Masculine and faithful long term frot relationship in Staffordshire

I am single and on the look out for the man I want, a guy who I can have in my life.

I'm interested in a faithful and intimate relationship with another masculine guy (who I can call my very own best buddy) who is into frotting -- no anal.

I'm NOT interested in a guy who's looking only for sex, if that's what you want please don't reply to this.

Rather I'm looking for a guy who I could enjoy a friendship with, that would develop into a deeper intimate relationship, and who would find trust and respect very important elements in that relationship. As part of developing our relationship, we could do masculine activities such as wrestling, which I really enjoy, or other activities of your choice.

If you would enjoy this type of friendship that turns into a very intimate male bonding experience then E mail me, so we can give it a go and see.



You can learn more about me in my Personal Stories post titled One Christian's Journey -- and these others:


Re: Staffordshire for masculine and faithful long term frot relationship

A reply from Bill Weintraub :

Brian Hulme is a truly terrific person.

Yet he's been on this board since 2008 -- and he still doesn't have a Lover.

Indeed, he's had just a few responses to his ad.

That's not because of Brian.

It's because of you.

Because you're not looking for a terrific person.

You're looking for a dick.

And that's what you always find, isn't it ?

Nevertheless, Brian Hulme is indeed a terrific person : thoughtful, generous, and caring.

He's what I call a True Warrior, which means, A Man of True Virtue.

Brian's a Manly and Virtuous Man.

Through and through.

And it's ridiculous that he's had so few responses to his post, and that he's still alone.

Because life -- and a relationship -- is not only about looks or age -- Brian is now 60 -- but about other qualities, human qualities.

And when you live with someone, or are otherwise in a relationship with someone, "thoughful, generous, and caring" are the qualities you don't merely want, but that you must have in your partner in order for the relationship to succeed.

Which is why Brian, himself a Man, will make some other Man a truly Loving and in many other ways a truly terrific mate.

So :

Brian is a True MAN, which is why I refer to him as Warrior MAN Brian Hulme.

And that echoes something in the ancient Greek literature.

Specifically, in Xenophon's Anabasis, which of course you all should have read by now but haven't.

Xenophon's Anabasis is the true story of how, in 401 BC, 14,000 Greek soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines in Persia, escaped -- under the leadership of Cheirisophos, a Spartan, and Xenophon, an Athenian.

And when, in the book, Xenophon addresses his Men, he doesn't only say, "Men," nor does he only say, "Soldiers" or "Warriors."

He says "andres stratiotai" -- ανδρες στρατιωται -- which means "Men Warriors."

And if you click on the link, you'll see the text in English, and if you look on the right-hand side of the page, you'll see this -- "Greek (1904) Focus Load," and if you click on the word "Load," you'll see that the seventh and eighth words, in ancient Greek, are ανδρες στρατιωται -- Men Warriors.

Because being a Man was -- and is -- important.

And each time Xenophon addresses his soldiers, he emphasizes that they're Men.

As I do whenever I refer to Warrior MAN Brian Hulme.

Brian is a MAN.

And a Warrior.

Which is what all of you say you're looking for.

Well, you need look no further.

All you have to do now is reply -- to his ad.

Bill Weintraub

Birmingham Wrestling and Frot

Hi I'm Mark in Birmingham and I'm keen to get into erotic wrestling. I've been wrestling since I was 17 and I'm now 58. I'm 17 stn and 5 ft ten I'd like to see if anyone in my area would be up for a naked wrestle sometime.


Seeking a trusted friend who could be my blood-brother and frot-buddy

If you accept the values you read about on this site, of commitment, mutual respect and manhood, and you are looking for a friend to be your blood brother and frot buddy, then I would like to hear from you. I have no experience of this but know I have a deep need for such a bond. I am middle-aged, single, white and slim of build - and I like the sound of wrestling, play-fighting, rubbing and coming together. But you have to be my good friend first... I'm not going to take any man just for a "test-drive"... You can be single or married (OK you will need to work that out), aged from 30 to 50, any race, preferably not too heavy (I'd like to win the wrestling sometimes...). If you like nature and have religious values that would be a plus. To get to know me, we would communicate in writing first. Looking forward to hearing from you...


Herefordshire guy seeks frotting buddy

I'm a 65 yo 13.5 stone 5' 10" fit & healthy married guy looking for a frottage & cock wrestling buddy. I can't accommodate but can travel. I have some previous experience but more than happy to try new things. Any age or size welcome.


Manchester -- bi-curious first timer for wrestling

39yo, 5'9, 13stone, bi-curious first timer looking for either an experienced older guy or another first timer for some clothed, semi clothed and naked wrestling.

New to this and can't accommodate but looking to broaden my sexual experience and explore male to male contact.


West Midlands Frot buddy

Hi my name is Paul and I live in the west midlands region of England. I am looking for a buddy to share my outdoor interests with eg walking and cycling as well as enjoying each others bodies in the form of frottage. Not into anal but love the feeling of being naked next to a guy and rubbing cocks together and the intimacy it brings. Don't like camp guys and please be younger than 50. Look forward to hearing from you and hope you can be my best mate.


Central London Long term Frot Buddy

My name is Rick . . . I am a black guy living in central London. I am slim/athletic built.

I am seeking a frot buddy for regular sessions.

I am age 35, my age range for my buddy is 18-50.

Thank you and I do look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards


Mature man SouthEast UK for any age frot partner

I am 68 yr old now more gay than bi man who enjoys frott. Tall, 6.4" 75kg, skinny side of slim, (Ha! a bit bony? LOL) fair complexion, blue eyes, 6.5" cut looking for a partner of my age or younger to share our pleasure. Enjoy semi clothed e.g. underwear, plus naked body and cock and genitals rubbing. Living in GU area of England which is Surrey/Hants/Berks and will travel also. . .


Bristol, South West England: Missionary style frot

43 year old, mixed race guy would like to meet another guy who enjoys frot. I like missionary style frot, clothed, semi-clothed or nude. I am 5'9, slim, hairy chest, clean shaven, with a slight facial imperfection following a minor accident. In addition to frot I like closeness and kissing. Maybe one or two other things as well. . . .! Drug and disease free. Not into anal/oral.


Dorset Nude Wrestling/Cockfight

Male, 50 years of age, 12 stone, 5ft 7inches seeks similar for nude wrestling and cockfighting. D and D free. Can accommodate but cannot travel.


Looking for a frot buddy in Manchester

I'm a 28 year old fairly regular straight-identified guy, who is interested in frot. Never tried it before, but would be willing to give it a go with the right man. Looking for a buddy who I can hang out with and spend some discreet sessions cock rubbing, body contact and just enjoying each other's bodies the way men are supposed to.

I'm 5 ft 8 145lbs, slim, athletic. I enjoy gym, swimming and cycling and general outdoors activities. Looking for someone around same age.

If you're interested send me a message.


London: Married buddy for oiled up Frot

Looking for a guy aged 18-40 who's married, discreet and loves oiled up frotting in London. I'm tall dark and handsome with a good body and chilled out manner.


Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich, Thetford iso frot friend

Mike, 13 stone, 5ft6ins, stocky, strong, moustache, GL, but alas now in seventies, would like friend, any age, for frotting and togetherness. I live between Ipswich, Norwich and Cambridge, edge of village between Thetford and Diss. Any race welcome. Let's meet and get to know each other.


Yorkshire frot buddy/friend

Hey guys, im a 26 year old slim athletic guy, from Yorkshire, who is looking for a frot buddy/friend. If your interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Leeds -- First timer seeking to try cockfight

I'm a 39 year old guy in Leeds looking to meet someone who would enjoy friendly erotic tests of strength including cockfighting. New to this but curious to do battle dick to dick. If you're interested email me, a fellow newbie would be welcome.


london england friendship and frot

I am a 40 yrs old guy who is looking for a pleasant, masculine guy for friendship, regular frot and massage sessions, no anal


Silver Daddy looking for Frot Buddy in Sussex

I'm new to this, having been too nervous to try before. Hoping for a gentle introduction, and would also like to 'fun wrestle', no pile driving or back breaking pain.


Dorset guy seeking regular frottage buddy

I am 41 years old from Dorset. A little chubby, quite hairy, 5" cock and small balls (usually shaved) looking for a regular frottage buddy (18-35) for discreet regular fun. Really into kissing so if that isn't your thing then we probably won't be compatible. Drug and disease free here and looking for the same. Willing to travel a reasonable distance from Dorset for the right guy. Unable to accommodate at the moment.

Ab Inger

Norfolk Frot Buddy

Genuine and sincere married guy -- 58, 6ft, stocky, blue eyes, grey hair, uncut average looking for same or similar situation discrete long term frot buddy for friendship and mutually satisfying frottage. Discretion assured and expected. Location: east norfolk, close to the sea.


Hairy London man seeks local frot friend

Based in central London, I seek a genuine mate to explore and share sensuous frottage sessions. I am a first-timer.

I am 48, of stocky beefy build and 5'8" tall. I am also hairy (bear), bearded and bald on top. If you are similar physically, we may be more compatible. If you're masculine and manly, and want to share the discreet intimacy of manly contact, I look forward to hearing from you. We might also like to try some wrestling together. I am not interested in anal. I cannot accommodate.

Classic Bear

27 yo guy in London looking for cock2cock experience

27 yo, a bit (just a bit!) overweight, uncut, married, brunette, green eyes, a bit hairy. I'm a very shy latin guy and would love to meet someone nice and descreet around my age to be more than a friend... I like kissing but not an agressive gay kiss if you know what I mean. Really would enjoy masturbate together with other guy rubbing our cocks together, one cock feeling the other.

Lab 630

LONDON looking for a mate

John - 51 - single man. in SW London I an intellegent, like music, backgammon, chess, swimming. reading. films good sense of humour. Im clean shaven with short hair. I am looking to make a new mate, hopefully a masculine guy. I love Man Hugs, touch, kisses, caresses, intimacy and frot. Not into anal, or degrading sex.


West Sussex -- Mature man seeks discrete Frot Buddy

Hi there. I am in my late sixties, very active, good health, non-smoker, medium height, slim. Various interests. Good sense of humour.

Looking for compatible Frot Buddy/Friend

Must be discrete.


West Sussex frot mate

Mature frot man in his 60s wants frot mate for regular frot contact.


New to this -- Bedfordshire and Italy

G'day mate!

48yr old very shy hairy Aussie living in the Bedfordshire area, looking for someone to help me out and enjoy the art of frotting. Not into anything rough and NOT into anal. I cannot accommodate, so would be looking for a frott buddy who would be between 18-45, easy going and very understanding.


Essex: Beware of "timwrestle"

Hi guys

There's a person in Essex calling himself "timwrestle" who is highly promiscuous.

These are his alleged stats: 37 11.5st 5'10 smooth body shaved head.

I've seen him posted on another site saying that he's 33.

Lying the way these creatures who whore around do.

If he contacts you be aware that he's promiscuous -- and that you can't believe anything he says.

And of course he may use a different "user name" when contacting you.

So -- you need to screen ALL potential partners very carefully.

And the best way to eliminate those who are looking for hook-ups is to tell any and every one who contacts you that there'll be NO SEX during the first month -- actually, six months would be better -- of dates.

Again, that's the best way to go.

There should be a LONG period of Courtship -- before there's even any thought of sex.


Frot Club is for Men who are Faithful and looking for the same in a partner.

If you submit a post which lies about your promiscuity, and I catch you in that lie, I will post a warning about you on our boards.

This is very simple:

There are MANY sites which welcome posts from promiscuous males.

We don't.

So don't try to post here.

We Men of The MAN2MAN Alliance have a right to our own, FAITHFUL, space.

And we will aggressively defend that space -- and that right.


Hampshire Frot Partner

Steve 52 5'9" 200lbs 6 inch cut, married, professional. Last wrestled, cock rubbed and mutual masterbated as a teen with a good friend, when ever and where ever.

Looking for partner to try just to see if as good as I recall.


Sunderland athletic friend

22yr, 80kg, athletics (and play rubgy so interest in that sport will nice - but hardly compulsory. You can learn!)
Looking for someone I can truly call my best friend.
Holla if you live up north. ;)


South Manchester area seeking a frot buddy

28 year old 5'11 slim(ish) attractive well groomed in the south manchester area seeking a frot buddy aged around 25-30 who is perhaps tallish slim/average build smooth chest, attractive and someone who takes good care of themselves perhaps someone who wants to eplore their sexuality with frot who is new to all this.


SHEFFIELD cockrub/cockfight/nude wrestle

Straight guy, in Sheffield. 49, marrried with kids. 5 feet 8 inches tall with a 6 inch uncut cock. Decent looking and looking for same. Quite hairy. Looking for cock rubbing/fighting, masturbating and nude wrestling.


London guy seeking frot bud

Love to find a compatible partner into slow sensual frottage - clothed, semi-clothed a plus. Inventive, sexy guy here, looking for a friend with benefits. 44 average build, average body hair, brown hair, soulful brown eyes, gsoh, good company. Open to all, just be drug and disease free, as am I.


West London company and friendship

GL 38 Guy In West London, Looking To Meet Someone For Company an Friendship...

I'm 5,8 Slim & Smooth And Toned, Prefer a Chunky Guy...


Manchester Grapevine

Sexy guy into judo and grapevines, new to frot but can't wait for my first experience, can you help me. I am looking for a normal guy, any age no hunks.


Genuine first timer - looking for a like minded friend

Hi I am Richard, a genuine first timer in London / Surrey Aged 49 almost 50. Bi curious - no prior contact with guys. I am married with family so I have to be very discreet. I am a good natured, sociable, intelligent, confident, professional white guy. Looking for a similar guy 45 - 55 (race unimportant) who is preferably also completely inexperienced so we can learn together. Can't accommodate but prepared to meet anywhere. No interest at all in anything penetrative - just wanting a friend to masturbate with and to gently touch and be touched Maybe watching videos kissing and cuddling. Gentle wrestling and rubbing - clothed or naked. Hope to hear from another genuine guy.

Many thanks



5'8, 14st, stocky, 6" uncut - WLTM similarly built guy for erotic wrestling and cockfighting. Just lots of horny fun, tests of strength, body to body and leg tangling with some intense cockhead to cockhead wrestling. Mail me!


Looking for a Frot Buddy in Nottingham / Derby area

Hi there, My name is Steve and I am 39, very fit and looking for a frot buddy in the Notts/Derby area. Please get in touch.

Thanks a lot



I am a white 31 year old, 77kg, 6foot tall, athletic built, who uses the gym 3 times a week and also goes kick-boxing and uses the steam and sauna. I used to go to Judo so enjoyed the groundwork side of it!

Look forward to any response.



CUMBRIA and NW of England and Scotland

Guy in Cumbria here, travel all over the NW of England and Scotland looking for a guy to have good frot sessions with, or naked wrestling, love to grind my cock into yours.


LONDON frot buddy

Married 54 yoTurkish guy in Central London is looking for a frot buddy to meet at working hours.


northeast cock slapper

60 yrs .. 15st .. 6feet tall ... in co durham .. wants oil session with cock on cock slap and wank with bearhug ,cocks buckled together . have ideal place here with cyber light and mirrors .


LONDON frot buddy

S E London, Chubby guy in late 50s looking for a frot buddy who can accommodate. I am into gentle nipple play,general body fondling with c2c frot. 6.5" uncut large nob and lots of pre-cum no lube needed. You can be any age but must be clean and STD free, as I am.


WEST SUSSEX Frot buddy

32 year old in Horsham, West Sussex looking for long-term Frot buddy


HERTFORDSHIRE Broxbourne frot bud

HI I'm a 26 year old white man living in Hertfordshire in the Broxbourne area.

I am friendly, 5'7" tall, average body, dark hair and eyes. I'm looking for someone local, roughly the same age to frottage with on a regular basis. I'm not out so discretion is required and the ability to accomodate would be a bonus!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Bi Near Worthing 1st Timer

Attached bi would like to find buddy for frottage,kissing,have not done it before looking for http://same.Im 5"5" smooth,6"uncut cock.


cock and balls rubbing

looking for a mature slim,clean male,for mutual cock2cock,balls to balls pleasure,smooth body..


London Black Guy


Black guy here in London, aged 29, 5"7, 32wst, masculin, discreet and only interested in full on dick2dick frot(no anal). Looking for a discreet guy aged 25-30, non fem/camp in London for some good times.

Drop me a a few lines for a reply.


Black Guy London

North West lad- needs playmate

ive just come across this and would like to get in touch with people and give it a go.
When i have sex i cant enjoy it 'cos i get anxious about having to do anal!
ok to mail me


London Looking for a Cock Rub Buddy

Hi. I am looking for a cock rub buddy in London. I live N. London. I like male underwear, and massage. You can be guy of any age tween 18 and 50ish. Regular ongoing cock rub buddy wanted for regular rubbing.

Email me:


frott friend brighton area

Im looking to find a regular frott friend. Im 46, bi med build dont have loads of experience but want to find a similar guy for friendship and frott.


LONDON frot and c2c addict

43 5'7" 12stone good 6" cut. Addicted to cock to cock, slow sensual frottage, mutual masturbation, nipple play. Very visual, love to see my cock sliding up against another hard cock. Would like to meet a London guy who is as enthusiatic about frot and c2c as I am. Please contact me via e-mail for more information and photo exhcange.


NORTH WEST England need younger Frot buddy

Am 45 and looking for a younger frot bud in North West into erotic wrestling/embracing in speedos/shorts/naked. Reply by e-mail as need discretion as am attached.


derby frotman

Hi guys, I'm 30, good looking, single and I'm looking for discreet fun. I want to get us both naked and oiled up and then rub cocks and kiss until we shoot our loads. Sound like your cup of tea?

mr nice guy

DORSET Wrestling Partner / Cock Fighting

28m young married male, 12stone in Dorset looking for Wrestling Partner / Cock Fighter - nude / shorts / oil / mud

Discrete assured!

I'm fairly inexperienced myself but would love to be taught / learn on the job

Looking for similar age



Naked Oiled Wrestling, Cockfighting and Frottage

6'3" 230 53yo gay guy, lives in Berkshire, working in London, hung 8" thick and uncut,loves naked oilwrestling, cockfighting and frottage.

I am seeking another man for naked cock to cock battles, bearhug duels,Roman grip hand to hand, cock to cock tests of strength, etc - preferably in oil (also wearing cockrings if you like) - from anywhere. Cannot accommodate but will travel for a good match.

Love to face another heavy hung man but attitude and fun is more important than cocksize.

Thanks and happy rubbing.


EAST LONDON frot buddy

Hi I'm a fit 5ft8 younger looking than my 52 years. Just discovered the world of frot though been attracted to c2c with blokes since a teenager. Interested in contact with frot buddy. Based in London. All the best.


Suffolk/Essex bi-guy seeks bi-guy


Love the site - it's what i've been waiting for for years. Married 45/6 feet/14 stone/rugby build-ish but normal/smoothish/clean shave. Want to meet similar masculine guy and do things. Totally into safety and loyalty


Re: Suffolk/Essex bi-guy seeks bi-guy

Bi married guy from Oxfordshire here - but often in London. 45/ 6ft2"/ 13.5 stone/ Athletic build/ hairy. Have some experience of C2C and had a great time! Would like to explore more.

Get in touch if interested. All best. Nx



I'm looking for a buddy who will be both discreet and respect our being private. I would like a friend for cock-rubbing in the South Tyneside area or near. I am married, aged 56, 6ft and cut.


cock wrestle

I am looking for someone who would like to try a light wrestling match in jeans or naked for some cock on cock fun. I am 46 6ft and weigh 13st 7llbs. I am straight but would love to try a play wrestle nothing macho.


midlands mike

Frot Fight wanted in London

Big cock looking for work-lets fight



I am 40, slim and looking for discreet naked wrestling and frottage around exeter area. would love to do it outdoors in summer.
how old are you?
hope to hear from you soon. jon.


Cock shafts interlocked

Looking to meet a guy in the south often in Brighton & London want to have reg c2c fun Lets let the cocks battle it out. Message me to find out more


Frottage in East Hertfordshire or surrounding area

Hi there, I am a 25 year old, 5'7", brown eyes, brown hair, average body, smooth torso looking for frottage partner in Herts or roundabouts.

I am into normal frot, oil, speedos, whatever takes your fancy!!! I can accomodate on a limited basis. Email me and I promise a long night of hard sweaty frottage.


West Country - seeking a long-term buddy

I'm new to all this - I thought I was the only one until I came upon this website!
I'm looking for a good, honest and reliable mate to build a long-term relationship with.
I want to find a guy to share all sorts of activities with (watching sport, countryside, food etc) as well as exploring intimacy and man-to-man sexuality.
I'm an ordinary bloke, professional, 51, 5'11", 14st, balding, clean shaven, rugby build with a hairy torso. I'm easy-going, good company and caring.
Getting the right man is much more important to me than age, looks etc.
I can travel and accommodate.
I hope you're out there somewhere!


s.cheshire looking for frot or dick wrestling

married man looking for frot,dick2dick ,dick wrestling. must be discreet. not into anal. email for details. cannot travel far





Professional guy based SW London seeks frot buddy

I'm a professional guy based in SW London, not into penetrative sex, but love sensual massage, frot action and am seeking friendship and affection from a genuine like-minded guy who's a non-smoker.

I'm 47, 6' 1", 200lbs. and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

My other interests include music, cimema, travel and I ride a Honda Blackbird motor bike.


Nude Wrestle/ Frottage Partner Wanted

63kg, 5'10", brown hair, some chest hair. Fit. Experienced in wrestling and looking to combine it with frottage. Can travel around Hampshire, West Sussex, Brighton and London for the right guy.

Erotic Wrestler

cock wrestle

I'm 46 14 stone and straight. Would love to have a chat with someone that is into cock to cock wrestling in jeans, shorts or naked. Not into any heavy wrestling, just want to grind bulges together.


Sensual Frot Buddy Wanted (Staffordshire)

Hi, I'm slim 38 and 5"c slight smooth chest. I'm seeking a another slim guy into same, for some erotic cocktocock, body to body fun.

I'm straight acting, easy going, kind, very sensual and have a good libido. Not into heavy wrestling, just the sensuality of frottage, cocks sliding, pressing, humping or grinding against each other.

The pleasure's amaising whether in jeans, underwear, tights, shorts or skin to skin, just rolling around the bed grinding, pressing, sliding hot hard cocks together

Would be hapy to just to share fantasies, and slowly get to know somebody and turn each other on before moving forward. I just want to feel another hard cock against mine.


looking for a frot/wrestling buddy!

Hi there, Im from the South East of England looking for a frot and maybe wrestling buddy for frienship as well as fun. Im 19, 6ft, slightly overweight with a 6" uncut cock. Im interested in a friend of any age or race with similar build/size for companionship and frot fun!

If your interested please get in touch.


Sensual, horny frottage

Hi, I'm slim bi-sexual, 36 and 5"c (ok not big but it works), slight hairy chest.. I'm seeking a younger slim guy, smooth, for some erotic cocktocock,body to body,mouth to mouth action. Similar height and cock size :-) I need discretion since I'm an attached. I'm straight acting, easy going...very sensual and have a high sex drive. I'm not into heavy wrestling..just the sensuality of frottage, cocks sliding, pressing, humping grinding against each other, thighs entwined, kissing passionately. Cocks fencing side to side. Its so jeans, underwear, shorts or skin to skin... just rolling around the bed grinding, pressing, sliding hot hard horny cocks together

Even if its just to share fantasies, and slowly get to know each other and turn each other on before moving forward..that is great for me as well....I so want to feel another cock against mine :-)


Hi, I'm Rick: 21 M in London

Hi guys, I'm Rick.

I'm looking to meet someone around my age, to get to know and later take things further with. I've been into guys (as well as girls) for ages, but not done a lot about it.

I'm chilled out (but I talk a lot . . . as you can tell), a good laugh, very caring and generally well dressed etc. I'm not really looking for a quick meet and frot or for a serious relationship. I'm looking for a friend who becomes a good friend who becomes an intimate friend . . .

When it comes to appearance I'm 21, 5'11, brown skinned (my folks are Indian), slim with a well defined face and short/unshaven beard. I'm not brad pitt, but most people think I'm handsome -- lets see what u think!

Drop me a line:


cock wrestle west midlands

Hi i'm 34 looking for cock wrestle partner in west midlands


Married guy looking for cockfighting partner Milton Keynes


I am 46, 6', weigh in about 200lbs . I enjoy fun horseplay wrestling (strip) and cockfighting. I am looking for someone who I could have regualr contact with. Ideally you should be similar stats and enjoy a good fight.


Married guy

Cock wrestle

Straight guy 46 would love to have a cockfight with someone in the west mids area


Leeds, Student after a bud for some cock on cock grinding

19, looking for a bud for some cock on cock, balls on balls frottage. Slim build, short hair, 5,11. Based in leeds city centre.


cock pounding and grinding

guy, 32. 172lbs 5.11, bearded, loves slow sweaty wrestling with alot of grunting and groaning, leading to hard cock to cock grinding, in straining speedos, underwear. bearhugging contests with shaft on shaft action would be good..older, hairy heavier guys or bears would nice..


Married Bi seeks frot mate in Crawley, West Sussex

Discreet married 5'6" Bi looking for regular frot partner. Relative newcomer needs educating, last experience 25 years ago. Can't accomodate.


Cockfight Challenge Champ wanted

Hi guys,

31yr old lean fighter looking for a young guy to wrestle and cockfight - bring it on.


west midlands england nude wrestle and cock 2 cock

hi looking for a frot mate in the brum area for lots of cock rubbing and body contact like to wresle as well mike


CORNWALL: Looking for a mature guy totally in2 frot and mutual cock play

I'm late 50's very fit as I swim regularly, 180lb 6ft 43c - would love to meet another guy 100% into cock to cock and frot, mild rassling....enjoy it more than anything else...get in touch if u are in the south west...Cobber

cock2cock frot

West Dorset c to c/oil wrestling/mountain biker

Bi, 52, 5ft 5" 140lbs looking for similar guy for an oily cock to cock experience. I'm into speedo's, lycra, thongs and nude, also tried a bit of mud fun. Tell me what does it for you? Haven't had any male to male experience for years but really want to before I'm past it!

oil wrestler

Frot Bud - Liverpool

Attractive 30 year old straight acting male seeks a frot brother to explore the masculinity of a life worth living.


Frottage Mate in SE London (Lewisham)

I am 5'7", 50, 95kg and straight looking / acting. I am not at all into anal sex - but I love kissing, cuddles, nude or semi dressed frottage, mutual jerking off, massage, cock rubbing, very mild wrestling, oral sex, etc. As a matter of fact I love cum (the more the better) ... and long foreskins (but the latter is not vital). I adore guys with a generous supply of pre-cum ... nature's way for a smooth start - but oil will do as well.

Any nationality or colour is welcome. Cleanliness, hygine & discretion expected & given. If possible please enclose some photos ...

Love - Martin


London frot

Hi, looking for a "Snickers" guy, ie a handyman (at least in disguise) with blue coveralls and tools to match...

I'm a blonde guy, bi, of Scandinavian origin, in my 30's. WLTM a fella with genuine masculine qualities but with a gentle nature to appreciate a man-to-man relationship to the fullest.

If you're in your coveralls and ready to perform I'm sure we will come to a mutually satisfying agreement.


cock fight now on

Any, dude (20-35) for cock fight in North London, Wanna jam our cocks in combat, smash your jizz filled balls into my nut cum sac.


erotic cock wrestling

I'm totally new to this, but bi curiosity to wrestle with another slim guy in thongs, speedos, sexy gear etc.
I'm tall, slim and 47 y.old and live Kent/London borders.
If you are like minded and looking for the same (bulge grinding, admiring, wrestling, groping etc). Nothing too serious and must be discreet, Email me.


london frot

london guy ,35, clean ,masculine ordinary type,seeks a j/o frot buddy and possible best m8


PULBOROUGH..West Sussex..finally found FROT!!!

Hi...what a great site...totally fed up with TOP/BOTTOM scenario!!! Looking for Frot partner 20-40 yrs old...for face to face cock rubbing!!!
I am 51 yrs old though told look younger...5'11"..good being naked..loyal and faithful to the right guy!!!


Liverpool Frot Brother

29 yrs, 5'10", athletic build, masculine:
Seeking similar genuine man for friendship and frot - love keeping fit, out doors, socialising and hanging out with the lads.


Genuine first timer

Hi I am a genuine first timer in London. Bi curious - no prior contact with guys. I am married with family so I have to be very discreet. I am a good natured, sociable, intelligent, confident, professional guy aged 50. Looking for a similar guy 45 -- 55 who is preferably also completely inexperienced so we can learn together. Can't accommodate but prepared to meet anywhere. No interest at all in anything penetrative - just wanting a friend to masturbate with and to gently touch and be touched Maybe watching videos kissing and cuddling. Hope to hear from another genuine guy


20 London

Hi guys,

I'm Rick. I'm 20, a student, 5"11, slim and Sikh. I'm fairly good looking (well defined and balanced features - but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder right)? I'm caring and trendy, friendly and mature. I like both partying and having quite chilled nights in.

I'm looking to meet someone to experiment with. I wouldn't say I'm gay, rather I love men and want to discover more about my own masculinity by experimenting physically and mentally.

I'm looking to meet someone funny, cute, loving, understanding, good looking, passionate, intelligent, someone I can trust, has that spark -- is energetic but can be chilled out...has a good heart . . . preferably 19 -- 24. A bit of a list I know!

Most importantly I have to be able to be friends with this person first and takes things at my own pace!

Sound any good? Well email me or add me to your messenger



Looking for someone into friendly naked wrestling while grinding and fencing our cocks, i am 5'9..165lbs and 42yr old and looking for someone of similar stats.


Re: cockwrestle

5'10, 150lbs, 40yo. Like to wrestle nude and rub cocks.

Erotic Wrestler

Seeking frot buddy


I'm lookin for a fit buddy for lots of frottage fun. Must be fun and frequent - well U can never have too much of a good thing.



I'm an Italian guy, 35 yo, masculine, cute, fit, living in London. Am looking for a cute, masculine, fit guy, age 20-36, for intense wrestling and frot matches. Hope to hear from you, ciao :-)


cockrub buddy

Hi there
5,9..170lbs..43yr old, 5.5inch cock, bisexual, but love the idea of a friendly wrestle with a mate while grinding our cocks together..would love to wrestle and cockfight in oil as well..i live in the nw of england, but i can travel.


Liverpool frot luvver seeking like minded friend


I am 33, tall, masculine, like to keep fit, and looking for someone similar, or older.
I am looking for a like minded masculine male who wants to enjoy the pleasure of man to man intimacy. I am only looking for a guy who understands and respects what frot is about. I don't consider myself to be gay and am looking for someone who is like minded, and wants to explore the bond men share.
I am not pushy and don't go for pushy people, but wouldn't mind meeting someone who likes the usual blokey stuff - going to the gym, pub, camping.


Man's Man

North West/Yorkshire/Anywhere!! Muscle/WrestleFROTT

I'm a Muscled Bodybuilder and Wrestler with an athletic muscular physique. Am in NW England area but can travel. Need another Slim, Athletic, or Muscled guy for Wrestling and FROTTING NUDE or in SPEEDOS, BRIEFS etc.



Hi guys, 29 yr old fit & defined guy who likes wrestling & cockfighting looking for a mate.

Challenge me to a dual.....


SOUTHAMPTON warrior seeks masculine frottage buddy

hi guys; i am looking for a buddy like me for frottage and long term committed relationship; you are fit, masculine, under 6',smooth, short hai/shaved head,athletic/muscular, caring and loyal.
Also would enjoy similar mate for wrestling.



35y/o Manc lad 6ft 34w/40c no2 cropped very str8 acting up for meeting a guy under 40 into cock to cock fights.

GENUINE ONLY. Cannot accom (thats the only problem!)

If your interested, get in touch:


CocktoCockfighting in Belgium

Hi, who's interesting to meet a hairy wrestler to fight cock to cock, ball to ball?
No married man please.
Greetings from Belgium


London frot action

34 year old guy, good looking, looking to meet a guy for discreet meets with lots of cock grinding and body contact, maybe with some oil. Love speedos, jocks and briefs too. Honry erotic man to man contact. Email me and lets talk.


Italy vs UK ?

Hi! I'm a cute, masculine Italian guy, 34 year old, often in London for work and tourism. I'd like to meet a cute, straight acting, young (18-36) guy living in London for exciting cockfights... Are you ready for the big match? :-)


Midland frot and kickboxing

Any lad looking to frot get back to me. I'm 23 and do kickboxing.



looking for someone to help me discover the range of my sexuality and learn more about myself!

first timer

West Sussex married male seeking frottage friend

Hi guys,

I was lucky enough to have frot buddies right from an early age through to college. My first sexual contact was with a boy six years old then me. My first orgasm was rubbing with another male. Some of my best sex ever was at college with an old school friend. Ok, we did oral too, but no anal.

I'm 38 now, and hoping to find another frottage partner after a 20 year lapse. Can't wait to grind again.

Anyone in my part of the world?


London guy seeks J/o buddy.


I am a single guy, aged 48, 6ft tall, brown hair and eyes, fit and healthy. Personality-wise I am a friendly and sincere guy.

I would like to meet another guy, similar aged or younger than me of any nationality, for regular sessions of jerking off, frot, wrestling and cuddling -I am totally not into anything anal!



WEST LONDON frot / cockfight buddy

I am 38 yearold old, 6ft2, rugby build living in West London.

Looking for a frottage and cock fighting buddy. Age etc not important as long as you are discreet and fun.



North East England

Looking for a Heroic Friend Frotmate and Frotwrestler in the North East (nearer to Sunderland the better lol)

A guy who likes frot and maybe even frot-wrestlin is my dream.



I am 5'9", 160lbs and 42yr old and looking for similar for a friendly cockfight while wrestling. I am bisexual and not into anul or oral just the erotic side of wrestling naked with another man while our cocks thrust and grind together.


Looking for friendship/relationship - Hertfordshire

I'm a 23 year old guy living in Stevenage, North Herts. I'd like to find a guy who is into frottage for a relationship or close friendship. If anyone is interested, please send me an email. Thanks.


Re: Looking for friendship/relationship - Hertfordshire

I need a friend who I can confide in .... I love the erotic hypnotic bond between 2 men that makes others jealous loads of stiff cock frot with baby oil that goes on all night I,m 6'2 powerful muscular upper body love to make you under my hypnotic sexual frot spell ok!


Wants cock rub/fight

Im now 41 fit shaved head few tatts over my body. Uncut cock ready to fight crush yours. I can acom in Portsmouth & in London & Brighton about twice a month. If your intersted & live by or can travel or acom lets see who is top cock let the cocks fight like 2 stags if your man enough


London guy 24

Hey guys,

this site is cool. I'm a regular 24 yr old straight acting guy, looking for similar. Quite good looking, slim/avg build, 6" uncut, looking for frot buddy and maybe best buddy/brother kinda relationship. Get in touch, cheers


cock 2 cock

in n/west nr manchester & into frot trunks thongs all off oil wrestling boxing anything man 2 man e mail me lets get it on


Central London guy seeks fun

cock to cock. body to body. holds. pins. scissors. test of strength. facepins. sbp. all gentle, erotic and fun. am 34 yrs. 185 cm. 75 kg. brown hair. brown eyes. somewhat boyish. said to be good/cute looking.

frottage guy

Looking for partner to experiment with.

I am a 21 year old man living in north London. I am 5.8 in height, 32 waist with short dark hair and a smooth chest. I am quite muscular but slim too. I am looking for a similar, str8 curious man 18-23 to experiment with me in frottage and oil wrestling, with briefs or without.

Discretion is required, perhaps we could book a hotel? Email me anyway. I am looking for a man with a smooth or not so hairy chest. Hairy ass, legs, arms etc. is fine.

str8 curious

Cock & ball wrestling

Come on guys, nude / jock / oil / shorts / jeans / whatever.
Just good fun m8s


Central LONDON cockrub JO

are there any guys in london looking for a cockrub jerkoff? my stats are 29, gl, v fit, 8" cock, work in central, live in se london. you - big cock (good for cock2cock rubbing), gl, 18-35. let's shoot our loads over our own cocks.



35y/o Manc lad 6ft 34w/40c no2 cropped very str8 acting up for meeting a guy under 40 into cock to cock fights.

GENUINE ONLY. Cannot accom (thats the only problem!)

If your interested, get in touch


LONDON Italy vs UK ?

Hi! I'm a cute, masculine Italian guy, 34 year old, often in London for work and tourism. I'd like to meet a cute, straight acting, young (18-36) guy living in London for exciting cockfights ... Are you ready for the big match? :-)


looking for frot buddie

At 54 I am again looking for a frot brother my last frot brother died in 1999 and my heart brock My female partner died in 2002 and what was left was shattered into even more small parts I have not had sexual contact with any one since. Since then I hyave picked myu self up with the help of my friends and though I have lots of friends and am socialy active and out going have been unable to find that certain spark that sense of loyalty and monogomy that I enjoyed with them both in any one. there has been nothing to make me feel that I could feel that committed. also most of the people I meet are either all ready partnered or are into open and multi partner relating. thought I would try this site as have always felt the love expressed in Gilgamesh and in the relationship of Jalladin Rumi and his Lover Shamashi was more the spirit of male love for his fellow male. The seeking of the face of God in your lover demands the total trust and loyalty that can only be experienced by equals and I am aware that it takes two halves to make one whole. As well as the fact that god only enters into relationships that allow the winds of heaven to blow between the joining parties be as two pillars that hold up the roof of the house. At present I exist on the platonic love of my friends but would like to have a brother lover for more physical contact so here I am looking.


Liverpool frot luvver seeking like minded friend


I am 33, tall, masculine, like to keep fit, and looking for someone similar, or older.
I am looking for a like minded masculine male who wants to enjoy the pleasure of man to man intimacy. I am only looking for a guy who understands and respects what frot is about. I don't consider myself to be gay and am looking for someone who is like minded, and wants to explore the bond men share.
I am not pushy and don't go for pushy people, but wouldn't mind meeting someone who likes the usual blokey stuff - going to the gym, pub, camping.


Man's Man


Im a serious guy looking for a serious other guy for a real lasting man to man bond.

Im 33 years old and you should be near my age plus minus 5 years.

Im looking for someone to share the sex with, the bed, the living space, the life.

No betray, no cheat, no lies.

Please be sure that you want the same if you respond.



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