killer and dangerous and gross. It was boring, not at all worth the risks.

Joe, that's all correct.

I was feeling pretty lost, since I was attracted to guys but I felt like I couldn't connect with them sexually.

Yes, Joe, virtually all of our guys have experienced that.

It's terrible.

All they wanted to do was get "fucked," while I wanted to make out and jerk off.


"fucking" is unnatural.

Making out and jerking off together Man2Man is both normal and natural.

Making out is of course normal.

It's an expression of intimacy.

And so is jerking off together and putting your cocks together and experiencing Frot:

Direct and mutually genital sex.

Sex which is directly and mutually genital for BOTH partners at the very same time.

Nothing is more normal and natural than that for two guys --

nothing is more intimate --

and nothing is hotter.

Then by chance I found this community, and was introduced to the correct way men are supposed to have sex, frot.


Joe, I'm very glad you found us.

Frot is the hottest thing ever.

Sure is!

I get a little hard whenever I think about it.

Of course.

It is masculine, safe, clean, and intimate.


Ever since I first locked eyes with a guy while our dicks were in my hands, and we pulled the backs of our heads together and made out, I was hooked.

Right -- that's incredibly hot.

I am spreading the word about frot.


Joe, that's very important -- and really the best thing you can do.

I'm sure you guys get letters like these all the time.

Yes we do.

Just yesterday I received a letter like yours and it's been posted, like yours, here on Personal Stories

And Joe, you too gave me permission to post your story -- and that's what's important.

Because your words and your experience on this board will help other guys who are experiencing and feeling the same.

And that's very important.

Just as donating builds what I call a chain of warrior fellowship, so does posting.

It helps build a true Warrior community.

And guys -- Joe has a post up in Frot Club.

He's a young and very cool guy living in Brooklyn.

If you're in NYC -- maybe you should let him know.

Because -- he's a true Warrior.

Joe, thank you again.

Now guys -- look at what Joe said:

Not only was anal sex a mood killer and dangerous and gross. It was boring, not at all worth the risks.


Let's talk about dangerous and gross.

Recently a guy named Jim wrote to me, telling me both of his dislike of anal, and of some of the things he'd seen on analist hook-up sites.

For example, on a site called "large penis support group," there was a post from a "top" who said that because he had a big dick, his "bottom," whom he purported to "care about alot" -- had, after not very many fucks, developed fecal incontinence aka leakage, which included "a small amount of liquid seeping from his behind and an unpleasant odor" -- every day after they'd had "sex."

So his post and a number of the replies discussed what fecal incontinence is like -- primarily the smells and the fluids.

And of course there are solids too.

Then there was this from a site called eurobear:

A nice hairy asshole just asks to get licked. For the connoisseur it is a delicacy in its own right. But it can also be a good lead-in to some more in-depth anal fun.

It will help the sphincter or orbicular muscle to relax a bit in advance. In itself, rimming - also known as 'eating (or licking) ass' - carries no danger of HIV transmission.

Nevertheless, it is possible to catch the hepatitis A and B virus by rimming. The A type comes via feces, and the B type you get via mucus and blood in the anus. If you lick someone who has anal gonorrhea, you run the risk of contracting gonorrhea in your throat. ...

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Licking "a nice hairy asshole," it turns out, is also eating some not so nice shit -- which can contain hepatitis A.

And other diseases.

For some reason, eurobear neglects to mention bacterial infections such as salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter; and some of the most common infections which come from "eating ass" -- intestinal parasites -- which are truly hellish and very difficult to treat.

What's in that "nice hairy asshole," by the way, besides, among others, HIV and hep A and B and norovirus Norwalk and gonorrhea and salmonella and E. coli and campylobacter -- plus Cryptosporidium, shigella, giardiasis, and amoebiasis?

Well, the New York Times had an op-ed a few months back -- after Burma aka Myanmar had been devastated by Cyclone Nargis -- which discussed just that:

...human excrement is a weapon of mass destruction. A gram of human feces can contain up to 10 million viruses. At least 50 communicable diseases - including cholera, meningitis and typhoid - travel from host to host in human excrement. It doesn't take much: a small child, maybe, who plays in soil where people have been defecating, then dips his fingers in the family rice pot. The aftermath of a disaster like Cyclone Nargis - with masses of weakened people on the move - is a communicable disease paradise.

So: a gram of fecal material -- which is a tiny amount -- 1 gram = 0.0353 ounces -- contains at least 10 million viruses. (Patrick, who's a biologist, thinks that number is low.) Ten million viruses and "at least 50 communicable diseases - including cholera, meningitis and typhoid."

And don't those sound like fun?

Like hepatitis A and salmonella and E. coli and campylobacter and Cryptosporidium, shigella, giardiasis, and amoebiasis, those are communicated directly through contact with fecal matter.

"It doesn't take much," says the article. "A small child, maybe, who plays in soil where people have been defecating, then dips his fingers in the family rice pot."

Or a large buttboy, who stupidly eats fecal material.

The folks in Burma are desperately poor, and doing what little they can to survive.

Not true of eurobear.

He's no doubt affluent, has access to clean water and wholesome food, and good medical care too.

Yet he CHOOSES to eat feces.

That's what he does.

And thus expose himself to hepatitis A and B;

and E. coli, salmonella, and campylobacter;

and Cryptosporidium, shigella, giardiasis, and amoebiasis --

and, possibly, typhoid, cholera, and meningitis.

This is a picture of some Burmese survivors of Cyclone Nargis:

And this is a picture of a European buttboy:

These people are trying desperately to avoid contact with feces:

While this creature is inviting you to have contact with his:

You can see the high resolve and courage in this Man's face as he strives to protect his family:

While what you see here is depravity and the abnegation of manhood:

Subsequent news reports -- at least the ones I saw -- said that the poverty-stricken Burmese had managed to by and large avoid any fecally-vectored epidemics.

That's not true of affluent gay males, who've voluntarily and of their own free will, created a host of epidemics out of their fixation on shit sex, pain sex, disease sex, death sex.

HIV, hepatitis A, B, and C, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, LGV, salmonella, shigella, giardiasis, and amoebiasis -- just some of the pathogens and diseases which are now common in the "gay male community" --

a "community" which has become, in the words of the op-ed, "a communicable disease paradise."

A paradise, that is, if you're a communicable disease.

For example, there's HPV, which causes anal cancer.

Studies in San Francisco found that 95% of HIV+ gay-identified males and 57% of HIV negative gay-identified males are infected with anal HPV, giving a grand total of 67% of all "gay men" being infected with HPV and at risk for anal cancer.

What had put them at risk?

In multivariate analysis the investigators found that the only factor with a statistically significant association with HPV infection was receptive sexual intercourse in the previous six months (p < 0. 0001). The number of male sexual partners in the previous six months was of border-line significance (p = 0.06).

Receptive "sexual intercourse."


Getting fucked up the butt -- like a common whore --

in what is, as Robert Loring said, The Ultimate Defeat.

"receptive anal penetration"

That's the risk factor.

You see, there are all sort of things in your butt -- that nature never intended to go in your mouth;

or on your finger;

or on your dick.

Just as nature never intended anyone's mouth or finger or penis or fist -- or dildo -- to go in your asshole.

That's why you have an anal sphincter.

To keep foreign matter out of your asshole.

Which is exceptionally vulnerable when penetrated.

And you in turn are vulnerable when you penetrate someone else's asshole.

Because as Dr Stephen Goldstone of points out,

No matter how hard you try, your anus will always be an anus. You can't sterilize it.

That's why so many guys get sick from anal.

But that's not going to stop eurobear from having some "fun."

For, having sung the praises of rimming, he then discusses anal penetration.

Here, he focuses on the dangers of HIV transmission:

:: Fucking

There are still people who think that an ass is just something to sit on or shit through. Fortunately most of us know better. Butt fucking is a favorite pastime for many men. ...

However experienced you may be and however big a cock you may be able to take: rectums are saturated with so many tiny capillaries that it is inevitable that at least one of those blood vessels is going to break during fucking. More than likely you won't notice anything. ...

Eurobear is correct about the saturation of the rectum with blood vessels.

That's one reason the anus and rectum are so vulnerable.

His solution is to use a condom.

He doesn't mention the fact that despite twenty-four years of "condom campaigns" directed at and among gay-identified males, each and every day in the US alone, minimally seventy-three guys get infected with HIV through anal.


Because there are big problems with condoms.

First of all, for condoms to be "effective," they have to be used consistently and correctly.

But even when used consistently and correctly, condoms break and "slip."

That's called "failure."

And groups like Planned Parenthood estimate that the condom failure rate is about 1.8%.

But that's for VAGINAL sex.

Because the anus is far less elastic than the vagina, and is NOT self-lubricating, the FAILURE rate for anal is much higher.

One 1993 study reported condom failure rates in MSM anal penetration of 4.7% to 8%.

Thompson, JLP. Estimated condom failure and frequency of condom use among gay men. Am J Public Health. 1993; 83:10.

Personally, I think 8% is probably low.

But even so, that gives you about one chance in ten of the condom failing and you getting infected with whatever's in or on your partner's dick and semen.

And that remember is when the condom is used CORRECTLY.

According to the FDA, there are six separate steps which you have to go through to use a condom -- correctly.

How many alcohol- and drug-addled buttboys are capable, do you think, of going through those six steps "every time, every time" -- as the condom campaigners say?

Clearly not many.

In addition there's the problem of disinhibition -- the tendency of those using condoms, because they think the condoms will protect them, to have more partners, be less selective about those partners, and to choose the most dangerous form of "sex" -- in this case anal -- a problem which was first described by UK AIDS specialist John Richens in his study "Sex and death: why does HIV continue to spread when so many people know about the risks?"

And guys, you can find complete citations for all the articles I cite in our MSM HIV Timeline.

So: breakage + slippage + incorrect use + inconsistent use + disinhibition = HIV INFECTION -- even among males who report using condoms.

Which is why a number of studies have shown NO difference in infection rates between guys who say they use condoms all the time -- and guys who don't.

For example, a study in Baltimore in the mid-1990s (Zenilman et al., 1995), reports Dr Edward C Green of Harvard in Rethinking AIDS Prevention,

found no differences in STI infection rates among those who reported using condoms 100 percent of the time versus zero percent of the time.

Dr Green continues:

This study provoked a great deal of controversy and published comments. The results were so startling that most letters to the editor decided there must have been something wrong with the methods of the team at Johns Hopkins University that conducted the research. It seemed to occur to no one that less than 100 percent condom effectiveness and continued risk behaviors could have accounted for the results.

Ten years later, another study (Buchbinder et al., 2005) found only one percentage point difference in risk between "receptive anal" with a condom and "receptive anal" without.

Buchbinder et al. concluded:

Having a large number of male sex partners, nitrite inhalant use, and engaging in receptive anal sex explained the majority of infections in this cohort and should be targeted in prevention strategies for MSM.

"engaging in receptive anal sex explained the majority of infections in this cohort"

Notice that Buchbinder et al. did not say that "engaging in unprotected or condomless receptive anal sex" was responsible for the infections.

Rather, the risk factor was "engaging in receptive anal sex" -- with or without a condom.

So: condoms are not a solution.

But by presenting condoms as a solution, the AIDS Service Organizations and their "safer-sex" counselors, along with websites like eurobear, have made them part of the problem.

Because, and I'm going to repeat what I said earlier:

breakage + slippage + incorrect use + inconsistent use + disinhibition = HIV INFECTION.

Even among males who use condoms.

Remember guys that the efficiency of anal -- in transmitting HIV -- is very high.

Far higher than vaginal.

Which is why infectious disease expert Dr Myron Cohen told the President's Advisory Council on HIV / AIDS that

the efficiency of rectal intercourse changes everything because of the number of dendrite cells, receptors and trauma. So you can never overwhelm, you can't win against anal intercourse. It's almost impossible.

...Anal intercourse is a really bad sexual practice for HIV transmission. It changes the equation. The efficiency is probably one in ten or one in eight.

Actually, I think the efficiency is higher than that.

Oh, and notice that Dr Cohen, who is, after all, an expert in infectious diseases, brings up the "dendrite cells" -- which HIV really loves.

That's something else eurobear neglected to mention.

He forgot to mention that it's not just trauma and bleeding which renders the rectum vulnerable, but the presence of cells which it's particularly easy for HIV to infect.

So eurobear isn't really telling you everything about risk that you need to know.

It appears that he does -- because he endorses condoms.

But, given how vulnerable the anus and rectum actually are, condoms are a piss-poor solution.

Now, I mentioned that in America alone, at least 73 "men who have sex with men" -- MSM -- get infected each and every day.

How long has this been going on -- this 73 guys per day getting infected with HIV?

Oh, only since 1993.

That's a mere fifteen years.

In which the AIDS establishment could have done something about it -- and hasn't.

How many American "men who have sex with men" have gotten infected with HIV over those fifteen years?

Oh, well, you know, not that many, just -- just, well, a mere --


Give or take a few thousand here or there.

I mean, that's not that many, right?

I mean, you know, that's only equal to the number of MSM who died in the initial AIDS years of 1982 to 1995.

So, you know, we lost about 400,000 guys in the first thirteen years, and now, in the next thirteen years, we've produced another 400,000 infected, 400,000 MSM who will have to be on toxic medications the rest of their lives, and who for the rest of their lives, will be capable of infecting other MSM.

With HIV.

Through anal.

It's the anal.

Here's what happened:

When HIV first appeared in the "gay community," in the late 1970s, it infected everyone whose "behavior put them at risk" -- that means everyone doing anal -- really fast.

For example, as UC Berkeley epidemiologist James Chin explains in his book The AIDS Pandemic: The collision of epidemiology with political correctness,

Once HIV was introduced into such a venue, explosive spread occurred. In a cohort of MSM who had blood samples collected because they were enrolled in a hepatitis B vaccine study, HIV prevalence rose from 1 percent in 1980 to 25 percent in 1982 to 65 percent in 1984. With increasing global mobility (jet travel) that became increasingly available during the 1970s, HIV-infected MSM from major cities such as SF, NY, and London rapidly spread HIV to MSM networks in most other major cities throughout the world during the 1980s.


Prevalence -- that's the percentage of guys in any given population who are infected with HIV -- went from 1 percent in 1980 to 65 percent in 1984.

That's fast.

Explosive, as Dr Chin says.

While after 1984, incidence -- that is, the rate of new infections -- dropped in that population.

Because, all the guys whose behavior had put them at risk -- were already infected.

And for a while prevalence actually declined too.

That's because those gay-identified males who were infected in the early 80s got sick and died in vast numbers.

Literally in the hundreds of thousands.

But, by 1993, a new group of guys had come along who were young and free of infection and thus ready to be acculturated into analism and get infected.

As a consequence, incidence -- the rate of new infections -- went back up.

And it's stayed up ever since.

As has prevalence.

Which is now actually increasing.

Despite years and years and years and years of condom campaigns --

each and every day 73 guys -- minimally -- get infected.

You'll notice that by 1984, 65% of the men in the hep B study had been infected.

And you may recall that I said earlier that 67% of the men in another SF study in 2005 had been infected with anal HPV.

That suggests VERY STRONGLY that about 65% of gay-identified males do anal.

But that somewhere between 30 and 35% -- do NOT.

Remember that.

Even among gay-identified males in the gayest city on earth, anal is not a universal practice.

The gay leadership would like you to think it is.

But it isn't.

That said, it's the guys whose "behavior puts them at risk" -- the guys stupid enough to engage in assplay of any sort -- who concern us here.

Because slowly but surely, all those guys are getting infected.

And, it must said, less slowly than we used to think.

We used to think that only about 55 MSM were getting infected per day.

But this summer, the CDC released new figures revealing that rates of new infection were 40% higher than previously believed, and had been for many years:

U.S. study says H.I.V. infection is 40% higher than estimated

By Lawrence K. Altman

Published: August 2, 2008

MEXICO CITY: The United States has significantly underreported the number of new HIV infections occurring nationally each year, with a study released here on Saturday showing that the annual infection rate is 40 percent higher than previously estimated.

The study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that 56,300 people became newly infected with H.I.V in 2006, compared with the 40,000 figure the agency has cited as the recent annual incidence of the disease.

The findings confirm that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has its greatest effect among gay and bisexual men of all races (53 percent of all new infections) and among African-American men and women.


"CDC's new incidence estimates reveal that the HIV epidemic is and has been worse than previously known," Dr. Kevin Fenton, who directs HIV prevention efforts at the agency, said on Saturday.

A separate historical trend analysis published as part of the study suggests that the number of new infections was probably never as low as the earlier estimate of 40,000 and that it has been roughly stable overall since the late 1990s.


Dr. [Philip] Alcabes[, an epidemiologist at Hunter College in New York,] disagreed with critics who contend that the new numbers point to a failure of [Bush admin] United States policy on AIDS, saying his conclusion was that "it looks like prevention campaigns make even less difference than anyone thought."

"HIV incidence did not decline as much from the 1980s to the 1990s as we believed," he said, "despite the dramatic increase in condom promotion and so-called prevention education."

[emphases mine]

So -- what the new figures tell us is that condom campaigns -- aka "condom promotion and so-called prevention education" -- don't work -- and that they've NEVER worked.

Anal is simply too dangerous.

And its efficiency in transmitting HIV and other STI -- is too high.

A condom might protect you -- once.

Or it might fail.

But over time, the likelihood of failure, coupled with inconsistent use and incorrect use and disinhibition -- means that most guys who do anal will eventually get infected.

With HIV -- and other STI.

Other STI.

In an anus is not a vagina, we have a list of some of the infections which are transmitted anally.

It's a long list.

And there's a reason it's long.

Dr. Goldstone of states flatly that

STDs: Anal sex is the highest risk sex act that men who have sex with men can perform. Virtually every STD can pass between partners during anal sex, and for most, penetration isn't necessary and a condom may not protect you. STDs are harder to diagnose when they are inside your anal canal and not on your penis. STDs commonly passed during anal sex include: HIV, herpes simplex, gonorrhea, syphilis, molluscum contagiosum, crabs, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis, and chlamydia.


Anal sex is the highest risk sex act two men can perform -- and not just because of HIV. Most sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) can pass between partners during close skin-to-skin contact when a penis rubs against your anus -- and vice versa. Infections travel both ways.


News flash: an anus is not a vagina. Your anus is only 1 to 2 inches long and connects to the rest of your colon. The colon's main function is to absorb water from the liquid waste that leaves your small intestines so that by the time it reaches your anus it is solid material.... It is this heightened absorptive capacity that makes your rectum so good at trapping STDs.

So: an anus is not a playground.

For years, I've been nagged by nelly gay males to "broaden" Frot so as to include "assplay."


Besides being intrinsically and inescapably degrading, no form of assplay is safe.

Whether it's someone's tongue or finger or dildo or dick or fist in your ass -- or yours in someone else's ass -- the danger is immense -- and both the damage and the degradation are irreparable.

And everyone knows it.

That's why the buttboys go so berserk when even one negative word is uttered about anal;

and whenever anyone dares suggest, as I did in my 2003 op-ed Rethinking Gay Sex, that "anal sex is not the only, and indeed far from the best, way for two men to be gay."

The buttboys cannot tolerate even a very mild statment like that one.


Because they know that anal is not defensible.

Fact is, anal is such an inherently repulsive and repugnant act, and the physical and psychological risks and damage from it so huge, and they're so insecure about it, that they go berserk no matter what you say.

So why not just tell the truth?

That's what we do here.

We tell the truth about anal penetration -- that it's a social evil -- and about analism itself -- that it's the enemy of humanity.

Let me make that a little less abstract for you.

A few weeks back I happened to come across some diary entries made in the late 1970s by a gay journalist named Mike Hippler.

As it happens, I knew Mike when I lived in San Francisco, because my late lover Brett Averill, also a journalist, was the editor of one of the gay papers in SF, and Mike wrote for that paper.

In addition, Mike and I went to the same gym, and I often saw him there; he spent a lot of time at the gym, because he liked writing there.

Mike died of AIDS in 1991; Brett died in 1995.

So they were both journalists and they both died of AIDS.

But there was, in terms of sexual practices and consequent STD, a big difference between them too.

Here's the excerpt from Mike's diary:

June 1977: I came down with gonorrhea, the first of many times. A few months later I discovered what it was like to get crabs. In October 1978, I contracted non-specific urethritis. In January 1979 I was treated for venereal warts.

A year later I hit the jackpot: hepatitis B plus two cases of internal parasites, ghiardia and shigella. That summer I had a hepatitis relapse. This time my eyes turned yellow and I was in bed a month.

Mike, obviously, was involved in a lot of "assplay."

The internal parasites he would have gotten by "rimming" aka eating "a nice hairy asshole."

And the hep B he could have gotten through rimming, but it's more likely that he got it by being fucked.

His non-specific urethritis was also probably transmitted sexually -- as of course were his venereal warts.

And eventually someone -- probably multiple partners -- gave him HIV.

Which killed him.

The context in which I saw Mike's diaries was a review by his surviving partner, Mark Schoofs, also a journalist, of Gabriel Rotello's 1997 book Gay Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men --

in which Schoofs, like so many other establishment gay male reviewers, excoriated Rotello and his book.

What had Rotello said to earn the ire of the gay male establishment?

  1. He had pointed out that gay men had brought the HIV epidemic on themselves by enshrining anal penetration and promiscuity at the center of their sexual culture;

  2. He had noted that prior to the rise of anal in the mid-1970s, there was no difference between the health of gay-identified men and straight-identified men; and

  3. He had questioned the efficacy of condom campaigns and of the so-called condom code.

That infuriated Schoofs, who, and again, like most gay-identified reviewers of the book when it first appeared, took Rotello roundly to task.

Indeed, the voices raised against Rotello were so shrill and so unrelenting that he was effectively exiled from gay male life.

So -- I know it's a bit confusing, but here's the cast of characters:

Mike Hippler, a gay journalist who died of AIDS in 1991, and who kept a diary of his experience.

Mark Schoofs, another gay journalist, and Mike's then lover.

Brett Averill, my late lover, also a journalist, who died of AIDS in 1995; and

Gabriel Rotello, also a gay journalist, who wrote a book detailing the role of gay male risk behavior -- specifically anal and promiscuity -- in creating the HIV epidemic.

Now: At the end of his review of Rotello's book -- which today is considered a classic of AIDS literature -- Mark declared that gay men were more than capable of using condoms to protect themselves.


Like the majority of gay men, Mike Hippler lovingly protected his partner, which is why I never contracted a single one of his many diseases.

That's a remarkable statement, because of the way it fudges, as it were, the actual issue.

Again, I knew Mike, he was an extraordinarily nice guy, and I can well believe that he would have tried to protect Mark from STD.

Further, for at least part of the time, they were a long-distance relationship -- Mike was in SF, Mark in Chicago.

Which *may* have given Mike sufficient lead time to protect Mark.

At the same time, since not all the diseases Mike describes are immediately apparent, he wouldn't always have known that he had an infection.

But beyond that, what's obvious is that however "lovingly" Mike treated Mark -- Mike's other partners DID NOT RETURN THE FAVOR.

Mike's partners didn't lovingly protect Mike.

Instead, they gave him gonorrhea -- many times; crabs; non-specific urethritis; venereal warts; ghiardia and shigella; and hepatitis B.

And of course, HIV.

And that's another thing about anal and analism and analists -- which is how blatantly and selfishly they spread disease among each other.

There's no indication, given the number of STD he acquired, that any of the males who infected Mike thought of him as a human being.

Rather, he was treated as a toy, and as a sperm and shit receptacle -- good for eating out ass and getting fucked up the butt.

Again, that's what we've learned to expect from analists:

They put "sex" before humanity.

You could see that in the fecal incontinence posts.

Some suggested that the "top" simply dump the "bottom" and replace him with someone who could tolerate his allegedly extra-large dick.

Some tried to be helpful by suggesting exercises -- of dubious worth -- to tighten the anal sphincter.

One, or maybe two -- possibly posted by our guy -- suggested that the couple look at non-anal alternatives.

But NO ONE said if you love a person -- or even if you don't -- that it's WRONG to damage him physically in pursuit of sex.


But it is WRONG.

As one of our Warriors asked in Good Question, Why would you do that to someone you love?

Or even a complete stranger?

Why would you do that?


I said, in talking about Mike, that there was a difference between his STD history and my late lover Brett's.

The difference was that Brett didn't have all those STD.

Because Brett didn't habitually do anal.

But he died of HIV nevertheless.

Because he did it at least once.

Possibly several times.

But it only took once to infect him.

And it's important that you understand that.

Even ONE act of anal -- whether it's full anal penetration or "just" some idiot's finger up your butt -- is one too many.

The anus when penetrated is so vulnerable and so utterly defenseless, that anytime you allow anyone to violate it, you open yourself up to disaster.

So -- Joe said of anal that it was "a mood killer and dangerous and gross" and "boring, not at all worth the risks."

Right -- it's boring, it's gross, it's a mood killer, and it's certainly not worth all the risks.

Risks which are created and piled on by males who care NOTHING about what happens to you.

Yet on sites like eurobear and large penis support group, anal and analism are flourishing.

And one of the things I've seen recently on those sites is an embrace of what we can call "the shit factor."

For many years, buttboys danced around the issue of shit.

Now, they seem to be embracing and attempting to celebrate it.

Remarkable, but predictable.

There's a reason we're taught to avoid contact with shit, and to dislike the look and feel and smell of shit.

Shit is dangerous to our health.

But the buttboys are in a bind.

They can't forever deny the presence of shit.

So they're embracing it.

I would expect to see an increase both in fisting and in literally eating shit -- as a result.

Because that's the logic of assplay:

If it's "good" for a stranger -- or a lover -- to stick a finger up your butt, why not a dildo, and a penis, and a forearm and fist.

Or even two:

And if it's "good" to lick a nice hairy asshole -- on which fecal matter is inevitably present -- why not just go the whole hog and eat what's in it.

That's the logic of analism, and you'll see it played out.

More and more and more and more.

And let me make clear, in a not-so-brief excursus, how antithetical that logic and the behavior it facilitates is to the Western tradition.

I know it's antithetical to you and me -- but it seems to me you deserve to know just how antithetical it is to the Greeks, who are the founders of Western civilization.

So: In AGOGE IV: Excellence, Honor, and the Molding of Men -- and if you haven't read that post, please read it -- it's important that you do -- we talked about how in ancient Greek there are root words -- from which other words derive.

And how, in order to look at those, we can use the standard Ancient Greek-English lexicon, which is titled, appropriately, "Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon"; and that I, like many people, use the abridged version, which is known as "The Little Liddell."

Though it's by no means little.

Again, "The Little Liddell" is what most people use, and I'm using the 1909 edition, which was reprinted in 2007.

So, relying upon The Little Liddell, the first thing we come to understand, and again, is that in Greek there are root words.

For example, AGO -- to teach.

From AGO comes agogia -- teaching -- as in paidagogia --

pais = child; agogia = teaching; so paidagogia = the education of children;

which is also a word in English -- pedagogy.

And from AGO also comes -- AGOGE

So what we have is:




All three words relate to education and teaching in a very broad sense.

Another root word is AGON -- meaning contest.

From AGON comes the word agonia --

Which Liddell defines as "1. a struggle for victory; 2. gymnastic exercise, wrestling; 3. of the mind, agony, anguish."

Then there's MACHE -- a battle, fight, combat.

All sorts of words are derived from MACHE.

Including machetes -- warrior.

What about the Greek word for virtue?

Is there anything in Greek which produces that Vir -- Virilis -- Virtus progression we know from Latin?

The answer is Yes.

But that being Greek, the progression is a bit more complicated -- and actually, more interesting.

Now, to start, we should be clear that there are words which derive from andros or Man which have the sense of both manliness and virtue -- for example, andreia means manliness, manly spirit, courage -- virtue; and there's a word eu-andria -- eu = good; andros = man; eu-andros, says Liddell, means "abounding in good men and true"; while eu-andria means abundance of men, thus manhood, manliness, courage, spirit.

And notice how the Greeks relate manliness to the male group -- an "abundance of men."

That's exactly what my foreign friend says: that the masculinity of men flows from their male group.

The masculinity of men flows from their group. It's like their natural masculinity combines and gets manifold when masculine identified men unite. The camaraderie, mutual understanding, support, playing together, learning the ways of the world as a male, dealing with roughs and toughs of life together --- they all help to develop the natural masculinity that exists within him.

So "euandria" -- an abundance of Men -- is, the Greeks understood, a good thing, gifting Men with Manhood, Manliness, Courage, and Fighting Spirit.

But what about "areté" -- excellence -- where does that come from?

Well, we already know from our earlier discussions of Jaeger that in Homer, which again is the Bible of the Greeks, areté or excellence means a combination of valour in battle and courtly morality.

So the Homeric "areté" has its roots in battle.

But it's not just that.

Because according to Liddell, the word "areté" derives from the root word --

ARES -- the god of war.

And that's really interesting.

This is what Liddell says:

From the same root [ARES] comes areté [excellence]; areion [better, stronger, braver -- the comparative of agathos or "good"]; ari- [a prefix, about which we'll talk more]; and aristos [best or elite] -- the first notion of goodness being that of manhood, bravery in war; cf. Lat. virtus.

So -- Liddell is telling us that the Greeks, like the Romans, made an explicit association between valour in battle and virtue:

From the same root [ARES] comes arete [excellence] ...the first notion of goodness being that of manhood, bravery in war; cf. Lat. virtus.

The first notion of goodness is bravery in war, manhood.


his valour plain to see.

So -- for the Greeks, Fighting and Fighting Spirit -- Manhood -- are core to Excellence.


Fighting in War -- Fighting in Athletics.

They're connected.

And that connection is pervasive in Greek life.

Pausanias, for example, a second-century AD Greek author who wrote a "Description of Greece," a description which concentrates on religious sites such as hero shrines and temples and sanctuaries, tells us that at the Olympic complex in Elis there stood "a statue of Ares with Agon by his side."

The War God -- Ares -- and the personificiation of Agon or Athletic Contest -- stand side by side in the sacred enclosure at Olympia.

And areté -- excellence -- derives from Ares himself.

Ares -- The Warrior God

Now, the Little Liddell said that also derived from ARES are words with an ari- prefix.

Let's look at a few:

  • aristeia -- "the feats of the hero that won the meed of valour; any great, heroic action". And indeed, Liddell points out that at one time, books of the Iliad were labeled according to their Hero's deeds, as in "Book V, Diomedes' Aristeia" -- Diomedes' great and heroic deeds.

  • aristia -- "the prize of the bravest, the meed of valour."

  • aristeus -- "the best man"

  • aristeuo -- "to be the best [or] bravest"

  • aristo-kratia -- "the rule of the best-born [or] nobles"

  • aristo-machos -- "fighting best"

So: all these words which mean "best," are connected to and derived from Ares, the god of war, and Areté -- Warrior excellence -- or -- Virtue.

Warrior excellence -- Virtue -- derives from Fighting.

From confronting your opponent face-to-face.


Whether in Sport

or in War

Both Warriors -- both MEN -- are front to front.

And they Fight -- Face to Face:

Once again:

Both Warriors -- both MEN -- are front to front.

And they Fight -- Face to Face --

Man against Man.

Manhood against Manhood.

And when the victor, the acolyte of the Warrior God, is crowned, we see him in all his full frontal male glory:

What does all this have to do with the contemporary gay male propensity for seeking out and extolling contact with feces through oral-anal "sex" and anal penetration?

Well, on one level, clearly, nothing.

Because there's nothing about analism that has anything to do with Manhood -- other than its destruction.

However -- it turns out, there's another root word in Greek:

KAKKE = "human ordure, dung" says The Little Liddell.

In other words, feces -- shit.

And, there derives from KAKKE, a prefix -- kako.

And you see it in all sorts of circumstances in which the intent is to express an intense negative.

For example, "logos" means "word."

Kako-logia means slander -- shitty words.

Then there are the concepts of happiness and unhappiness.

The Greek word for happiness is "eudaimonia":

eu = good; daimonia = guardian spirit;

So happiness, at its most basic, is having a good guardian spirit.

Though let me just say that like areté, the Greek concept of eudaimonia is complex and intense -- there are entire books, and now, websites as well, devoted to discussions of eudaimonia.

But basically, eu-daimonia = happiness.

While kako-daimonia = unhappiness.

Possessed by and of a shitty spirit.

Having a shitty life.

So -- at one point, Xenophon, in writing about The Spartan Constitution, says that the Spartan law-giver Lycurgus ensured that at Sparta, "the brave would have happiness, and the coward misery."

And the word for happiness that Xenophon uses is, of course, eudaimonia.

Misery, is kakodaimonia.

But it gets even better.

Because cowardice is "kake," while kakos = cowardly.

So, says Xenophon, the brave would have happiness; the coward misery.

Agathos = brave and good.

Giving Xenophon a chance to say, that the brave -- agathos -- will have eudaimonia.

And the cowardly -- kakos -- kakodaimonia.

Do you get it?

Kalos = noble and beautiful.

Kakos = cowardly and ugly.

Indeed, Kakos itself constitutes another root word.

And, I'm sure there are buttboys who will say, KAKKE and KAKOS are not the same thing.

No dice.

They're far too close not to be closely related.

And, in its definition of cacoethes, agrees:

Word History: Today's word (Surprise! Surprise!) was snitched from Latin cacoethes, itself all but traced from Greek kakoethes "ill-disposed". The Greek word is a compound noun comprising kakos "bad" + ethos "disposition". Greek kakos, of course, comes from original kaka "poop, feces", which you must admit is pretty bad. Ethos, which we also borrowed wholesale from Greek in the sense of "fundamental values (of a culture or nation)", comes from the Proto-Indo-European root swe- "we". Our ethos was thus originally thought of as what made us "us".

"Greek kakos [bad, evil], of course, comes from original kaka 'poop, feces', which you must admit is pretty bad."

It's bad alright.

It's bad.

And anytime you read the Greeks, that's clear.

Kakos = bad, evil, ugly, cowardly.

For the Greeks, cowardice means turning your back to the enemy.

And running.

That's what it means.

So -- It's really basic.

And you deserve to know that.

Excellence and virtue are front-to-front: man against man, spear against spear, phallus against phallus.

Guys -- as Hardrubbing Cockfighter makes clear in his post Like A Warrior Who Won A War, our Alliance Warior culture is a culture of Contest: man2man, front2front, heart2heart, face2face, balls2balls -- and cock2cock.

It's a culture of respect which honors Man and Manhood:



That's our Warrior culture -- and it's at least as old as the Greeks, and I think a lot older.

And to the Greeks, cowardice is showing your back to your opponent -- and running away.


It's shitty.

If analism seems bizarre to you -- and a complete reversal of human values -- that's because it is.

And I salute Joe for understanding that intrinsically and in his heart of hearts.

Let's get back to Joe.

For, given that unnatural and abnormal analist reversal of values, he says,

I was feeling pretty lost, since I was attracted to guys but I felt like I couldn't connect with them sexually.

He was feeling lost.

What was mainstream gay culture doing for him?


What would mainstream gay culture have "done for him" if it could have?

Forced him into a life of, as he very properly puts it, "sexual inadequacy," in which all he knew of sex was sticking his dick into a hole full of shit --

or being heartlessly penetrated and used by a "top" in an act which is, as Joe again very properly puts it, "a mood killer and dangerous and gross."

That would have been his sex life.

Indeed, his entire life.

Joe's entire life would have been, as Pindar says, "suppressed in a hole."

You think quoting an ancient Greek poet like Pindar about anal is far-fetched?

Of course it's not.

I'm going to be posting soon about an entire article which discusses at length the ancient Greek prohibition AGAINST anal penetration.

Here's Pindar -- the ode is known as Isthmian 8, and it's addressed to a winner in Pankration named Kleandros -- Glorious Man:

Therefore, let one of his comrades,
in honor of the pankration, weave for Kleandros
a luxurious crown of myrtle,
since the contest of Alkathoos [another competition] and the youth
in Epidauros welcomed him before with good fortune.

A good man has the means to praise him,
for he has not suppressed in a hole
a youth without experience of noble deeds.

~ Isthmian 8, translated by Wm Race

A good man -- like Pindar -- has the ability to praise Kleandros -- who was a youth --

because that good man has NOT suppressed in a hole --

a youth without experience of noble deeds.

Noble deeds.

Nobility -- and goodness.

That's what the Greeks prized.

They even had a word for it.

It's a bit of tongue-twister -- kalokagathia -- but you can learn it:

kalo -- ka -- gathia

It means "nobility and goodness"


kalos = noble and beautiful

agathos = good and brave

kalos + agathos = kalo - ka - gathia = nobility and goodness

Nobility in human endeavors is beautiful;

while goodness includes the concept of bravery.

So kalokagathia is Brave Beauty.

The sort of Brave Beauty the Greeks saw and you can see today in Pankratiasts:

And in Warriors:

Brave Beauty.

Nobility and Goodness.

Is there any nobility in getting a dick up your ass?


That's why it was forbidden.

Is there any "goodness" in fucking another male in the ass?


That's why that was FORBIDDEN.

It's not manly, it's not noble, it's not good.

Joe: "a mood killer and dangerous and gross"

That's right.

And ignoble and base.

And when I think of the creature who fucked my late lover Brett up the ass and gave him HIV -- my blood boils.

And when I think of the analists and buttboys today who are still pushing this degrading and dangerous and disgusting act on Men like Joe and Junior -- it makes me angrier still.

Does it make you angry?

Are you tired of hearing that you're immature and juvenile and not really "gay" because you don't like shit sex?

pain sex

disease sex

death sex

Are you fed up with hearing that "bi" is a lie and that if you're into guys as well as women you must really be "gay?"

Have you had enough of being told that Men are bad and Fighting is violence and Masculinity is evil?

Have you?

If so, JOIN US.

Join Joe, and Junior, and Chris, and Jim, and Hardrubbing Cock Fighter -- join them and help us reach the literally MILLIONS of other MEN who are eager and ready to hear our message.

Help us.

Help yourself.


This Man's face

shows high resolve -- moral resolve -- and Courage:

He's Fighting the effects of a cyclone -- a natural disaster -- which threatens him and his family.

Can you summon your own High Moral Resolve and Courage -- to Fight not a natural disaster --

but a gay-male-made disaster, the sickly fruit of heterosexualization and sexual orientation, called analism --

which threatens *you* and your one sweet precious life?

In Burma, the peasants were left to survive -- or not -- by and large on their own.

Here at home, the same is true for you.

Whether you survive -- or not -- is up to You -- and to your support of this Alliance.

The MAN2MAN Alliance is a potent tool, a powerful weapon your fellow Warriors have fashioned to aid in your defence.

And in your flourishing.

Help us help you.

Take up this Weapon and Fight.

For your self.

For Your Life.

For the Lives of MEN everywhere.

Support our MAN2MAN Alliance.



Bill Weintraub

October 18, 2008

© All material Copyright 2008 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

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