Posted 2/13/01

Warrior NYbox43

My passion for fighting started about age seven. It was fun and nobody really got hurt. I would feel exhilarated all over and itch to go out and beat some neighbor kid up, not out of anger, but for the fun of it.

I would feel a tinge of aggressive stimulation in my crotch and anxiously look for a fight. We would usually brawl and one if us would inevitably end up straddled over the other on the ground.

I remember it felt real good and manly from my dick to my ass to straddle an opponent and work him over.

At that time I didn't know about sexuality or eroticism. I thought the pleasure I felt was just a residual bonus from dominating and winning a fight and from the pressure and friction against my perineum. Furthermore, I assumed all men felt this glorious sensation of victory and it was an unspoken part of manhood. Anyone have similar experiences?

Warrior nybox43's profile:
NYC/45yo/5'8/160#/brn/brn/cleancut/masculine boxing/wrestling/gear fetish/domination/pins/gutpunching/c2cfights/frottage looking to hook up w/ others into same for friendly sparring, wrestling, to mutual jo/fantasy role play/exchange thoughts, fantasies & experiences

reply from Warrior RobbyNHB

Total soul-mate man... exactly the same for me!

Robby's profile:

40s, 5-10, 170, overgrown kid. Like oil wrestling, oily cock-fighting, mud, wet, frottage, especially LOVE group scenes (exhibitionist and voyeur), saunas, hate anal, live in southern Ontario.

Robby's Warriors Speak post:
Wanna Get in a Fight With Me

Robby's egroup:
Men Fighting or Wrestling Like Boys

reply from Warrior Glen S

05-19 As a young boy of 8-10 yrs old , I would seek out a particular neighbor boy for wrestling activities. I could never understand as we would roll around and I would get an erection. I don't really know whether my wrestling buddy was hard or not. I was always the loser, falling underneath my partner but feeling pleased with having had my cock pinned beneath this other boy. I never knew that there could be a connection. Like you I am very much interested in the process. As one person stated, it would be nice to organize a support group or fraternity. I have been into frottage my entire life and only recently discovered Cock Rub Warriors. I have often felt odd for being different and may all have something to do with my, our early entrance into manhood. Please e-mail me if you wish.

reply from bill Sent: 5/20/2001 1:10 AM

I thank both Warrior NYbox43 and Warrior Glenn for their wonderful and honest boyhood memories.

So many warriors have now posted about their childhood and teen sex wrestling and its connection with their adult frot lives - look at Warrior cumbat1 in Wrestling Warriors Speak, for example, or read Warrior Rob about boxing with Odie, or check out Warrior Missouri's tale of teenaged cockrubbing in So Alone in My Love.

We can never hear too many of these stories, however, because they're about our natural male sex aggression - something that's denigrated in our own culture, but that's essential to who we are.

So when Warrior Patrick talks about boxing mags as JO material, I understand him in my heart and in my balls. I don't watch gay porn anymore - it has nothing to do with my life. I watch boxing - good, hard-fought matches. Boxing is hot, real, masculine, it speaks to who I am.

And I always remember what Warrior Patrick says: I never met a fighter who didn't like to frot.

Warrior Glenn says, "I've often felt odd for being different." Right. We all have. That's because of the bullshit mainstream anal sex culture, which denigrates masculinity and glorifies effeminacy, and then wonders why there's so much self-hate among "gay" "men."

According to the buttfuck boyz, guys like Warriors nybox43 and Glenn and me are supposed to be cowering in a corner somewhere, alone and ashamed, because our sexuality is directed towards masculinity and competition - but that's something we all understand deep in our hearts - it's what Warrior Stockpeck says in Erotic Wrestling is Best: The main character of the male is competition.

And that nothing is hotter than sex wrestling and cock combat.

Or as Warrior Bradwrestle says, There's something about wrestling and frot that combines real masculinity and real intimacy that anal can't compare to in a million years.

I recently told a reporter for a big gay paper that we are in open, furious revolt against everything the gay establishment stands for. I think that's accurate. That establishment has no relevance to our lives, and what's worse, it keeps putting us down for following our own true path, our warrior way that's phallic, masculine, and heroic.

And that emphasizes brotherhood and comradeship. Warrior Glenn talks about the need for a fraternity or support groups - he's right. Sex is great, but warriors also need fraternal, real time, real life support and friendship. I facilitate that among members wherever I can, and I encourage all our warriors to do the same - talk to each other, and whenever possible, meet up - not only for sex, but for comradeship too.

reply from bill

Warrior nybox43 says "it felt real good and manly from my dick to my ass" to straddle an opponent, and he asks, "anyone have similar experiences?"

In point of fact, Warrior nybox43's sense of his perineum as a place of power is shared not just by individuals, but by entire cultures, separated from him by thousands of miles and tens of thousands of years.

Geza Roheim, the pioneering anthropologist and psychoanalyst who lived among Australian aborigines in the early years of the last century, described a type of phallic magic among them known as the "pointing bone":

"Hostile magic is predominantly phallic in Australia," he wrote. "If a man has been 'boned,' his dream will show it. First he sees an opening in the ground, and then two men walking toward him within the opening. When they are near they draw a bone out of their own body. It comes from the flesh between the scrotum and the rectum. The sorcerer, before he actually 'bones' his victim, makes him fall asleep by strewing some semen in the air. The man who uses the bone holds it under his penis, as if a second penis were protruding from him. The victim is asleep, and the bone goes straight into his scrotum."

Phallic magic of this sort, and the myths that accompany it, was and is common in shamanic cultures worldwide - those cultures, that is to say, of the great hunt, the hunt which dominated the life of man for his first five or six hundred thousand years.

Most Americans think that myth and ritual have no relevance for their lives. That's because there are no myths in America except the Jesus myth, which isn't supposed to be a myth at all, but rather an historical event in which you must believe totally or be damned.

But - there are myths and rituals that are more than relevant to the lives of guys into frot or, like Warrior nybox43, into fightin and frot, and you can read more about them in Heroic Homosex.

Those myths can be found in ancient Greece, Polynesia, Australia, Melanesia, Sumeria, the Eddas - almost everywhere.

And the more you learn about them, the more you understand just how natural and right your dick2dick feelings are.


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