Donations are far too low to keep us online

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Donations are far too low to keep us online


Despite repeated appeals, donations this month are too low to keep the sites alive.

As I explained in my reply to "Calling ALL True Warriors," we had an unforeseen site emergency this month which severely strained our site finances.

Clearly, you don't care, because you haven't responded.

If you don't respond, I'm taking the sites down.

Because there's no point to keeping them up.

I'm tired of batting my head against this particular brick wall.

The buttfuck boyz are obdurate.

They believe that time and science are on their side.

That HIV is now a manageable infection, that it will be cured, and that there be will nothing comparable coming down the anally-vectored pike.

They're wrong, but no one can tell them so.

They also believe that anal and promiscuity are entitlements, that anal is essential to their being, and that anyone who doesn't see it that way is mentally ill.

Once again, they have no reason to change their minds.

And the religious right is determined to wipe out homosexuality in any and every form.

They believe that God is on their side, and that they can gain control of enough of the government to carry out their mean-spirited and narrow interpretation of His will.

Their view of church and state is neither scriptural nor constitutional.

Yet with each passing day they draw closer to achieving their goal.

That's your world.

That's the world you live in.

If you don't care enough to change it, why should I?

As I've said before, I've made my thinking clear to the people who matter.

Every gay editor, a sizeable number of nongay journalists, members of the President's Committee on HIV / AIDS, Congressional staffers, ASO and foundation people, AIDS anthropologists and epidemiologists, just to mention a few -- all have heard from me.

My views are well known.

In terms of my personal life, I've had lots of sex and two great relationships.

I don't need to get laid and I'm not looking for a husband.

So: Why should I do this?

A guy just wrote in that when his lover started pressuring him to do anal, he resorted to urinating on him to preserve their sex life.

Reminds me of "We had to destroy the village to save it."

I had to piss on my relationship to save it.

Wise up.

Until the culture supporting anal is attacked and undermined, the pressure to do anal will not cease.

To the contrary.

The logic of analism is such that it will get worse and worse and worse.

So you can support this site.

Or you can hoard your pennies and go buy a dildo.

Preferably extra-large.

But don't think you can do neither.

Cause you can't.

Another guy just posted about love and the soul.

Why does he talk in such terms?

Because I do.

No one else will use the words "noble," "heroic," and "homosex," in the same sentence -- but I will.

And when I do, it frees other men to think of sex not as a commodity, but as an expression of soul, of spirit, of the divine.

Lose this site you lose that too.



If you don't, I'm taking the sites down and they'll stay down.

And you can go on living in fundy buttland and spend the rest of your lonely lives there.

The culture shows no sign of changing.

It will not change unless you act to change it.

And at this point, you show no sign of having the strength of character or will to do that.

Fight back.

Save your life.

Bill G

Re: Donations are far too low to keep us online



If this site has made the difference in your life as it has in mine PLEASE help keep it up. At this point in time, it would take less then a cup of Starbucks or 2 galleons of gas. Think of the help this site has done for you, now think of the help that will be denied ro others that come looking if the site is lost.

Bill G

Greg Milliken

Re: Donations are far too low to keep us online


Gay culture is a lie.

They aren't building a community, they are building a sexual niche, wherein promiscuity and anal sex and machismo/effeminate behavior is all expected from its members.

What's cultural about sticking your dick in someone's asshole?

Rather, since the gay community has failed to create a true culture, the mechanism by which the analists operate is psychological dependence.

The idea that what the other guy really wants is anal sex, and that if he doesn't give the other guy anal then he won't be wanted.


If gay men really wanted anal sex, why would they be concerned with things like condoms and looks and status?

What they want is healthy, full, satisfying lives. Nothing more.

But they can't get that from anal or promiscuity or effeminacy. What they'll get instead is disease, pain, hatred and death.

The extreme gay left has created its position based on difference--not diversity. Their platform is "we are different and therefore have the right to live any way we want to."

So why aren't they living how they want to? Why are they pursuing promiscuity, anal, effeminacy, hatred, disease, and death? Why, when it would be so easy for them to change one small thing--their shame--and pursue the lives they really want?

Isn't it shame that drives them? Why else would they be so absolutely driven to censor this website and everything it represents? If they weren't ashamed of their own lifestyle and the way they are living, why would they have any reason to fear anything that has been said here?

Is it any curiosity that the religious right has picked out homosexuality as its #1 target? When the word gay is associated with so much baggage that I can't identify with it except in the most basic sense? I've recognized my same-sex desires for my entire life, and if I can't self-identify with gay men, what does that say about gay men? Even the term homosexual has been appended the second meaning of "sodomite."

Is it any wonder that only 10% or less of the population is openly gay? What has the gay extreme left done to make "gay" an attractive state for men to pursue? Hasn't their extreme pursuit of an all-encompassing lifestyle of disease, shame and death simply justified the religious right's opposition to gay culture? Who would want to be gay when being gay means you are going to die, not immediately, but very slowly, and painfully, over the course of decades, from a disease which has no cure? Who wants to be gay when gay means you have to have anal sex, which you don't want?

Likewise, what has the religious right done to promote the well-being of God's creation? They have lied and slandered the bible to such an extreme that Christianity and the bible are no longer two attached entities. Traditional teachings and political leaders now decide on a whim what God does and doesn't like, and how we should treat those that act against God's will. Doesn't it bother you that these so-called Christians tell you that you will burn in hell for eternity for your sin of homosexuality? Why does it bother you? Could it be because you don't actually practice sodomy, or could it be because the bible says that humans won't suffer in hell for eternity, rather it was created for satan and the rebellious angels?

When both sides--the extreme gay left and the religious right--both deny truth for their own personal goals, who loses? I'll give you a hint, it won't be the left and it won't be the right. It will be you. You and every man who recognizes himself as such. When the truth is lost it is the people who suffer, not the politicians.

It would be really easy to overthrow the yokes of both parties. You wouldn't even have to get up to go vote. You only have to donate.

Isn't your happiness, the freedom to live how you want, worth $1 every month?

That's $12 a year, not even the cost of a full tank of gas (and I have a small gas tank.)

Not only that, but you can do it from the convenience of the internet, at no extra cost. You can do it right now.

What's stopping you? Obviously not the cost, and obviously not the inconvenience.

That leaves only one option.

You genuinely don't want this site to succeed.

Because, rationally, that's the only alternative to donating.

Watching the site fail.

Ask yourself again, why aren't I donating anything ?

This time, don't make excuses and don't lie to yourself.

Admit that it's because you want the site to fail.

Do yourself a favor.

Be honest, at least with yourself.

Or donate.

It's up to you.

Greg Milliken


Re: Donations are far too low to keep us online


Come on guys! We can not let this site down! Bill has done an awesome job of giving us a forum for finding ourselves. If this site goes away, so does our masculinity! How much do you spend on other 'asshole' websites? Those that lure you in with Porn and hard dicks glaring off the screen. All men want sex, Frot Warriors want sex preferably with someone we care deeply about and in a monogamous relationship. There is nothing wrong with boosting our libido by reading others post on discovering 'frot' for the "First time in their life!"

I was discussing this site with a couple of straight guys I know, and they were amazed at the information on the subjects, the enlightenment they incurred just be reviewing many of the posts. They now believe and understand my love of Frot, and why I am always railing against 'anal' sex. Both of them could not believe that a gay man did not like anal sex, or even crave it! But after they read my post, and poem and several others and looking at the pictures of cocks together, they actually told me they had the best sex with their girlfriends that night. I tried explaining to them that its about Male Bonding, the rubbing of two dicks together, to be able to look one another in the eyes, to see the pleasure each one is receiving, is nothing to be ashamed of. We all love ejaculating, the medical release of endorphines is a rush like no other, and the longer you can hold out the climax, the more endorphines are released, making the orgasam just that much better.

As I explained to them feeling another guy come in your hands and shooting all over your own dick is like nothing they can experience with a girl. I just may have one of them convinced...

Donate today, and Monthly $5.00 - $10.00 is a pittance, anyone that owns a computer can afford this paltry amount monthly.




Re: Donations are far too low to keep us online


Bill, I've sent you money from Germany before and will do so again asap.

Please guys, don't let Bill down! Nobody's asking for $100, if everyone gives just as much as $5, that might do!

There are other things I've been doing and you could do to:

- there are a lot of books about gay sex and/or especially on anal sex around. leave a review at telling your opinion and that there's this project going on here!

- if you are a regular visitor of gay chats/bulletion boards, whatever, leave a message about this project there!


Bill Weintraub

Re: Donations are far too low to keep us online


Thanks Bill G and Greg and Robert and Zoltan

Zoltan is right.

The math is really simple.

If 1% of our site visitors donated $1 per month, we'd have $1000 per month.

And boy would your lives improve!

If 0.5% of you donated $2 per month, we'd have $1000.

And your lives would get a LOT better!

And so forth.

That's why I suggested $5 per month.

In a way it's pitiful.

Just 200 of you donating $5 per month would have a huge impact.

Yet it doesn't happen.

Five dollars.

For most of you, that's nothing.

At the same time, given what's happened to wages and income in the US, if you can donate more you should.

Because there are a lot of people now who can't.

Zoltan's other suggestions are excellent.

Every chance you have, spread the word.

If you don't do that and you won't donate -- well, look at this board:

Guys who've contracted HIV and hep C because of analist pressure.

Guys whose lovers are demanding anal and threatening either openly or tacitly to leave if they don't get it.

Guys whose lovers walked a long time ago.

Many many guys who cannot find a partner.

And not only middle-aged guys.

I just had a letter from a young, good-looking college student who said he's stopped having sex because of the incessant pressure to do anal.

That's life under analism.

That's analist reality.

Here's another reality:

The religious right hates you and would stop you having sex entirely for the rest of your life if it could.

And there are people on the religious right, influential people, who, like the Iranians, believe that homosexuality should be punished by death.

Let's look at the analists and the religious right.

Fact: Anal penetration is a profoundly reactionary act.

In the gay male community, anal's been wrapped in the mantle of liberation, but that's false.

Because anal is not liberated.

Rather, it mimics "straight sex," and in so doing locks men who have sex with men into a male-female model.

That makes no sense.

Male-female makes sense for a man and a woman.

It makes no sense for a man and a man.

Not surprisingly, my experience of folks on the religious right is that though they don't like any form of homosex, they're more comfortable with anal than with Frot, because anal falls within that heterosexual, penetrative, male-female paradigm.

Indeed, some of these religious right people think that Frot is worse than anal because it's non-penetrative.

These are people who believe masturbation is not only immoral but physically damaging.

One man I spoke with is a physician (and very prominent on the Roman Catholic right), and he told me that he counsels his patients not to masturbate.

So from their point of view, a guy who's penetrating another guy anally is, at least, penetrating.

Now what's needed is to get that dick in a vagina.

But there's nothing they can do, no way they can react, to two guys rubbing dicks -- two men united in phallic bond.

It's too foreign to them.

By the same token, there's no question that they're more comfortable with the male-female roles implicit and usually explicit in anal.

Because those at least are "traditional."

When we start talking about warriors and guys loving other guys as men and men loving men phallically and faithfully -- that really wigs them out.

Both because it's too far from the traditional paradigm -- and because it hits too close to home.

They've all had those feelings about other guys -- and are suppressing them.

Far easier to do that when the guys are acting like girls.

When the guys are just guys -- there's a problem.

So: neither the analist left nor the religious right wants to treat homosexuality as normal.

They both want it to be a special case.

Far easier to deal with -- or, actually, not deal with -- that way.

The reason we're censored and silenced is that we're a threat to the status quo.

I titled my second article Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution -- and that's what Frot is -- a revolution -- and what we are -- revolutionaries.

It's not surprising that the reactionaries of both the left and the right don't like us.

Those are the people in power right now.

They won't be forever.

But they are now.

How did anal come to occupy the place it currently does among gay men?

In the 1970s, gay Australian sociologist Dennnis Altman wrote a book titled, somewhat awkwardly, The Homosexualization of America, The Americanization of the Homosexual.

Dennis certainly had the right idea.

But I would have called it "The Heterosexualization of Homosex."

Because without question there was a Heterosexualization of Homosex:

From the 19th century forward into the 1950s and 60s, homosexuality and homosexual communities had been associated with artists and a "bohemian" way of life.

The reason is not mysterious.

Bohemian communities were far less conventional and far more likely to be tolerant of "sexual deviance."

And it was within these gay / bohemian communities that oral sex, mutual masturbation, and of course Frot were most common, while anal was denigrated.

By the 1970s, however, enormous changes had overtaken American and other industrialized societies.

The Sexual Revolution, predicated on the birth control pill, combined with the struggle for Black civil rights, feminism, and the counter-culture and anti-Vietnam war movement, had in effect silently conspired to give birth to Gay Liberation.

One of the most important watchwords of Gay Lib was "we are everywhere."

And the leadership of Gay Lib was determined to break out of the gay ghettoes.

Indeed, many of the early "Gay Pride" marches started in traditionally artistic/gay neighborhoods like New York's West Village and Boston's Beacon Hill, and tramped resolutely out of those "ghettoes" to such mainstream venues as Central Park and the Boston Commons.

At the same time, gay men were flocking to the big urban centers.

And they found that they were no longer restricted to living in neighborhoods which were artistic or "gay."

Indeed, they couldn't -- there wasn't room for all of them.

And many didn't want to live there -- because they were still closeted.

These men, who were the beneficiaries of Gay Liberation and the gay civil rights movement without taking part in either, were on the whole, and like most Americans, quite conservative.

They were not looking to live an artistic or "liberated" lifestyle.

What they wanted was relatively conventional.

A male-female model of sex clearly worked best for those guys.

Because it translated the traditional hetero paradigm into homosexual terms.

While at the same time preserving one of the majority culture's core beliefs about homosexuals: that they weren't real men, but rather a sort of species of pseudo-woman.

Thus the top / bottom, butch / femme, butch / bitch dichotomies of anal penetration and gay male life.

Of course the analist belief system which emerged in the 1970s and which is still with us, is not coherent.

But belief systems don't have to be coherent to survive and even flourish.

They just have to be believed.

Indeed, one could argue that the less coherent the system, the more defensive its adherents and thus the more highly defended it will be.

And that's certainly true of analism, which permits no dissent from its hegemony.

Now, in terms of men not donating:

Greg says that's because you want the site to fail.

Why would you want that?

Because you've bought into your own oppression.

You've accepted and internalized the majority view that Frot is weird and that men who love men are evil and diseased.

That's not unusual.

It's common for minorities to buy into the world-view of their oppressors.

I know that many of you -- probably most -- still believe that Frot is a fetish.

It's not.

And that sex between men is evil.

It's not.

Those are shackles and chains and you have to get rid of them.

And that means you have to act.

Action leads to freedom.

Inaction to death.

There's an excellent essay by anti-Nazi resistance fighter and Holocaust survivor Jean Amery titled "On the necessity and impossibility of being a Jew," about the corrosive effects of the omnipresent and inescapable anti-semitism of the 1930s.

It's in his book At the Mind's Limits.

Of course analists aren't Nazis, but Frot men living in analist culture are a denigrated and oppressed minority.

And, like Jews living in the majority anti-semitic culture of the 1930s, and African-Americans living under Jim Crow, Frot men suffer ill effects from the constant re-iteration of the message that we're second-rate human beings -- specifically, that if you're into Frot, you're immature and incomplete.

What Amery talks about is how the constant anti-semitic propaganda of the 1930s ate into the psyches and souls of European Jews, and made it easier, ultimately, for the Nazis to kill them.

Fact is, there was little organized Jewish resistance to the Nazis.

Of course the Nazis kept the death camps a secret -- they claimed that they were merely "relocating" the Jews.

And of course the Jews didn't have the means to resist -- no guns or other weapons, no army -- nothing like that.

Still, Jews, on the whole, co-operated with the Nazis and the various anti-Semitic laws.

They allowed themselves to be "relocated" first into ghettoes, run by Jewish councils whose decrees were enforced by (unarmed) Jewish police, and then to be shipped off to "work camps."

They co-operated.

And that's what you guys do.

Most of you who are gay have profiles on the big gay dating sites which completely omit the words "Frot" and "Man2ManAlliance."

Thus assisting your oppressors in putting forth the lie that all gay men are into anal.

Most of you still "date" men into anal.

Even though you know it's frustrating and actually dangerous to do that.

Most of you have never come out to your friends, gay or straight, as men into Frot.

You're totally closeted.

In that way too assisting your oppressors.

You have to find the strength to support this site, and thus yourselves.

When you do, your life will improve.

A lot.

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