Naked Wrestler

The Masculine Male


Check out the warrior weighing in for his fight. The masculine male IS very beautiful. I think it's why I always got a boner watching boys fight at school.

Yea a fighter should have muscle. But it needs to be quick muscle, not the bulky stuff that slows a guy down. This guy is muscular--not huge. He's got fighter muscle. Even his pecs are not huge or well defined. He's not over-done by lifting weights. He's got fighter muscle.

He is masculine. He is clearly a Fighter. He shows off what he's going to fight with and he shows that he is ready...with the double biceps pose that says "here I am; this is me; this is what I've got; and I'm about to use it."

The physical male characteristics are all there that make the fighter: the pecs, the abs, the biceps AND the triceps (the triceps give a man the final hitting power down at the tip of his fists). The double biceps pose shows off both the biceps AND the triceps at the same time.

The dude is a stud. a double biceps pose like this, the big wide back muscles are pulled apart totally emphasizing the power of his upper body. That upper-body male characteristic is something unique to natural man.

The masculinity of the male--the fighter male--IS truly a natural beauty to look at.

Whoever this guy is, he is perfect for breeding. In a natural world, HIS DNA is what nature wants to pass on. It's why he's a turn-on. Any normal man would respect this guy AND want to be his buddy, and want to go cock2cock with him, to share masculinity with him.

It is NOT gay to admire and be turned on by a fellow masculine dude.

It IS masculine for a masculine dude to admire and even be turned on by another masculine dude. That attraction and admiration is the glue that holds males together, and it's why men work and fight and play and hunt and build things together so well.

Any female would see him as a worthwhile mate.

All the fighter beauty of this guy is ultimately for the purpose of shooting a load of man-cum with millions of sperm cells containing his masculine DNA to carry those masculine characteristics into another generation. All that outward manifestation of manliness, draws your attention to one important fact: the man has a set of testicles.

They produce copies of his valuable DNA. If he were standing there naked, as a natural man, his scrotum would be visible to us with his tender male balls in full view. Our eyes would be instantly drawn to those beautiful, vulnerable, tender, masculine genitals; the stuff that makes a tough, determined and driven male.

And we would admire them, whether we admit it or not. We would desire those testicles, and we would respect those testicles at the same time.

"You gotta' admire a man with balls." So do it.

He has the DNA that anyone would want in their own sons.


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