In praise of Brian



In praise of Brian


I want to say I am impressed by Brian's statement that he will not let the credit crunch, destroy his manhood, warriorhood or his masculinity.

Here is a man who lives in the UK 6000 miles away from me sending an affirmation of purpose, and a donation! He has barely enough to live on and still gives us support! What an honor to have to have such a MAN on our side! To those who read this post, I hope that this is a inspiration for them to read what he has said. Even in austerity he gives what he can and so emulates in the highest degree the Spartan ethic. We too face austerity in these troubled times. In the face of uncertainty we can be a band of brothers like those who risk their lives every day fighting an unpopular war.

In closing let me say again, thanks to Brian for his devotion, his sacrifice and his commitment which represents what is the best in all of us.


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Re: In praise of Brian


First I must thank my Brother Warrior Robert Moseley for his kind words, he says, "What an honour to have such a MAN on our side!" Well 14 months ago such a MAN did NOT exist! Only because of Alliance support am I the Man who knows who he truly is and what he wants in life, at last! So I give back what I can, when I can.



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