Older men are living history



Older men are living history


Most young men in the "gay" community have no awareness of their past and assume without thought that anal sex always has been and will always be so. I am an older man of 66 and I clearly remember when anal sex was not acceptable. Back then effeminate men were called "nellie" and those who did anal sex were known as "brownie" queens. Along came "gay" liberation and the floodgate was opened. Gays copied the dominant culture of vaginal sex and it became the anal sex we see today. In order to gain acceptance they compromised their dignity and self respect and in so doing are now racked by despair disease and death.

We as older men are living history of those events which transformed MSM and I feel that we have an obligation to reveal to those who do not know what has transpired over the last 35 years. We as elders are living testimony and without doubt the greatest fear that analists would have if the truth were known.

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Bill G

Re: Older men are living history


Well said Robert.

Bill G

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