HPV and Anal: Then and Now; or, Ahead of Our Time

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

HPV and Anal: Then and Now; or, Ahead of Our Time


In working on Warriors Speak II, I came across our first report on anal cancer, which was back in the spring of 2002.

At that time, 38% of gay men in a relatively small study had been found to be infected with HPV, and there was concern that there *might* be a link between HPV and anal cancer.

Just two weeks prior to that report, GayHealth dot com, those stalwart guardians of the well-being of gay men, had *refused* to put up a page on frottage.

While pushing anal the way dealers push crack cocaine and crystal meth.

You can read about that in Warriors Speak II also.

And a public health doctor in Jamaica was stating that though "the anal cavity was not built for the sort of elasticity that can facilitate penile sex," there was no proof that anal penetration can lead to cancer.

That was then.

This is now.

We now know of course that infection with anal HPV leads directly to anal cancer.

And that far from a "mere" 38% of gay men being infected with HPV, the actual figures are:

95% of HIV positive gay men infected with anal HPV; and

57% of HIV negative gay men infected with anal HPV.

And that those HIV negative gay men have been exposed through "receptive anal" -- bottoming -- or, to put it country simple, getting fucked up the ass:

In multivariate analysis the investigators found that the only factor with a statistically significant association with HPV infection was receptive sexual intercourse [sic] in the previous six months (p < 0.0001).

"receptive sexual intercourse"

Give me a break.

It's not sexual, and it's not intercourse.

There is a way for men to have sexual intercourse, but it's not through anal penetration.

As Don Frazer said in his Warriors Speak post Ways of Making Love:

When buddies mate through their genitals, they share a masculine intimacy which can properly be considered intercourse. And, as Cockster said, not a preliminary or fleeting foreplay, but in fact the main event where sexual communion leads to climax.

At GayHealth and other sites, we tried to break through the notion that frottage is not much more than a preliminary tease before something else begins. We have been categorized as a fetish, as juvenile, as "vanilla" etc.

Only when we proudly define male/male intercourse as genital/genital sex do outsiders seem to understand that what we are talking about is true masculine mating.

Incredible that something so instinctive and natural should need such complex definitions and re-phrasing, but that's how it seems.

Don's right.

Frot is male/male sexual intercourse.

Anal penetration is not.

Frot is, in Don's happy phrase, "true masculine mating."

Anal penetration is not true anything.

It's a mockery and a sham, false, destructive, degrading, and literally deadly.

Let's look at those HPV - gay male anus infection figures again:

As of the summer of 2005,

95% of poz gay guys infected anally; and

57% of neg gay guys infected anally.

How many gay men over all are infected with anal HPV?

Answer: We can figure that out because we know that 25% of the gay male population is infected with HIV.

Neg guys make up the rest.

If we do the math, what we learn is that as of this summer, SIXTY-SEVEN PERCENT (67%) of all gay men were infected with anal HPV.

Two years ago, remember, it was 38%.

Why the 30% -- that's thirty percent -- increase?

We don't know.

Maybe the first study was too small.

Or maybe HPV has spread rapidly in the last two years.

Here's what we do know:

HPV will continue to spread among anally-receptive gay men.

Because there's nothing stopping it.

There's a pathogen -- HPV

and a vector -- the anus

and a behavior -- anal penetration.

Eliminate the behavior, and you'd prevent new HPV infections.

But NO ONE, other than ourselves, is interested in doing that.

Once again, the gay establishment is putting a "sexual" practice -- in reality a demeaning and degrading act which has NOTHING to do with the most salient fact about men who have sex with men -- that they are MEN; -- the gay establishment is putting that practice ahead of the lives of gay and bi men.


Now, that 67% of gay men are infected with anal HPV is interesting, because it agrees with the figure drifting around among sexologists, which no one I know can attach to a study, which says that about 30% of gay men don't do anal.

My guess is that every gay man who's done anal outside of an entirely monogamous relationship -- and that's virtually every gay man who's done anal -- has been infected with anal HPV.



1. HPV is a very common pathogen and one which is easily acquired; and,

2. the susceptibility of the anus to infection is extremely high.

In general, the rule of thumb about infections which are vectored anally is that they're easier to get, more difficult to detect, and far more difficult to treat than infections which are vectored orally or vaginally.

Indeed, if "men into anal" fully understood the anatomy and physiology of the anus, they would NEVER do anal.

Truth is, in terms of vulnerability, sticking a dick in your butt is like sticking a dick directly into your heart or your brain.

It's not surprising in that regard that even on HAART, poz guys are experiencing cardio-vascular problems and brain damage.

Not surprising.


The AIDS establishment has had more than twenty years to educate gay and bi men about the anatomy and physiology of the anus.

But it hasn't done that.

Instead, it's told them to use condoms -- "every time."

Which is why there's now a second epidemic of anally vectored disease among gay men.

And why there will be a third, and a fourth, and a fifth.

The only way to prevent those epidemics is to move men away from anal and promiscuity.

And no one has the will to do that.

Other than ourselves.

But of course we don't have the means.

It's a paradox:

The people who have the means -- the bloated, overfed and overfunded functionaries of the AIDS "prevention" establishment -- haven't the will to prevent anally-vectored epidemics, because doing so would necessitate their challenging the buttfuck status quo.

Let's repeat that:

The people charged with HIV prevention haven't the will to do what is necessary to prevent new HIV and other anally-vectored infections.

That's why infection rates keep rising.

Because the people who are in charge of prevention, don't have the will to prevent the diseases.

Think FEMA and New Orleans.

The people in charge of emergency management in New Orleans did not have the will, for whatever reason, to do what was necessary.

That's what's been happening with HIV -- for more than 20 years.

That's why, from an epidemiological point of view, the disease has never been brought under control.

Treatment is better.

But infection rates continue to rise.

Like I said, there is a group out there who has the will and the knowledge to prevent this and other anally-transmitted epidemics.

That's us: The Man2Man Alliance.

We have the will to do it.

In fact, we have a complete program all ready to go.

But we haven't the means because YOU won't give us the means.

So: Until there's a change in this particular paradigm -- no will, plenty of means; no means, plenty of will -- nothing will change.

At least not for the better.

What most of you don't understand is that far from getting better, life can always get worse.

And I think it will.

As has often been said, all that's needed for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.

And while I don't know how many of you are good men, I do know that the vast majority of you are doing nothing.

While the analists are busy as bees.

Before it's too late, bro:

Fight back.

Save your life.

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