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Frot and Fighting

Here are some pics showing mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in a frot position in a fight.

Technically it's called being in the guard of the defensive (bottom) opponent.

I think it needs to be pointed out here that Greeks in Pankration probably did not fight in this position, because it is very very easy for the top man -- if he is strong and stocky enough -- to pick up the bottom man and drop him from 5 feet up in the air, which often happens, to try to hurt the bottom man.

I've done it myself. But modern MMA has strict safety rules about NOT dropping a man on his neck or head. VERY strict. A fighter is always taught from any and all responsible fight schools, to never do this. It's one of those standardized rules of the sport of modern Pankration/MMA.

And it keeps the sport safe...VERY safe.

In ancient times there would have been no such rule. An Ancient Greek Pankration fighter in the bottom position, face up (popular today with modern Brazilian Jujitsu trained fighters) would have been picked up by the top man and jammed head or neck first into the ground and the fight would have been over due to death, concussion or paralysis.

So in modern Pankration, this "Frot Position" serves the Man2Man Character well. The "Guard Position," as it's commonly called, allows the fighters to hit to the face and body from the top. It gets the fighters to be Manhood2Manhood during the fight, dripping with manblood and mansweat from battling each other in front of a crowd, thirsty for glistening, sweaty, bloody Male Aggression.

The beauty of Man2Man and Male Aggression then becomes manifest in this catalyst of sweaty and bloody Natural Maleness. The Frot Fight Position rocks.

And it's a beautiful thing; more beautiful than any sport I've ever seen. I was attracted to it from my earliest memories...

In this next pic one fighter is about to get slammed onto his back.

It's a very calculated move and specifically taught, so that the man getting slammed is not dropped onto his neck or the back of his head. (Fighters also cannot hit to the back of the neck or head, in modern MMA.

FrotFight and The Warrior Male

The Triangle Choke is one counter move from the bottom of the guard or FrotFight position. The bottom man "postures up" his legs around the top man's neck, creating a choking out of the top man.

The legs are VERY powerful compared to anything a man has in his upper body, especially his neck. The Choke will create a tap out by the top man quickly if there is no counter move or escape from it. It's especially effective if the bottom man can trap one of the top man's arms in the move, especially the top man's LEFT arm. In doing so, there is a cutting off of blood to the top man's brain because of pressure from the left shoulder and the top man's arm as everything is pulled together super tight. The move WORKS! Everyone has tapped out to it at least once, usually from NOT being experienced enough to know when it's about to be put on him.

In this pic, the top fighter's (red glove) wrist is pulled tight to the bottom man's left shoulder and trapped to secure the painful hold, the aggression and the eventual tap out.

Both fighters have then achieved Virtus/maleness as warriors no matter who won or lost the fight. It's what feels SO good about going to fight class. It's such a Man thing.

Striking from the Guard

Some guys get really good at hitting their opponent from the top while caught in the guard of the bottom man...This is part of ground fighting in Modern MMA.

The bottom man is able to hold the top man in the "guard" position by using his legs, wrapped around the top man, just above the top man's hips. The bottom man needs to arch his own back a bit to pull the top man away, while not letting him get free. This keeps the top man at a specific distance (keeping the fists of the top man) out of range of the bottom man's face. The elbows and fists of the top man can cause LOTS of damage from this "in the guard" position if he's not held back.

Of course, there are LOTS of moves and counter moves from this position for both fighters.

But it is Manhood-to-Manhood erotic in that it is REAL male aggression with fighterblood being mingled, mansweat being mingled, and strikes being exchanged, while both fighters present their male virtue (genitals which make them fight in the first place) to each other in cock2cock Frot.

These moves and position create the desired aggression, manblood and exchange of mansweat, without the life threatening pile-driving/neck breaking stuff of ancient Pankration. (Remember, that in Ancient Greek Pankration there would have been no guard postion. Ancient Pankration was closer to a street fight than Modern MMA is.)

But the ManFight IS Beautiful.

So, in this way, you still get to enjoy and experience the male driven man2man aspects of ManFight.

Yes there ARE injuries in this sport (There are serious injuries in ALL sports) -- which are always attended to and there are LOTS of safeguards. Submission fighting, as brutal and cruel as it might appear to the untrained observer, has a significant safety valve which keeps it one of the safest sports around: the Tap Out.

read my abs

The Tap Out stops the danger in an instant. Fighters always respect each other in spite of losing a fight; the fight is more important than winning the fight. So there is NO shame in tapping out.

But the only thing to be feared and enjoyed at the same time is the overcoming of your own society-imposed fear of aggression. In fight sports, a young man is able to experience the ultimate in manood: The Warrior Male.

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