Note from bill:

it's common for guys into frot to have their first and sometimes most intense experiences as teenagers, when boyish tussles and wrestling lead to cockrub.

this post, along with a number of others, including Warrior cumbat1's at the beginning of Wrestlin Warriors Speak, Warrior Wrestljc's First Frottage/Wrestling Awakening, the five warriors in My First Time, and GentleWarrior Brad's Learning to Be a Cockrub Warrior, talk about various teen experiences.

as you'll see, these individual stories, like Warrior NYbox43's Boyhood Brawling provoke many memories and many replies.

Cockrubbing Before It Was "Cockrubbing"

Warrior Missouri

Posted 2/28/01

I've been cockrubbing probably before most of you were born.

When I was in high school, my mom re-married and the guy had a son and daughter. The son was blond/blue. We fought a lot...that's what step-brothers do..right??? We both loved to have on our tight jeans, no shoes or socks and no shirt....and roll around gut-puching each other and pressing our bodies hard against the other.

Then, one night, he and I got into a wrestling match in the privacy of our bedroom. We rolled around on the floor, arms and legs tangled together, switching the "top" position. I was hard in my jeans and I could feel his hardness thro his. In one of our "rolling" exchanges, he ended up on top and started grinding his crotch into mine. I rolled him over and did the same. This went on ... back and forth...each being on top...each grinding the other; until his sister blew into our room much to our chagrin. But later that night, when we'd all gone to bed......he climbed into my bed and we went at it again...first with nothing but out jockey briefs, then totally nude.

We did this for the next few years, even after his biological mother got custody of him and his sister. They'd come and visit every other weekend and every Friday and Saturday night, either his bed or mine would be the "hotspot" for our cock to cock grinding ending up with both of us spreading our luv juice between our stomachs.

His father became ill...ended up taking his life and I've not seen or heard from my step-brother in years. I often wonder what he's doing and if he remembers our hot, sweaty entanglements. He understood what it was to only want frottage sex and no anal, and I miss him. He was a step-bro but my best friend.

Now, I am older and still looking for a happy life with another man who loves the same style of sex that I love; but it seems there are none close enough :-( If you are reading this, and you are in Missouri.....and MIGHT be interested in at least meeting, send me an email. Let's talk.

bill's note: those who want to know the rest of Missouri's poignant story can read So Alone in My Love.

but don't skip the replies here either.

Missouri's profile:

Warrior MOhairymn4u

6'1", 290 (football players'build)49; brn/brn, hairy all over. Been cockrubbing probably longer than most of you have been alive :-) I'll chat with anyone. Interested??

Missouri's Home Page

reply from bill

dear warrior missouri,

thank u for ur stunningly beautiful post

i always longed for the sort of step-brother u actually had

when i was 12 years old my mother, a Jewish widow, began dating a young German-American motorcycle cop named Ernie, very tall, very handsome, very blond and blue, and very kind to me

he had a son, but the son was too young for me, just a little boy

after they broke up, i began fantasizing about my mother meeting and marrying another heroic handsome guy like Ernie, but one who would have a son my own age, with whom i would become first wrestling friends and then cockrubbing lovers

that never happened, and i had to wait till much later in life to find my heroic warrior lover

but i'm glad it happened for you -- and i hope that it happens again

best to you good buddy



young warriors in love

reply from Warrior Don F

Yo Missouri bud - thanx for the beautiful nostalgic story. Your experience seems to confirm what Bill and I have observied in stories from many others--that cock-to-cock sex appears so often as an "instinctive" discovery by teenagers who lack experience or awareness of anything more "advanced" and who have only their natural inner feelings for guidance in sex between males.

Incredible that this inherently logical homosexual mating is so instinctively apparent to teens, yet not so with our "adult" community isn't it? Somehow, youth just seems to "know" these things--that their anatomy belongs together for male-to-male coupling.

Your words evoke similar memories in all of us, so thanx for sharing your reminiscences.

Don F

reply from MOhairymn

Thanks to both Bill and Don F. Your kind words and encouragment mean a lot to this older cockrub warrior. Keep me in your positive thoughts that will hopefully guide me to another who loves this style of sex (and wrestling) between men.

reply from Warrior Andrew64

Your beautiful story made me remember an experience from my own youth.

When I was a kid, about 11 or 12, I had a friend named Andrew just like me. We were both tall and slim, so we didn't look like wrestlers at all (unfortunately...).

Anyway, we often played at "wrestling" in a special way: we were lying one on top of the other, taking turns, and we just held each other as tight as we could, pressing our bodies together. I did come a couple of times, even before I knew what "coming" was! I think maybe he came too, but we never did that undressed, so it's only my guess.

After we turned 13, each went his own way: he's married with two kids and I'm gay... but I still remember fondly our "wrestling".

reply from Warrior Samuel

What a beautiful post! I just love it! I think we all have such a story in our lives.

I had a friend when i was young too. He was not a step brother or anything like that, but we became friends and the best part was when we had the chance to sleep in the same bed together.

Every chance we got we found a way to rub our cocks together. We'd enjoy holding each other and rub our cocks while we wore our briefs.

It was like it was yesterday. I miss him alot!

Thank you for the memories


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