Robert Loring

Jesus the Masculine Warrior


This is the Christmas Season for Christians around the world, and so, it is a time when most Christians are thinking of and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. One of the things concerning him that many don't seem to think about, however, is what a masculine man Jesus was or what a warrior he was. Yet, I think Jesus was both. In fact, I think he was the perfect example of a masculine male and I'm talking natural masculinity here. And, I think he was also an excellent example of a warrior.

One thing I've never bought into, concerning Jesus, is the feminized, wimp image that he is often portrayed in. You know, the peace-loving, stomp on my face with your jack boots and I'll do nothing type. To listen to some Christians describe him or to read what some write about him one quickly gets the impression that Jesus was some kind of 1st Century love child with flowing hair down to his ass and completely feminized. Yet, how could such a man lead anyone? Two thousand years ago this world was far different from what it is today. Two thousand years ago masculine power and leadership were honored, respected, and followed. Sorry, but the feminized, love child of the 1960's just didn't fly two thousand years ago in Palestine.

One of the favorite teachings of Jesus that today's Christians love to throw in one's face is his teaching about turning the other cheek. This is used to keep the man Jesus forged in the image of sissified male. Now, I'm sure Jesus most likely did teach that many times it is far better to turn the other cheek rather than engage in a brawl BUT I don't think Jesus meant that one is to turn his cheek all the time especially when someone has their cowboy boot implanted into your face! The "turn the other cheek" routine just does NOT fit with some of the other things Jesus did in his short 33 years of life on this earth.

Many Christians, surprisingly, seem to conveniently forget that when Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem and found it full of money changers, fortune tellers, con artists, etc. that he got very upset. In fact, Jesus really got pissed off that day! He flew into a rage and began turning over the tables of the moneychangers in the temple and even took a whip after some of them. Even the soldiers feared stopping him that day, apparently. Jesus saw an injustice happening in the temple and the warrior within him took over to correct that injustice. Hardly the image of turn the other cheek is it?

Now, in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says something highly interesting concerning swords (the 3rd arm of every warrior 2000 years ago). In Luke 22:36, Jesus tells his Apostles, "But now if you have a purse or a bag, carry that with you. If you don't have a sword, sell your coat and buy one." If you don't have a SWORD then BUY ONE? Again, hardly the behavior or speech of a love child is it? Why on earth did Jesus instruct his Apostles to get swords? I mean you'd think he would have turned the other feminized cheek wouldn't you? So, let's see, so far we have Jesus destroying the temple single-handedly and now we have Jesus instructing his Apostles to buy swords. Hmm...sounds like a warrior commander and masculine manly man to me!

Jesus clearly understood that his followers had every right to defend themselves. So much for turning the other cheek. It must also be noted that at least two of Jesus Apostle's were armed men with one being Simon Peter (aka: St. Peter). Yet, Jesus never rebuked any of his Apostles or followers for carrying arms. Further, he never rebuked any of them for their natural masculinity or warriorhood. One would think that if Jesus was all about feminization, peace, love, blah, blah, blah, and turning the other cheek that he certainly would have rebuked them. At least, one or two wouldn't you think?

Continuing on in Luke 22 in verse 38 we read this: "His followers said, "Look, Lord, here are two swords." He said to them, "That is enough." Wow! What a perfect opportunity for him to rebuke his followers and preach more about feminized turning of the other cheek! BUT, he passed that great opportunity up! Why? Why would a love child who is all about male feminization and turning the other cheek pass up such an opportunity as that?

Now, all this masculine, warrior-type talk came out of the mouth of Jesus the Nazarene the very evening on which he was about to be arrested. Talking to his Apostles that evening a crowd came into the camp where Jesus and his company were camped. Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, was among the crowd and so were soldiers. Judas kissed Jesus, according to Luke 22 in order to point out to the soldiers which man in the camp was Jesus. Jesus confronted Judas asking him if he had kissed him in order to identify him to the soldiers. At that very point his Apostles asked Jesus, ""Lord, should we strike them with our swords?" And before Jesus could answer, in verse 50 we read, "And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear." This is turning the other cheek? Hardly!

Obviously, Luke 22 does NOT fit the image of the love child, feminized Jesus BUT it does fit an image of Jesus as a masculine male and warrior commander! The feminized Jesus and the "turn the other cheek" fallacy just does NOT fit at all here. Yet, for some reason Christians today want to continue to uphold and promote the feminized image of Jesus. In fact, some have so bought into that false image of Jesus that they, following him as their own personal example, have feminized themselves to the point that when someone sticks their jack boot in their face they STILL turn the other cheek! The degree of male feminization in Christendom today is so rampant that some Pastors are now preaching about it and trying to get the males in their churches to be MORE MALE, MORE MASCULINE!

Feminization of males, ANY male, is UNNATURAL and I believe it to be an outright ABOMINATION! Now IF you want to talk SIN then let's REALLY TALK SIN because feminization of males IS nothing short of outright SIN! De-balling a male, stripping him of his innate masculinity, and trying to make him into something he is NOT and was NEVER meant to be IS A SIN! It is ALWAYS a BIG MISTAKE! Killing a males innate spirit for competitiveness and innate Warriorhood IS A SIN! And that too is ALWAYS a BIG MISTAKE! Trying to turn any male into a woman is nothing short of WRONG! Yet, that is what our lost, upside down society is trying to do and has done.

I think if Jesus walked into many churches today and saw all the feminized males that he's actually PUKE and demand that those men go buy a sword and BE MEN AGAIN. I think he'd rebuke those men and shout at them something to the effect like, "Listen up! You have had a LIE about me shoved down your throats. I'm NOT a love child! I am a masculine male and a WARRIOR KING! Get a clue MEN!" Now, frankly, that is the kind of Jesus I can follow with no problem but the feminized love child image literally makes me puke every time I think about it because I know that image is a LIE. It is a lie we have been fed by the feminists and the BFD. It is a LIE designed to feminize males and make them weak and subservient. It is a design, a FALSE DOCTRINE, geared towards the destruction of man's GOD GIVEN natural manhood!

We can gain more insight to what is most likely the REAL Jesus throughout the last book of the Bible entitled "Revelation." In this biblical book Jesus is nothing short of a naturally masculine WARRIOR! For, he has a drawn and bloody sword and leads an angelic ARMY in what Christendom calls the "last days." The image of Jesus portrayed in Revelation is a far, far cry from the "turn the other cheek" sissy Jesus FALSE doctrine. As you begin to read Revelation you quickly begin to wonder, "Hey waited a fucking minute! What happened to the sissy Savior of the world, you know, the love child?" Well...he just "magically" disappears in favor of a masculine WARRIOR KING. And the reason he "magically" disappears is because the image of Jesus as wimp, weak willed, and feminized male NEVER was the TRUE image of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth!

The New Testament encourages those who follow Jesus to take Jesus on as our own personal pattern and example and to emulate him in our own lives. No wonder there are so many feminized males in our churches today, for they have bought the false image of Jesus the Sissy! But, for we who know anything about male warrior history and see through the false doctrine of Jesus the Love Child taking Jesus on as our own pattern and example is far easier when we see Jesus for what he actually was. He was a naturally masculine male and warrior and NOT a love child at all.

And, if all this is not enough for you out there Internet-land then consider that the ENTIRE HOLY BIBLE is OVERFLOWING with the symbolism of WARRIORS! Complete with swords, soldiers, shields, eagles, battles, war, competitions, manhood, manhood, manhood! Now don't you think that the FAKE Jesus of "turn the other cheek" would have made sure NONE of that appeared in such a holy writ? I mean if I were trying to feminize YOU the LAST thing I would want to give you as an example to emulate is a SOLDIER! Yet, the Bible is literally overflowing with soldiers and natural masculinity!

Warriors are masculine men of balance. They are males capable of love and tenderness yet they are also males capable of fighting and hardness. They are males who are capable of turning the other cheek when it is wise to do so but they are also wise males who know when it's time to take up the shield and sword and FIGHT! The true warrior strives to live his masculine life in a place of balance because he innately knows that neither balance nor truth are ever found at the extreme ends of a spectrum. This, I'm positive, is what Jesus already knew by the time he began his ministry yet, it is this very SAME thing that males today must come to know because right now it looks like many males don't know it. However, before we can come to know this basic element of maleness and warriorhood we must surrender the false image of Jesus as love child and begin to see him for what he REALLY was. A man proud of his natural masculinity and a man unafraid to be the warrior God intended him to be. And, a man unafraid to love ....but that is a lesson for another day perhaps...................

Turn the other cheek? At times yes it is wise to do so but NOT all the time. For, sometimes it is far better to stand up, fight back, and be the WARRIOR God meant you to be! God gave you balls soooo USE THEM just like Jesus did.

Robert Loring is the author of

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In his reply to A Community of Men, Robert says

When we allow gay culture to conquer us so that we submit to things we detest a piece of us dies inside and that is most often our masculinity. But this part of us can be resurrected and rise like the great Phoenix Bird from out of the midst of its own ashes. That resurrection comes when we make the conscious and purposeful choice to simply be ourselves. To simply be men who love other men, frot, and men who truly love to experience real love with other men.

In his reply to A Confirmation of Masculinity, Robert says

Frot men promote each others manhood and masculinity rather than try to destroy it. Frot men do not seek to depersonalize their partners nor to rob them or themselves of their human manly dignity. Frot is, therefore, not only healthy physically but, in my opinion, it is also healthy psychologically and spiritually. It promotes the man rather than destroys the man.

And in his reply to Why Warriors, Robert says

The Greeks had the right idea and concept. As you say Bill, "They expected men who loved men to be masculine and monogamous, and they were." You also state, "and if we change our expectations, we'll change behavior" which relates to the basic premise of Cognitive Psychology (change the thinking, change the behavior). You are RIGHT and you couldn't be more right Bill. Edgar Cayce once said, "Mind is the Builder, Spirit is the Life, Physical is the Result". Our thoughts form our perceptions and expectations and as we change our thinking we also change our behavior.

"As we change our thinking we also change our behavior."

While in "Procrustean" Robert warns about "those who are defeated in their own minds."

The choice is clear: we can change our thinking; or be defeated in our own minds and suffer psychological, spiritual, and physical death.

Thank you Robert.

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